Grand Stands

Cory Booker claimed I Am Spartacus during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. More like Dorkacus. At least pronounce the name of the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee who has been in public life for over five decades. Dianne Feinstein. Not Fein-steen. Pathetic.

Nicolle Wallace & Steve Schmidt on MSNBC¬†today rationalizing hiding Sarah Palin’s obvious mental health issues when she was John McCain’s running mate. The excuse not to out McCain’s politically expedient yet negligent pick? That he’d lose the election after the financial crisis of 2008. So much wrong about that by all concerned.

Oh and Tiger shot a 62 at the BMW. So did Rory. Woo hoo.

Silent Coup

Coup de Trump. A post I wrote a little over a year ago. Has come true. Woodward’s book reveals a silent cabal headed by generals and White House staff hell bent on keeping President Trump from hurting the country. An insider who is part of this covert operation has written an anonymous op-ed in today’s New York Times. On first blush, we can take some solace in this. However, it’s dangerous.

Sets precedents for the future which make it okay to undermine a sitting duly elected President. He was well known to those who voted for him. He has not changed. His base believes that they had the right to put him into office. They did. Journalists and generals are not elected by the people. No matter how right-minded they believe themselves to be.

The silent coup is becoming noisy now. What will it mean for the country?

Laborious Daze

No relief from a triple H summer even after Labor Day. Crispy air soon please.

Apparently John McCain decided to say #fu to #metoo. Both Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw were at the Washington D.C. service. Gary Hart a pall bearer. Bill Clinton in the front pew.

Next leg of the FedEx Cup. Boston TPC, which it’s not. It’s in Norton. Boring venue with sophomoric galleries. Bryson DeChambeau’s second win. Destined to be on the Ryder Cup team now. Tiger likes his mechanics. A partnership in the making. Get out the clock.

Jack Ryan for an end of summer getaway. Homeland lite. Krasinski’s appealing.

Restive Peace

Competing memorials dominated the weekend.

The Queen of Soul’s raucous marathon recalled the era of civil rights marches and gospel anthems. Billy Bob Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan headlined on the Detroit stage with Aretha herself all decked out in gold. A sight to behold.

In D.C. all the pols gathered from both sides of the aisle to feign unity for a day to honor John McCain at the National Cathedral. Sarah Palin was erased from the story. Trump was absent by design yet ever present in consistently drawn contrasts. Meghan let no one forget that she is indeed her father’s daughter with a loving yet fiercely loyal authenticity.

Media used each event to flaunt their own blatantly hypocritical agendas. Back to normal.

Pol Bearers

RIP Senator John McCain. His send-off should be quite the show. Pall-bearers to include Warren Beatty (hmmm); Michael Bloomberg (excellent); Fred Smith FedEx CEO ($$); Gary Hart (interesting); Joe Biden (meaningful); Russ Feingold & Phil Gramm (campaign finance reform). Says a lot about the man and the pol.

McCain wrote a poignant farewell. In it he admitted making mistakes but hoped they’d be outweighed by his love of country. Sure they will. But. Two words. Sarah Palin. Too soon?

The statement was read today by Rick Davis, McCain’s pal and campaigns chair. Also. Former partner of Paul Manafort. No. That’s not a typo.