New Views

No daytime show in NYC goes uninterrupted any day. Whether soaps or the View. DeBlasio, Cuomo, Murphy of New Jersey. Yeah. I know. But. Still. Need our distractions. Cannot tolerate covfefe 24/7.

Bernie out. Kamala Harris rising. She’s on all the networks lecturing in her D.A. way. So. I guess she’s the current front-runner for Biden’s Veep. Too bad.

Masked people walking/running, kids scootering  in the middle of our traffic-less street. More birds chirping. People greeting each other from a distance. Some things are good. Market’s above 23,000.

Tiger King not so much. Seedy people with depressing lifestyles. Ozark getting good reviews. Will give it a try.

First time we’re using the freezer for more than ice and ice cream.

Dueling Cabinets

I still say Andrew should replace Joe as Dem nominee.

Anyway. In today’s NYT Tom Friedman has his own take for a Biden cabinet vs. my own from March 20. I think Tom’s had more time to consider so his is better. Not sure about vitally important VP:

VP- Gov. Whitmer, Donna Shalala or Gov. Raimondo
Treasury- Mike Bloomberg
HHS- Bill Gates
Emergency $$ Oversight- Elizabeth Warren
AG- Merrick Garland
Homeland Security- Andrew Cuomo
Secretary of State – Mitt Romney
Defense – Michèle Flournoy
Labor – Ro Khanna

UWS Strong

Our building is great and still has young people working hard to keep it maintained. Many take 2 subways to get here. We are very grateful. As well as for the grocery/delivery workers and of course all medical/emergency front liners and the people who support them.

Most of the residents are gone to their other homes or family refuges. But. We are still here. Thank you for making it possible. Every night at 7pm we open our windows to cheer and salute all of you.

UWS Strong!

Weeks No End

There are no weekends anymore. No Sports. Masters. March Madness. Spring Baseball. Even those still working. It’s flexible and from home. No alternate side parking to define things.

So. It’s Saturday. Except no vehicles with New Jersey plates filled with Park-going people with strollers. No farmer’s market. Just another day of stationary cars and an empty street.

Cuomo’s pressers happen 7 days a week. There’s talk now that Dotard Joe’s staff is conspiring to put the Gov on the ticket. But. Biden’s boxed himself in with the prospect of a politically correct Sarah Palin.

Becoming Aleppo

Every time I’ve fretted about something, Dr. Husband has reminded me that “at least we’re not in Aleppo”.  It usually shocks me out of a silly mood. Because of course. We’ve had little to complain about.

And now. Many neighborhoods and communities around us in America are much worse off. Needing food & water. With no safety nets at all.

Although we still don’t live in Syria with bombs going off. Can maybe look at those suddenly smart-seeming burqa-wearing women and think. Hmmm. How the world has changed.

Carol’s Carrel

mAd Ben’s friend Gwen lives nearby and is a voracious reader. We trade book ideas. So. Yesterday I decided to inventory what’s currently on my shelves to lend her a few. It took much of the day. Which was great.

Click here if you want to see what’s on the UWS Stacks. Yes. That’s right. I alphabetized them by author.

Also recalled NYC and past Book Clubs and what we read. A perfect day. Any ideas for the next 28? +

Book-Treks . com

April Fools’ ?

Nope. Sorry.

Grateful for acts of kindness. Online bridge games. TP. Books. Gin.

Opening the windows & cheering for medical/frontline heroes at 7pm. It’s a City thing. And. Birdsongs. Clear days. Even if we’re reticent about going outdoors, still better when the sun shines in.