Brat Wurst

Creepy perv Weiner is the wurst. Immature imbecile aka Carlos Danger has humiliated wife Huma for the last time. Some say ‘wag the whatever’ to divert attention from Hillary’s ethics morass. Sub-plotHuma must resign or cut back to stay home with her son. Which. The Hillary campaign team will welcome. With Huma’s direct involvement in State Department- Clinton Foundation pay-for-play web, and her mother’s questionable Islamic anti-women background, she’s become too controversial. It’s the perfect exit excuse.

Speaking of brats. Kaepernick.

Family Matters

In a poignant and important memoir, J.D. Vance tells the story of his Appalachian white working-class life in the context of this year’s angry crude political mood. Futility is the focus in a tale of the generational subculture of poverty made worse by addiction and abuse. Hillbilly Elegy

Like Glass Castle and Blood Bones & Butter, Hillbilly Elegy portrays individual triumph over family dysfunction beyond belief. In Vance’s case he makes the miraculous climb to become a Marine, Ohio State grad, Yale Law scholar. Even with all of that, he cannot escape his roots. They remain current in his struggle to overcome bouts of ire at the bleak prospects left to the kin, classmates and community he left behind. Add drug epidemic to the scene as in every small town America today. It puts into sharp focus the reasons for this election year’s desperate yearning for change.

Bad seeds dominate Netflix Happy Valley’s second season. Families in crisis tinged with pure evil and violence in rural Yorkshire, England. Addiction plays its part as well. Repeat the theme with Ray Donovan’s clan. It’s always about family matters.

Liberal Arts

window panesDown the street art. Windows tell stories. A colorful ventana of varied views. Open-minded homage to many philosophies on the left. A closed curtain on the alt-right. Political panes.

Kudos and congratulations to the University of Chicago. Sent acceptance letters with the caveat that incoming freshmen will benefit from a true liberal arts atmosphere. Freedom of expression encouraged. There will be no ‘trigger warnings’ nor ‘safe spaces’ for students here. All Commencement Speakers Welcome!


A summary of viewing and reading in a moving summer. Many New York-themed books for some reason. Enter Helen, by former Western Massachusetts neighbor best of the lot. Helen Gurley Brown’s brand of feminism as she rose to the top of the publishing world at Cosmo magazine. City on Fire, a nod to Gotham’s gritty underbelly in the ’70’s uneven. Modern Lovers based in Brooklyn’s Ditmas Park and Burning Down the House set mostly on the Upper East Side barely okay. 2016 Reviews here.

Binged first season of Happy Valley. Searing characters and story. Spectacular acting. Small town Yorkshire, England. Coincidentally. Nickname of the Pioneer Valley. Where we just came from. Caught up on fave Ray Donovan. Still peak of the TV series heap.

This is TNN

The joke’s on the GOP. And FauxNews. Many have speculated that no one was more surprised than the Donald himself at becoming the Republican Presidential Nominee. Especially since he’s always pretty much been a Democrat. But. As has been presented by media insiders like Mark Halperin and a full-fledged essay in The Atlantic, we can guess at his end-game.

It’s not to be President, which his self-sabotage and resistance make obvious. It’s to form Trump News Network. TNN. On-air talent will include ex-Fox-bots and loyal Trumpettes. Run by Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon. Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge will join the team. Howie Carr will have his own call-in show. Moonbats, hacks and rump swabs beware! This is TNN.

Status Quo Blow

Trump’s named a new crew that will double down on blowing up the status quo. Disruptor-in-Chief at Brietbart will now commandeer a colossal assault on the establishment of both parties. Clintons. Bushes. McConnell. Ryan. Schumer. Pelosi. Take cover! Steve Bannon is at the helm.

Pivot this. Bannon and Kellyanne Conway will take Trump’s desire to remain ‘Trump’ to another crest. The unprecedential campaign will now go into hyper-sail. If he is going to win, it will be on his terms. This new tack will jibe to that.