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Since 2012

Curating and editing website content with strategic marketing and brand advisory services. Increasing bottom line. Attracting new customers. Establishing a unique space that sets businesses apart in the crowded digital marketplace. Customized content updated often and fast to keep it fresh and friendly to maximize growth.

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Carol’s Business & Publishing Experience

Finance Management & Marketing

Carol was one of the first women Managing Directors at ABN AMRO, the Global Dutch Bank. Her ABN AMRO career began at 555 California Street in San Francisco as a Vice President & relationship manager for Fortune 1000 corporations in Northern California & Utah; she then moved to head up its New England office as Senior Vice President & Managing Director, at One Post Office Square in Boston; finally as East Coast Managing Director at ABN AMRO North America 500 Park Avenue, New York.

Prior to ABN AMRO, Carol worked in international lending at Crocker & Wells Fargo Banks in San Francisco; Republic National Bank (Safra) in New York.

Carol met with local and national bank regulators often and challenged Hillary’s policy platform on reining in Wall Street:  Carol v. Hillary


Writing & Publishing 

Table’s Edge

Published in 2005, Table’s Edge is a hardcover illustrated anecdotal history of Northampton, Massachusetts’ culinary heydey. Carol’s original half biographies / half cookbook concept. Kitchen stories, secrets & proprietary recipes. Over 5,000 copies sold.  A portion of the proceeds were donated to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

Still available from third party sellers on Amazon.


The Side Trek

Originated in 2006 as Carol Colitti Levine’s quarterly column in Valley Living a New England magazine. Created as an extension of her aversion to driving on highways, it steered readers to explore hidden gems along the byways.

It became a blog in 2010, blazing new trails as a caravan of Carol’s quirky back roads thoughts. Economics, books, politics & current culture. Travel treks in the Pioneer Valley and beyond.

Side Trek . NYC

2016. Blog now resides on Central Park West. Careening off the beaten treks in Manhattan. Still quirky. Still no highways. Cross town thoughts.

Recipe Detours

Carol’s spinoff blog from The Side Trek celebrates the art of cuisine rather than the science. Detours are not traditionally written recipes, but general methodologies and ingredients particular to her palate and cupboard.

Quests de Cuisine

Dining out. New York City, Pioneer Valley & beyond.