Side Bizness NYC


Carol Colitti Levine

Creating, curating, editing business content
for strategic branding and marketing

Since 2012



International Finance 

ABN AMRO, Global Dutch Bank

VP & Relationship Manager, San Francisco
Senior VP, Managing Director, Boston
Eastern U.S. Managing Director, North America, New York

Prior to ABN AMRO

Crocker & Wells Fargo
Banks, San Francisco
Republic National (Safra), New York


NYT Pick   Hillary Clinton’s op-ed Reining In Wall Street


Writing & Publishing


Table’s Edge, 2005. Hard cover. Illustrated. Amazon. Originated half history/ half cookbook format. Wrote, designed, published and marketed the book, selling over 5,000 copies.



The Side Trek 
New England magazine column

The Side Trek . com
Back Roads Thoughts

Side Trek . NYC
Cross Town Thoughts

Book-Treks  –  Carol’s Carrel
Book picks and reviews

Recipe Detours
Non-traditional recipes

Quests de Cuisine
Dining out



Mount Holyoke College  French, Spanish Lit
University of San Francisco  Executive Masters in Business
INSEAD, Amsterdam  International Management Programme