Sugar Kaine

Hillary’s Veep pick. Tim Kaine. Nice guy. Winning smile. Sincere. Sweet. Celtic syrup. Centrist with a heart. Not moon-batty enough for the Sanders-Warren swath of the party. But. Hey. Habla muy facilmente. Paunchy white guy vs. Yup. Inspirational? Nope. Steal Hillary’s dim glow? No. So. Woo hoo. Yawn.

President Believe Me

Trump’s long and rambling fact-challenged Republican nomination acceptance speech. So many promises. A chicken in every pot. Hoover on steroids. Everything wrong with the country. Trump will fix it. USA. USA. Nationalism. Tax cuts, too. Who will pay for all of it? Mexico? China? Just believe him. Hillary bad. Donald good. Simplistic as can be. Crazy thing. He could win.


Only Donald Trump could interrupt his own Convention to talk about himself. While Senator Jeff Sessions was addressing the Republican crowd, Donald called into Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox. Of course, they broke in live, to hear Donald again justify his lousy rollout of Veep pick Pence. Quite the confirmation of a lackluster first night. Then, just as Giuliani was rousing the throngs, NBC cut in to preview an interview on the Trump plane with Matt Lauer to air on tomorrow’s Today.

Back at the real Convention. Trump finally showed up. Cue Queen and a smoky Alfred Hitchcock silhouette. Enter The Champion. He did introduce his wife. She was good.

Meet the Trumps!

The Family Trump is descending on Ohio. From Tiffany to Ivanka. Melania. Other blonde wives. Pulchritude meets frumpitude. You won’t see Mrs. Pence. Nor much of Mike after tonight. But, there will be Chachi. Happy Days! Dante/Jagger soap star, too. B- and C -listers galore. Make America Mediocre Again!

Across the pond. Just down the lane from Trump’s Turnberry Course in Scotland, Swede Stenson bested Phippy in an epic mano a mano match to take the Open. Staying cool.

Coup de Not

Looks like Turkey’s attempted military coup kaput? We’ll see. Erdogan back in Istanbul. Global instability galvanized. Just as Trump fails in a last ditch effort to overturn his family’s push to choose Pence instead of going with his gut. Fatal error?!

Emmy noms are replete with the usual suspects. House of Cards. Game of Thrones. Homeland. Veep. For my money they missed the best ensemble week after week. Ray Donovan.


Veep pick. Mike Pence. The Man From Glad. Remember him? Boring. Average. Pence was not a star in Congress nor in his home state of Indiana. He tepidly endorsed Ted Cruz while extolling Trump’s virtues. Milquetoast to Mr. Boast. Strange choice.

Odd Mom Out. Season 2. Hilarity continues. From Yom Kippur fasting to being dumped by Uber, it’s an inside New Yorker’s dream. And. The British Open. Quit the strange OCD hat-raising waggly-eyed yips. Get all the players on the clock! Quick. OK. Good for Phipps.