Cosmic Comedy

The Leonid cosmic show is peaking this weekend. Likely obscured by clouds and rain in NYC. But. Just down the road Meteor Shower is in previews on Broadway. Got to see it last night. 

Steve Martin’s homage to the narcissistic relationship-sharing nineties. Set in Ojai California 1993 at a modest modern hilltop home. Amy Schumer & Jeremy Shamos invite a new couple Keegan-Michael Key & Laura Benanti over for cocktails to watch the meteor event from their terrace. Hilarity and marital combustion ensues.

It’s not deep nor serious dramaturgy. But anything that can make you laugh for the better part of ninety minutes to forget the “male-strom” here on Earth is a wonderment.

Reining Men

Okay. Al Franken. Several congressmen. Journalists. Directors. No industry nor political persuasion seems immune from viral misbehaving men. How to rein them in? Speaking out is a good start. Finding strength in numbers has opened the floodgates. It could also unleash a pandora’s box of blaming men for every ill. I’m still liking most men. They can be and have been champions personally and professionally. More of them than those jerks encountered along the way. But. It’s necessary to put a fence around criminal behavior. For sure.

Retro Grade

Rear view mirror. Back to the future. What if Bill Clinton’s accusers in Arkansas were believed as Roy Moore’s are in Alabama? The Atlantic  ponders that thoughtDan Rather to Don Imus at the time regarding Juanita Broderick’s claim of rape which she contemporaneously reported to people, “That was a long time ago. People want to move forward.” Many such dismissals of Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones. And then there was that very young intern Monica Lewinsky.

The Washington Post did an investigative report on these cases, but was ignored by the Democrats and the media at large. In today’s New York Times, Michelle Goldberg’s column “I Believe Juanita.”  So. Is it a culture thing? Should all women be believed? Have times changed?

Weekend Relief


Enough with the pervasive perv epidemic. Is there any powerful mogul who hasn’t transgressed? Decades of debauchery. Besides the gross acts themselves, it’s the sin of recurring complicity. Power. Money. Seems no end.

So. Finish a great book. Nobody’s Fool. Richard Russo is a writing master. He has the gift of transporting the reader into the everyday life of anybody’s arcane town. He creates characters with such depth that they become intimate friends. Their particular speaking styles, idiosyncratic habits, poignantly unlikely relationships. Hard to let them go. Look forward to reading the recently acclaimed sequel Everybody’s Fool.

Or. Go take a walk. What are these things? Green brains? Tennis balls? Apparently the fruit of Osage Orange Trees. In Central Park. 




Chinese Evolution

Don & Melania will dine within Beijing’s Forbidden City which hasn’t changed much in 500 years. It still harkens back to Emperors and Eunuchs. Okay. Too easy.

However. The surrounding city is unrecognizable from even a few decades ago. Skyscrapers, highways, Beijing today looks more like L.A. Back in 1982 post-Mao there were no cars, a few buses and vans. Mostly bicycles. Guest houses rather than hotels. Western tourists a novelty. And a Polaroid camera was magic. Selfies never seen. Literally.

City Life

Another evening on Central Park West. Commuters walking by. Bicycles too. No matter that above the trees fireworks booming and flashing. We went to the corner to watch. People looked at us rather than the show in the sky. Yes. That’s everyday life in the City.

Oh and. There was that marathon. Runners came out of the Park donning their hard-earned blue ponchos with a sense of pride and accomplishment. But. Not many fans were around to cheer. Rainy day damper. Congrats nonetheless. They were finishing well into the night.


Topaz. November birthstone. Penultimate month of 2017. Already. Fall back. Need the extra sleep after late nights watching the World Series. It was fun. Love the Astros team. Altuve is my MVP. Also. Time for one-pot meals despite the thermometer’s resistance. We can still make stews, vindaloos or braised veal shanks. Osso Buco. Great after running the Marathon. Or. Just watching the fireworks at tonight’s opening ceremonies. Pre-Game Finish Line

La Paz. North Korea hot topic of Trump’s Asia trip. Can a coalition thwart a military option? Diane Sawyer has been investigating ISIS recruitment of young men. Timely 20/20 report. It’ll be interesting if it tracks with SideTrek’s thoughts. Brothers KaramazOff.