April Madness

March Madness ends in April. But. Here we go.

Upset- Oregon beats Wisconsin
Final Four – Michigan State, Texas Tech, Tennessee, North Carolina
Final Two – North Carolina v. Michigan State
Winner – Michigan State

Winter’s Tail

Last gasps of a long gray if fairly mild winter. In between Saints Days. Patrick and Joseph. Ready for Spring.

Rory went on to win The Players. He’s a good rep of the sport. Even if everyone wished him happy green when he’s orange.

Opined away on Frank Bruni’s column about the college cheating scandal. And. Maureen’s Dowd’s query, Is The Force With Beto?

Why. Every time I flip onto the end of Rachel Ray, she seems to be making mushy slop not even appetizing for a dog.

Weekend Traffic

So it begins. Spring road closures. Gates and tents all over Central Park. St. Patrick’s Day Parade today on Fifth. Half marathon on Sunday.

As usual, lots of talking going on while actual golf is being played somewhere in the background at The Players in Florida. Can Tiger stay on the Island?  Brexit brothers Rory and Tommy lead the pack.

And. Trump will run over Beto the Manic Bozo as easily as Johnny & Moira Rose ran over that cat.


And now. Just in time for St. Patty’s Day. Enter Robert Francis (Beto) O’Rourke. Complete with daddy Patrick Francis issues. A mixed bag background. Lots of oversharing and youthful hijinks. Never quite made a go of small business ventures, yet his mother did. He inherited some wealth from her. Also. Daddy-in-law issues.

Vanity Fair article worth the read.

Born to run? Shades of Obama. Generational newcomer could break through. The darling of the donor class who rail against Trump’s dishonesty yet cheat to get their kids into good schools. So. We’ll see.

President Pete?

Pete Buttigieg. President? Maybe not. But. So far. Best of the lot.

Funny. Smart. Glib. Relatable. Not strident. Talking points-free. Just really … smart.  Understands people. Communicates crisply and cleanly. Pragmatic. Yet empathetic. And. Smart. Harvard. Oxford. Rhodes Scholar. Yet. Not a wonky moonbat. Served in Afghanistan. Worked at McKinsey. Mayor of South Bend. More executive experience than most. Say it. Booda-judge. What’s not to love?

Sent him a few bucks. He’s worth supporting.

SXSW Dem Show

Texas Capitol Austin has become a music and media mecca in recent years. Its SXSW fest draws celebs from far and wide. This year Democrat candidates are invading the landscape. Beto’s documentary stealing the show. Buttigieg, Gabbard, Delaney having town halls there on CNN tonight. Warren and Klobuchar giving talks and attacking big business. Bernie, Castro & Kamala holding court, too. Where’s Joe?

Les Bon Temps

Laissez les bon temps roulez! Hillary isn’t running. Yay. Nor Mike Bloomberg. Boo. Maybe Biden. Won’t matter. Left has taken over the Party. And. Nadler overreach to impeach could still play into the witch hunt narrative to derail the Dems.

Since Tiger’s out for Arnie’s tourney. Go for a POP of quirky fun. Besides the delightful Schitt’s Creek. Check out Flack. Anna Paquin plays an off-kilter mix of Liev’s Ray Donovan and Dockery in Good Behavior.