Biden in a Box

Biden’s boxed in his basement as he dithers with his Veep pick. Literally. Meanwhile, outside forces are further containing his prospects.

Wily Willie Brown, Kamala Harris’ long ago boyfriend has put himself in the spotlight by saying Harris should politely refuse Biden if he asks her to run with him. Thus. Reminding everyone of Kamala’s sketchy background in California politics.

Bret Stephens, NYTimes conservative columnist, today writes a scathing view of Susan Rice’s diplomatic history. Especially in Africa.

And. Male Black leaders say that Biden must pick an African-American woman. That and the definition of African-American will further narrow Biden’s array of suitable candidates.

No matter whom he chooses now will be second-guessed. Whatta mess.

Ms. Veep

Maureen Dowd writes about Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman Vice Presidential nominee with Walter Mondale in 1984. How she was called a bitch and worse. And that Biden’s choice will likely be subjected to similar treatment because she will be a woman.

The truth is that Biden himself has set up whomever he chooses to be called a token pick when he announced that his primary criterion was gender. Rather than saying he’d want the best person to be able to run the country on day one. And then naming a woman.

Of the women on Biden’s “list”,  only Susan Rice has the gravitas to take the lead if necessary. As illustrated in this The Atlantic  piece, as Obama’s NSA, she even anticipated and planned for a global pandemic.

Yet. Rice is saddled with baggage of the Clintons and her experience as a Washington establishment insider. It’s a trade-off, but Biden is too weak to run with anyone else.

Sad City

Return to the City disappoints. Scaffolding, noise and toxic air from across the street, now over a year, continues with no end in sight. Outdoor dining is marred by a homeless guy punching a diner at Pappardella on Columbus Avenue with no provocation. A block away. Bikers meander up and down sidewalks as dog walkers return to dominiate the streets again. Many more maskless than in June. Note to Governor Cuomo. This is why rich people are not returning from their vacation homes. Some never will. Is it depressing? Yes. Sorry.

Maybe Tiger will do well at the PGA?

Off Balance

Stormy gusts knocking over anything not bolted down out there. Hurricane Isaías here and gone with the wind.

Journalism is also off-kilter as brave women speak out against the corrupt ratings-fueled media news outlets. Bari Weiss of The New York Times and Ariana Perkary of MSNBC did not leave their respective outlets quietly. Each railed against editorial decisions based only on what social media responses would be purely for profit. Rather than requiring balanced content as a core tenet.

Hope their voices will be a catalyst for a return to journalistic integrity.

Back to NYC

Yes. Back to City reality. The good news is. Restaurants have become more and more creative in setting up barriers and making outside space as appealing as possible for diners. Plants, plexiglass dividers. Hope the weather holds through October so they can recover and stay in business.

So far. 3 favorite Taverns gone. Oxbow. Gramercy. On the Green.

Back to politics. Today Dem Veep candidates having their final auditions. Booked on Sunday news shows. Just hope it’s not Kamala. And. These days don’t think it can be a Karen. It will be a woman. That we know.

The Summer Houses

Full circle. Just finished James Patterson & Brendan DuBois’ version. The Summer House here is an historic landmark in Georgia and scene of a mass murder. Shoot-em-up machismo. Cops. Military. CIA. FBI. You name it. They’re all there for a few days of page-turning. Unlike The Summer House by Hannah McKinnon, which is the setting for a generational vacation beach home in Weekapaug, Rhode Island.

So. Yeah.    7 books in.    2 more to go.

Regnum Finis

Reege! Say it ain’t so. But. Whatta way to go. Followed you from Live! with Kathie Lee then Kelly. To Millionayah. To Crowd Goes Wild. Television King for decades. Raconteur. Real. Grumpy. Funny. David Letterman said when Regis retired, he stopped watching TV.

Stories that typified his persona. He put a lawn chair on the median of Park Avenue when he was living on the UES. Because they had planted tulips and he wanted to sit outside. And. Yes. He was besties with the Donald. Called him the Trumpstah. Every time he was on Live! Regis asked him when he was going to run for President. Regis had an engagement for Trump-Melania wedding in Palm Beach, so he didn’t go, but showed up at Mar-a-Lago for the honeymoon.

Miss you Reege. That’s my final answer.

Solar Sanctum

Can the sun cause senility? Or is it rejuvenating? One or the other. Forgot friend’s birthday. Got 4 out of 11 right on the New York Times weekly news quiz. Don’t know what Trump’s said or tweeted. Fleeting glimpses of dire headlines quickly ditched for the chaise-a-lajay. As my father used to say. Down for the day.

Still Life

Yes. It’s a bit still. Hot & humid, but for a blessed breeze by the water. Not much activity either. Reading. Frequenting ubiquitous farmstands.

Summer’s bounty in our cottage kitchen. From the Forks. Green Thumb in Bridgehampton. Harbes in Mattituck. Pop-ups on the fields in between.

Scanned Elizabeth Warren & Susan Rice columns in the NYTimes. Each encouraging big government spending and intervention policies. Biden’s still hidin’. Which may be the best strategy of all.