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Carol Colitti Levine, Consultant

Creating, curating, editing business content
for strategic branding and marketing

Since 2012



International Finance

, Global Dutch Bank –

Vice President & Relationship Manager, San Francisco
SVP & Managing Director, Head of New England Office, Boston
Global Managing Director, Head of East Coast Client Group, New York

As Manager of ABN AMRO Boston, turned around its investment, lending, operations and marketing groups from overall 3% to 10% ROE.

Lead banker in global transactions for –
Bechtel, Dreyer’s, McKesson, Safeway, Huntsman Chemical, Bose, Dynatech, Thermo-Electron, Fisher Scientific, TJX, Timberland, Oak Industries, Polaroid, Markem, Boston Consulting Group, U.S. Generating

Prior to ABN AMRO –

Crocker & Wells Fargo Banks, San Francisco- Latin America, Credit Policy
Republic National Bank, New York- Far East Lending


New York Times Pick
Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s OpEd
Reining In Wall Street


Publishing & Marketing

Table’s Edge

Hardcover illustrated book,  Amazon.

Carol Colitti Levine originated this half history, half cookbook format which she researched, wrote, designed, published and marketed, selling over 5,000 copies.




The Side Trek – Back Roads Thoughts
Side Trek . NYC – Cross Town Thoughts
Book-Treks     Carol’s Carrel
Recipe Detours – Alternate Cooking Routes
Quests de Cuisine – Dining Scenes




Mount Holyoke College,  French, Spanish Lit
University of San Francisco,  Executive Masters
INSEAD,  International Management