red-tree-lakeOn a perfect autumn day. Strolled around the Lake. Brought ballots to the Post Office. Voted! For whom? Hint. Stayed true to my initial instinct. Wanted a billionaire businessman who had success in both private and public sectors. It was before the tectonic announcement last June 16 of that other so-called buffoon/tycoon. So. Yes. I wrote in. Guess whopark-tree-line

Dr. Husband. Well. He voted for her. I’m sure. TTSD almost over.

Hypocrisy Tub

Joe Scarborough said the media is bathing in hypocrisy. Yup. He and Mika two of the guiltiest. Propping up Trump whenever he called in. Giving him as much time as he wanted. Free publicity every morning. As did all cable news. Now they are pretending to be appalled by Donald. As if he’s changed a wit. The media elite were all decked out in their gowns and gloves at the Al Smith Catholic Charities dinner, snubbing and booing. Congratulating themselves about giving $6 million to poor kids. While Hillary has raised over $60 million for her campaign in a month. The hypocrisy tub is overflowing.

Yay Cubs!

Iron Art

fenceBeautiful iron work makes artful fences and good neighbors.

In Quests de Cuisine, recent NYC restaurant scene~  our “Picks & Pans”.

Gotta get out and away from the political fray. Old friends & crispy Fall days. That’s the way to stay sane.

That and SNL with Alec Baldwin & Bruno Mars. Still think Kate McKinnon should stand-in for Hillary in the last debate.

Temporary cures for TTSD.


Traumatic Trump Stress Disorder. A malady coined by Dr. Husband from which he suffers. As has been studied, this year’s seasonal syndrome is caused by the remote prospect of Trump as President. Sleep loss. Hand wringing. Combing the internet for stories which afford solace. Trolling for swing state polls showing widening gaps for Hillary. Trying to avoid hearing the next unsavory snipe, yet addicted to cable news like a rubbernecker at a train wreck.

My prescription for Dr.H? Write. Laugh. Find the humor in it. He’s not going to win! Is he?