Open Bunkers

British Open at Carnoustie in Scotland. Down the road from Trump’s Turnberry. He should have stayed there and never gone to Helsinki. But. Back to golf. Nick Faldo’s former winning caddie Fanny Sunnesson will be on Adam Scott’s bag. That’s a pair to watch. Nick picks Jon Rahm to win. Others are going with Rickie Fowler, saying it’s finally his time. Could this be Tiger’s true return to greatness? Probably not. Hope springs. Rory. Rosie. Phippy. Dustin. Justin. I say a random unknown will take the claret jug.

So. Set the DVR for 1:30 AM. Coffee and pot bunkers await.

Green course header photo by Dr. Husband from our Connemara, Ireland golfing adventure. Very different from Carnoustie’s berns and brown gourse.


White House administration slinked away from the so-called summit between Trump and Putin with little to say today. Their boss, The Donald is still chagrined about perceptions that his election was somehow tainted by Russian interference. And. Media’s conflation of collusion and meddling collides with the American Prez’s insecurities. Vlad plays into that knowledge. He’s a slick slippery yet savvy guy. There’s nothing much below the surface here. It’s the egos of these two men at stake. Not their countries, nor constituents. It’s not a grand scheme. Rather a much smaller ball than was tossed between them.

Cable News’ reaction a comical conflagration of indignation. No matter. Democrats are preparing for 2020. Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders. Cory Booker. Kamala Harris. Joe Biden. So. Yeah. Be very afraid.

Helsinki Discord

As Vlad’s World Cup comes to an end. Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire. Pour qui? A PR win for him. He enters the Helsinki Discord with an edge. Could there be a grand accord with the Middle East? Netanyahu & Abbas have met with Putin recently. Syria & Iran traded for Ukraine & Crimea? Or. Will it all result in a Trumpian Hell Stinky.

Meanwhile, hope London loans the baby Donald balloon to Macy’s for this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’a a natural addition.

First Troll

First Lady Melania uses fashion as her voice. The infamous jacket with I Don’t Care Do You the most overt example of her inclination to speak through clothing choices. Perhaps she longs to be a Tsarina as her husband admires autonomous regimes. The buttercup gown she wore to dinner in Oxfordshire was a J Mendel, established in 1870 St. Petersburg, Russia for the Romanovs. As they go to meet with Putin. Not an idle sartorial decision to be sure.

Today she played bowls in a striped Victoria Beckham. Never shy in her bespokeness. Funny.

France v. The Vitches

Rakatich to Kovasich to Brozovich to Modrich to Mandukich. Score! Eat a sandavitch while you watch the Sunday Finalavitch. Croatia is a scrappy team with lots of heartavitch. France is a polished corps of stars. What say the Witch? Maybe The Frogs will get Croaked.

World Cup Final 2018. Either way. It has been fun!

All EU Final

World Cup Semi-Finals. All EU-members. France. Belgium. England. Croatia. Jingoistic fans reflect the return to nationalism in Euroland. France’s team of individual stars has come together as a cohesive force and looks to be the strongest of the four. Only victory was 1998.

The last time England took home the Cup was also the last time the world watched on black-and-white TV’s. They beat West Germany. Yes. Still a Wall. And. A Soviet Union.

It was 1966. I was staying with a friend of my uncle’s in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire when the earth shook. I looked at Hazel as her black great dane Pip jumped.  What’s that?  She laughed and said England must have won!  Won what?  Wembley Stadium’s roars could be felt far and wide. Then hell broke loose. Pandemonium spilled out to London and every country lane. That day into the next. There was crazy serious joy in all the land.

Rallies Rising

While all you Democrats have been bingeing on burgers and dogs. Swimming. Beaching. Banning Alan Dershowitz from Chilmark General Store. Trump’s been out and about. In Montana. Wisconsin. Indiana. Speaking to crowded arenas. His re-election campaign started a while ago. Those same people who lined up to vote for him are still packing stadiums.

I know. You’ve got a great strategy. Abolish ICE. Scream about the Supreme Court nominee. Even if a she. And what a fabulous list of potential new candidates for 2020! Hillary. Bernie. Joe. Lizzie. Don’t come crying to me when you need more medication for your TTSD.