A summary of viewing and reading in a moving summer. Many New York-themed books for some reason. Enter Helen, by former Western Massachusetts neighbor best of the lot. Helen Gurley Brown’s brand of feminism as she rose to the top of the publishing world at Cosmo magazine. City on Fire, a nod to Gotham’s gritty underbelly in the ’70’s uneven. Modern Lovers based in Brooklyn’s Ditmas Park and Burning Down the House set mostly on the Upper East Side barely okay. 2016 Reviews here.

Binged first season of Happy Valley. Searing characters and story. Spectacular acting. Small town Yorkshire, England. Coincidentally. Nickname of the Pioneer Valley. Where we just came from. Caught up on fave Ray Donovan. Still peak of the TV series heap.

This is TNN

The joke’s on the GOP. And FauxNews. Many have speculated that no one was more surprised than the Donald himself at becoming the Republican Presidential Nominee. Especially since he’s always pretty much been a Democrat. But. As has been presented by media insiders like Mark Halperin and a full-fledged essay in The Atlantic, we can guess at his end-game.

It’s not to be President, which his self-sabotage and resistance make obvious. It’s to form Trump News Network. TNN. On-air talent will include ex-Fox-bots and loyal Trumpettes. Run by Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon. Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge will join the team. Howie Carr will have his own call-in show. Moonbats, hacks and rump swabs beware! This is TNN.

Status Quo Blow

Trump’s named a new crew that will double down on blowing up the status quo. Disruptor-in-Chief at Brietbart will now commandeer a colossal assault on the establishment of both parties. Clintons. Bushes. McConnell. Ryan. Schumer. Pelosi. Take cover! Steve Bannon is at the helm.

Pivot this. Bannon and Kellyanne Conway will take Trump’s desire to remain ‘Trump’ to another crest. The unprecedential campaign will now go into hyper-sail. If he is going to win, it will be on his terms. This new tack will jibe to that.

Light Treats

Even in a weekend of heavy air, there emerged some light treats. Golf surprised as a sweet Olympics nugget. Those who chose to play were overtaken by the moment. First medals since 1904. Rosie, Stenson and Kuch. Well done.

In a Juno-esque reprise, Ellen Page and Allison Janney captivated in Netflix film Tallulah. Unexpectedly uplifting and beautiful. Stellar ensemble cast.

Today is a Holy Day. Feast of the Assumption. Praise Mary! Alternate side parking suspended.

Sultry Engagements

Off-Broadway Uptown Play. Engagements by Lucy Teitler. Three separate engagement parties as backdrop to betrayal and subterfuge in farcical ménage à cinq vignettes. Fast-paced laced with allusions to Victorian literature. Excellent 5-character cast. Michael Stahl-David as Mark will be Bobby Kennedy to Woody Harrelson’s LBJ in Rob Reiner’s new movie. Fun.

Sultry antidote. Watermelon recipes. Refreshing. Recently at Jean-Georges’ Nougatine, had a simple watermelon and goat cheese salad. Superb.

Cupping Up Trump

Turtle man. Slowly scaling Trump Tower. Leaving circles with suction cups on the glass. The building will look like Olympic swimmers. Climber’s name said to be Steve. From Virginia. Wants to meet Donald. Is he looking for a job? Does he know Trump’s in Virginia? Should have stayed home. Traffic jams in mid-town. Story on every network. Ratings over real news. And we wonder why the Tower’s landlord is the Republican nominee?