Cruise Prose

Michael Ian Black’s recent New York Times column cemented my decision to never take a cruise. So Uncool, It’s Cool. Not. He liked the mindless ordinariness. All I could focus on were the stairs, elevators, and confinement on crowded decks “surrounded by a thousand fleshy strangers in swimsuits”, yuk!  Everything I thought bad seems to be true.

However, he linked a 1997 essay by David Foster Wallace, A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again. Wallace’s solo adventure on the megaliner Zenith, which he dubbed the Nadir. It was one of the funniest best written pieces I’ve ever read. A self-proclaimed semi-agoraphobe, he liked his cabin a lot. Since he eventually committed suicide, I won’t say I could relate. But. It was hilarious. The footnotes were priceless. Will be exploring other of his works.

World Cup Conversion

Spent these past hot humid days having football fun. Despite the histrionics and bad acting. Still don’t get how the refs arbitrarily tack on extra minutes and then blow the whistle at some random point after that. How they let players saunter off the field hugging everyone while the clock ticks and substitute waits on the sidelines. Or jump into the stands in the middle of the game. But. Hey. When a goal is rarely kicked, it’s exciting. And. The shootouts are even better. Plus the guys are still cute. If soccer is the choice over General Hospital, it’s gotta be good.

Will Trump take Barron to the finals when he meets up with Putin next week?!

Money For All

Universal Basic Income. On this Independence Day week, a topic being discussed by both the left and the right. Considered as far back as Thomas Paine. And Karl Marx. Of course. Guaranteed monthly income for everyone paid by governments across the Globe. A good idea says Richard Branson as well as many Silicon Valley CEO’s. A buffer afforded to workers and unemployed alike. As Artificial Intelligence and Automation replace manual and cognitive tasks. But. Will it work? Studies say yes. Common sense says no. Ask the Dutch.

Either way, Trump will be the last leader to get away with promising the return of manufacturing jobs. So. Something’s gotta be done.

Queens Rule

Ocasio-Cortez had a positive message. She did not focus on her gender or ethnicity nor did she dwell on hating Trump. But rather gave her attention to girls behind the bars and guys in the garbage trucks. Yup. That will win back working class votes. Well done. Even though. She’s an avowed Socialist. So. A blue county turns bluer. Doesn’t change the congressional landscape and moves the party further left. Works in Queens. Swing districts. Not so much.

Speaking of queens. Stephen Frears of The Queen directs the quirky cheeky A Very English Scandal on Amazon. Homosexuality in the Beatles-era. Based on the story of MP Jeremy Thorpe portrayed brilliantly by Hugh Grant. Excellent ensemble cast.

Skewed News

Journahillation. The entire press corps seemed stunned by Trump’s ascension and is now motivated by a guilty conscience. So-called reporters exhibit exasperation. Selectively edit print content. Slip into disdain and disgust while narrating a story line. Use language such as “galling” to describe a congressman’s words. The New York Times was so consumed with navel-gazing it missed the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in its own backyard. Bronx & Queens. The Supreme Court vacancy has thrown anchors into panicky flop-sweat alarmist rants.

It did start with so-called Fox News. True. There are divisions. Hypocrisy. Yes. But. Journalists are not supposed be Opinionators. Hard to find objectivity anywhere. It’s all Skewed News.

If it’s slanted toward limiting guns. Then it’s okay.

Bloomin’ Mike!

Michael Bloomberg reportedly putting the band back together for a 2020 run. NY Post today. Has he been reading my blog? Yes! Please run, Mike! A New York billionaire independent-minded businessman. He’s mulling joining the fray as a Democrat. Why not? He’s already investing $80 million to provide a counterbalance to the ineptitude of the Republicans in governing. Admittedly, it’d be hard to get a short Jewish almost-80-year-old elected. But. Biden and Bernie are pondering another plunge. So. Hey. He’s already gotten my vote. In 2016.

Fox & Friends

Emily Jane Fox & Friends. Hawking her new book, Born Trump. Hanging out with Maureen Dowd and other media glitterati and the Vanity Fair crowd at Ludlow House downtown. Ridiculing Ivanka as no longer an elite. That’s rich. Irony notwithstanding. Trashing Trumps is fun for the vain coastal cocktail contingent. But. Beware. In the end deplorable Fox & Friends viewers will outfox the Ivy League punditry again. With votes.