The Side Trek – Best 2011

10- Mama Locks & 3 Cubs visit the ‘hood.
9- Jon Stewart. Made it possible to laugh at pathetic politicians.
8- Franco returns to terrorize Port Charles.
7- National spotlight on bullying. Thanks to local D.A. Elizabeth Scheibel.
6- Margin Call. Most nominated films not out here yet.
5-  TV. Big Bang Theory. Psych. More MadMen.
4- Great books this year. The Night Circus got to me.
3- Sports. Stevie on Adam Scott’s bag to win Bridgestone. Jeter HR for 3,000.
2- Ocean House, Watch Hill.  St-Louis cristal.
1- mAdBen’s Crazy Great Year. NYU accolades. New view. Career.

3 Replies to “The Side Trek – Best 2011”

  1. Just seeing Mama Bear and cubs again makes my day–thanks! Good list. The Night Circus may be produced as a movie by the Harry Potter producer. I better get reading.


    1. I know some have likened Night Circus to Harry Potter, but I found the metaphor of time and clocks more intricate and nuanced. That’s just me.

      Saw first two episodes of Downton Abbey (repeat of first season) last night and that’s now our favorite. Wow. Gorgeous.


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