My Sister Candy

By Joe Colitti III (guest writer)

Everyone remembers her for her love of books, literary genius, culinary arts and her constant pursuit of lively debate about economic policy.

This March 9th, celebrating my sisters birthday without her, will be very difficult. As winter turns to Spring, I know that Candy’s birthday is upon us, the only Colitti with a Winter/Spring birthday.

For me, her love of sports was what made our relationship even closer. Spring meant the Masters was just around the corner. Soon Tiger (NOT Phil or Bryson) would be teeing it up and nothing in sport excited Candy more than that. The Yankees (NOT the Red Sox) were looking good in Florida, getting ready for another possible championship season. The 49ers & NY Football Giants (NOT the Patriots) were preparing teams through free agency and the draft for the upcoming season.

Candy was always a proud fan of Dad’s favorite teams, making sure I knew it whenever one of her teams beat mine. Usually through provocative texts or emails linking my team to negative stories or scandals (she was usually spot on).

March 9th is upon us once again and my thoughts are with Candy, wherever she is. I am hoping she is celebrating her birthday with her favorite book, devouring a giant lobster with little necks as her starter and a beautiful Pinot Gris. I will miss the banter of sport with her, yet memories of exactly that will keep a smile on my face as the boys tee it up once again

I love and miss you my sister — forever Candy (NOT Carol) — with all of my heart.

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