Tyrion de Bergerac

Peter Dinklage as Cyrano. In a league of his own. Stage actor par excellence. Evocative mesmerizing powerful performance. True to Edmond Rostand’s French oeuvre. Black box intimate venue. Daryl Roth in Union Square. Un cadeau de la saison.

Tyrion’s passion and pathos. Came through up close. It’s all in his eyes.

Askew Views

MSNBC and Huffington Post coddle Warren & Sanders and slam Pete Buttigieg for working for McKinsey. He “finally” disclosed his client list. So. Now it’s a crime to work for a successful corporation in certain circles. And. Don’t even mention that horrible billionaire Bloomberg.

Every broadcast and cable news channel carried the never-ending boring impeachment hearings. Yet. The Senate judiciary hearing on the IG Report is only carried by Fox News.

Meanwhile. Last night Trump was on fire at his 11,000-people-packed-Pennsylvania rally. Joe Biden can barely finish a sentence and rarely gathers more than a few hundred geezers at his events.

Bottom line. We’re screwed.

Golden Gates

Jimmy GGB – Brees shoot-out. Niners took a narrow but glowing win. Unfortunate loss for Brady & Co. Mahomes got a lotta help from the refs and the last brilliant defensive play. Seahawks got smashed by LA. Yay. And. Hey. Tiger’s ready to command the course Down Under.

Golden Globe nom standouts. Succession. Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Killing Eve & Fleabag. Barry. Liked Kirsten Dunst also in an endearing role. Movies? Didn’t see any.

Mike of the People

Mike Bloomberg billionaire. A man of the people? Actually. Yes. He could be seen riding subways, grabbing breakfast at a diner on the Upper East Side, walking around town. Talking to regular folks.

One night we were having dinner at Lure Fishbar in SoHo. Mayor Mike and Senator Chuck Schumer with their partners were in the next booth. We tried not to stare and went on with our orders. After they were finished, they walked by our table. Bro Joe said, “Hey Mike why don’t you run? He said, “For what?” Bro said, “For President.”

The two women kept on going. But. Mike & Chuck stopped to chat. Mike said he wasn’t thinking about that then. In 2010. He wanted to know where our son was going to college and such. They stayed for quite a long time. Nice and curious men.

Scaffolding Post

Post Stuffington. Turkey. Family. Balloons. All fun and happy after the Thanksgiving respite. And. Speaking of Post.

The New York Post has two front page stories about how the ugly scaffolding epidemic has blighted The City. The Scourge of Scaffolding.  And.  Why Scaffolding Stays Up So Long.

I did send them my blogs about it and the recent West Side Rag story. So. Maybe they got the idea from me?

Finished The Crown Season 3. Learned so much about the history of that time. The plight of coal mines, global crises which escaped our near-sighted American-centric focus. As is still true today. We are obsessed with impeachment while Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Hong Kong, NATO …  For real news have to watch BBC.

Most importantly. Niners lost to Ravens. Maybe a re-match at SB?

What’s Impeachable?

With a lopsided partisan impeach pit on the horizon in 2019. Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted that she knew there were no weapons of mass destruction when she was on the Intelligence Committee in 2002. Yet she didn’t push for the impeachment of W. and his Neo-Cons.

So. Going to war under false pretenses when our troops were maimed or killed every week vs. Water-Gate. Monica-Gate. Ukraine-Gate. No contest. The latter three pale by any standard.

Book-Treks 2019

It’s that time again. Best Books lists are out. None seem particularly compelling. My own is short. Not a stellar crop this year.

Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield
Snakes by Sadie Jones
The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones
Save Me The Plums by Ruth Reichl

New novels by Richard Russo, Elinor Lipman & Ann Patchett were surprisingly lackluster.  Full reviews on Book-Treks.com