Calling Oprah

Debates done. Take-away. Pre-game speech by Garlin Gilchrist. There’s the political guy of the future. Michigan’s Lt. Governor. He slayed.

After two nights of scrappy scrums. Elizabeth Warren the most energetic and authentic. Crisp and clear in her policies and beliefs. The losers. Moderate Democrats. Therefore. The big winner. Trump.

The only answer is Oprah.     My comment a New York Times Pick.

Main Event

Before we go to the Main Event. Take-away from the Undercard. Generationally speaking. Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren had more energy than Joe Biden will likely be able to muster. Electability.

As for tonight’s central contenders. I think they’ll be:

Joe Biden- Seasoned yet yes sleepy
Kamala Harris- Wiley yet phoney
Cory Booker- Empathetic yet pathetic
Julián Castro- Staunch yet obscure
Andrew Yang- Techie yet outré
Kirsten Gillibrand- Feminist and misandrist

Let’s see if they perform true to form.

Under Card

Tonight’s Democrat debate on CNN is considered the lighter-weight bout. With Warren and Sanders at center ring. As the most progressive, they will spar with moderate candidates.  I’d describe the major contenders on the undercard as follows:

Bernie Sanders – Cranky yet consistent
Elizabeth Warren- Breathless yet authentic
Pete Buttigieg- Youthful yet brilliant
Amy Klobuchar- Nervous yet earnest
Beto O’Rourke- Idiocyncratic and erratic

Broken Record Alert

Until America loves its children more than its guns nothing will change. This time another two dead kids; a six-year old boy and a thirteen-year old girl at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.


The Russian Collusion Saga never had a climax. So. Today’s Mueller Story just sputtered to a halting end. As did he. A new impeachment plot would have an even weaker epilogue. Dems need to write a best seller starring a superhero who saves America from Trump. Oprah?

Jeopardy’s seasonal swan song this week. And. Who knew. Our former next door neighbor’s book on Chinese History a clue. Imperial Twilight. Hope it doesn’t portend Alex’s dénouement. Godspeed.

Mulled Wine

Will tomorrow’s Mueller testimony pop any corks? Cause a public thirst for impeachment? Or finally dilute the taste for more Congressional hearings? Who knows. But. The Nadler-Schiff label will be served on every TV network. Take a sip every time someone says obstruction.

Speaking of bland blends. Season 2 of Big Little Lies. Except for Kidman v. Streep in the finale. Tours-de-force performance. High end.