Parts Known

Back to CNN’s Parts Unknown. Anthony Bourdain this week brings us to Massachusetts. Assumed it would focus on Boston dining scene. Wrong! After taking us to his beginnings in Provincetown, land’s end of Cape Cod, he reveals that’s where his heroin addiction began. From there, he comes here. To Western Massachusetts. Route 91 North to SideTrekFalls. And Greenfield.

Heroin has been epidemic in these parts for decades. My former “facialist” first clued me in to the problem in Northampton in the late ’90’s. Kids of clients dead. From smack. It has only gotten worse as the economy declined. And when hometown sports heroes get injured, need surgery, they get hooked on oxy’s. Yup. Doctors as dealers.

Behind our red barns, beyond our fertile meadows, under our bridges of flowers. What you don’t see is a sorry scene. Bourdain is a brilliant journalist. cropped-shelburne-falls-18_3_21-2

Got Away

Three ferries to the Hamptons. Only way to go. Last minute availability on our favorite plage. Left Northampton at 9am. On the beach in Amagansett at 2pm. photo-90

Stayed until sunset. Last cocktail with the seashore to ourselves. Bliss. photo-87Steamed lobster at perennial ClamBar. Breakfast at Bird on the Roof in Montauk. Crêpes and crispy bacon. A real roly poly pig in the middle of the road in the pouring rain. What?! Quite the sight. Shelter island ferries back again after a few fun days. Lunch by the dock at Blue Canoe in Greeport. Miso encrusted cod rivaled Nobu standards. Spicy mussels, too.

DSC_0044Stopped for a tasting at Kontokosta Winery on the way to Orient Point-New London ferry. Rosés in tow. Ready to go. Another great spur of the moment getaway.DSC_0040



FoxSports1- Reege Crowd Goes Wild
Game of Thrones– Red Wedding
Hotel Giraffe
Gramercy Tavern, Da Silvano
MadDad Photo Contest- Side Trek
Joey3Sticks- 50 Clambake
Book of Mormon, Motown
Fabritius’ Goldfinch at the Frick


Carnival (Ted) Cruz
Phippy wins British Open
Boston Marathon Djokers
Trayvon Martin jury
Carlos’ undangerous Weiner

mAd Dad Trek

Fun Columbus Day Weekend SideTrek photo competition. mAdBen vs. Dr.Dad. DSC_0008DSC_0053DSC_0011

Meandering along the backroads of Western Massachusetts through Whately, Conway, Shelburne. Stopping when a vision struck either photographer. We all won. More on  TravelTreksDSC_0029

Forking Around

New London to Orient Point Ferry Cross Sound. Our circular tour around Long Island’s North and South Forks. Lunched at BlueCanoe on Greenport’s dock. Fried local oysters. Took scenic Route 25 past wineries reminiscent of Napa in the early ’80’s, before they jammed the valley and the byways. To Peconic Lane, and NorthFound, a trove of treasures from around the globe.

Drove down to Riverhead and up the South Fork through the Hamptons to our perennial beachfront haunt in Napeague. Favorite Clam Bar was almost blown away by a violent thunder storm the day we arrived, and we found it closed. Oh no! But, next morning all was well. IMG_0703Several days of perfect weather, lobster, little necks fresh from the sea. Had to end sometime. Took three ferries from Sag Harbor to Shelter Island to Greenport back to Cross Sound. It sure was fun forking around.

Gorge-ous Trek

Monday summer trek. Along General Lafayette Trail, Route 143 West, up hills and down vales to Ireland Street in Chesterfield, Mass. Take a right toward the Westfield River and then… a natural wonderment surprise. Chesterfield Gorge. More photos on TravelTreks.


Color Break

A few brave purple crocuses have emerged. Otherwise sky and earth are blurred into April gray on our Vermont foray. The economy has taken its toll as stalwart sandwich shops in Wilmington and Dover have gone away. Boarded businesses up and down the byways. But, thriving treasures are still to be found.

DunberryHillDesigns was our primary destination for this side trek. Recalling a beloved artwork from Fillamento in San Francisco, I searched for a similar painting to adorn our newly refurbished hardwood. Cameron Howard’s studio is filled with breathtaking color and artistry. Sratton Mountain vistas where vibrant hues live year-round. Can’t wait to create masterpieces for our floors.

Finished MadMen5 marathon. Still say MadEnd. MadMen6 begins. Yay.

Shelburne Falls Movie Set


Another film to be set in SideTrekFalls, our favorite tableau. The Judge, starring Robert Downey, Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, is rumored to start production in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts this summer. A drama/comedy.

Still haven’t seen Labor Day come to the screen yet. Jason Reitman’s movie set, starring Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet. Based on J.D. Salinger’s paramour’s book.

Dr.Husband’s Shelburne Falls header photo above.

Waste Land

It’s almost porch reading season. Help! Good books wanted. Best Sellers. Either, I’ve read most of them a year ago. Or, they are 50 shades of insipid romance. And, I don’t follow Patterson or any other mystery serials. Any ideas? Donna Tartt’s third book in 30 years, Goldfinch, doesn’t come out until October.

Passover-Easter. Second week of Spring break continues. If you don’t like basketball, you are screwed. Sweet 16. Still have 3. FGCSU. Who? Golf delayed. Johnny Miller livid, a Tiger Sunday gone with the wind. Golf Channel today.

Too cold to take Sugar Shack Side Treks. Maybe next week.