2013 Balance Sheet

Positive side of the ledger:

Pope Francis- Loves people more than ruby chalices
FoxSports1- Crowd Goes Wild
Game of Thrones– Red Wedding; Ray Donovan– Ensemble cast
American Hustle– Ensemble cast
Joyful nuptials- Ryan&Julia, Matt&Sarah, Daniele&Hadley
Hotel Giraffe– staff; Gramercy Tavern, Da Silvano- classic food, fun
MadDad Photo Contest- Side Trek
Joey3Sticks- 50 Clambake
Broadway- Book of Mormon, Motown
Goldfinch– Getting to see Fabritius’ painting at the Frick, not the book

Other side of the ledger:

Congress, especially Carnival (Ted) Cruz
Obama as manager
Dana on Homeland; Sylvia on Mad Men
Gotham Bar & Grill, Blue Hill– meh food, not so fun
NFL violence, injuries, thugs; Phippy wins British Open
Boston Marathon Djokers; Trayvon Martin jury
Carlos’ undangerous weiner
Dearth of good books, Tartt’s Goldfinch disappointing and dark

Sheet didn’t balance. More assets than liabilities. That’s a good year.

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