Snow Blog

It must be December. Snow globe has appeared on the blog. If not in our town, then in Dr.Husband’s Shelburne Center photo header. Holidays must be upon us. Real flakes can take a break until after Christmas eggnog.

Joey3Sticks has bet many ranches on the Pats and now owns the Ponderosa. Broncos did indeed pullout an overtime flurry win. And Gronk is out. When will NFL Fox Sunday not have to spend half the hour on Jay Glazer’s injury report?

Nationalism’s Global Spread. Buy Local. As protectionists gain popularity and power in Europe and Canada, Trumpistas here at home, invest in products made in the U.S.A. It’s a trend. Do the research, though.

CoupCoup d’état

Kevin McCarthy out. Is there anyone in Congress who isn’t on the take or the make? So to Speaker. Of the House. Has this finally cratered Benghazi crazies? Special interests. Financial and personal. So to Speaker. Credit this CoupCoup d’état to Senator Cruz. As he slipstreams Trump, Ted continues to incite the Freedom Revolutionaries in the House. Unlikely stuff will get done soon.

Got away from the cuckoo’s nest. Autumn sojourn to Conway and Ashfield. Travel Treks. Maybe Krusty the Klown could be the next Speaker.


Parts Known

Back to CNN’s Parts Unknown. Anthony Bourdain this week brings us to Massachusetts. Assumed it would focus on Boston dining scene. Wrong! After taking us to his beginnings in Provincetown, land’s end of Cape Cod, he reveals that’s where his heroin addiction began. From there, he comes here. To Western Massachusetts. Route 91 North to SideTrekFalls. And Greenfield.

Heroin has been epidemic in these parts for decades. My former “facialist” first clued me in to the problem in Northampton in the late ’90’s. Kids of clients dead. From smack. It has only gotten worse as the economy declined. And when hometown sports heroes get injured, need surgery, they get hooked on oxy’s. Yup. Doctors as dealers.

Behind our red barns, beyond our fertile meadows, under our bridges of flowers. What you don’t see is a sorry scene. Bourdain is a brilliant journalist. cropped-shelburne-falls-18_3_21-2

Got Away

Three ferries to the Hamptons. Only way to go. Last minute availability on our favorite plage. Left Northampton at 9am. On the beach in Amagansett at 2pm. photo-90

Stayed until sunset. Last cocktail with the seashore to ourselves. Bliss. photo-87Steamed lobster at perennial ClamBar. Breakfast at Bird on the Roof in Montauk. Crêpes and crispy bacon. A real roly poly pig in the middle of the road in the pouring rain. What?! Quite the sight. Shelter island ferries back again after a few fun days. Lunch by the dock at Blue Canoe in Greeport. Miso encrusted cod rivaled Nobu standards. Spicy mussels, too.

DSC_0044Stopped for a tasting at Kontokosta Winery on the way to Orient Point-New London ferry. Rosés in tow. Ready to go. Another great spur of the moment getaway.DSC_0040

2013 Balance Sheet

Positive side of the ledger:

Pope Francis- Loves people more than ruby chalices
FoxSports1- Crowd Goes Wild
Game of Thrones– Red Wedding; Ray Donovan– Ensemble cast
American Hustle– Ensemble cast
Joyful nuptials- Ryan&Julia, Matt&Sarah, Daniele&Hadley
Hotel Giraffe– staff; Gramercy Tavern, Da Silvano- classic food, fun
MadDad Photo Contest- Side Trek
Joey3Sticks- 50 Clambake
Broadway- Book of Mormon, Motown
Goldfinch– Getting to see Fabritius’ painting at the Frick, not the book

Other side of the ledger:

Congress, especially Carnival (Ted) Cruz
Obama as manager
Dana on Homeland; Sylvia on Mad Men
Gotham Bar & Grill, Blue Hill– meh food, not so fun
NFL violence, injuries, thugs; Phippy wins British Open
Boston Marathon Djokers; Trayvon Martin jury
Carlos’ undangerous weiner
Dearth of good books, Tartt’s Goldfinch disappointing and dark

Sheet didn’t balance. More assets than liabilities. That’s a good year.