Gross Golf Match

Tiger v. Phippy. Las Vegas. Snorting, sniffing, heavy breathing caddy disgusting. Nobody told them to turn off his mike? That would have been the most smack the talk got. Neither Woods nor Mickelson had the personality ever or the talent anymore to make the post-Thanksgiving pay-per-view event slightly compelling. Bad golf. Loud snot. Boring coverage. All for $19.95. Unless you got it for free on the Bleacher Report website. Please let it be over soon!

Joie de Bjørn

European Ryder Cup Captain Thomas Bjørn deserves all credit. His picks earned 9 points. Team U.S.A. Captain Furyk the Jerk’s picks got 2. Veterans Woods and Mickelson dropped the ball, but they bring fans. Francesco and Sergio made records. It’s the joy and camaraderie of the Euros that make it hard to root against them. Esprit de Corps is an understatement.

My favorite moment. DeChambeau yells at his caddie after he hits a ball in the water and then topples down the hill. Happy that he didn’t even get half a point.

Catching Magic

Dr. Husband captured magical sighting from our South Fork porch.
Jumping dolphin.

Then. We snatched summer’s last North Fork harvest.
Sweet corn. Heirlooms. Squash.


Back to the City in time to catch…
the miraculous comeback story of Tiger Woods.

Laborious Daze

No relief from a triple H summer even after Labor Day. Crispy air soon please.

Apparently John McCain decided to say #fu to #metoo. Both Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw were at the Washington D.C. service. Gary Hart a pall bearer. Bill Clinton in the front pew.

Next leg of the FedEx Cup. Boston TPC, which it’s not. It’s in Norton. Boring venue with sophomoric galleries. Bryson DeChambeau’s second win. Destined to be on the Ryder Cup team now. Tiger likes his mechanics. A partnership in the making. Get out the clock.

Jack Ryan for an end of summer getaway. Homeland lite. Krasinski’s appealing.

Sunday Scenes

Today’s final pairing at Ridgewood, NJ. Keegan Bradley & Bryson DeChambeau. Why aren’t they constantly on the clock? As they painstakingly perseverate over lining up each shot, there’s plenty of time to take a long walk around the block.

Never know who or what you’ll see. A visiting star from the great beyond. Or. A guy shlepping his flea market furniture find home. Only in NYC!



Tee Cups

Golf Cup Season is upon us. FedEx Cup points and format not compelling. What sport do you not even have to play in the playoffs? Elimination tournaments need everyone eligible competing with dramatic consequences to the final round for The Cup in Atlanta.

After that. The Ryder Cup. This an arcane team match between the U.S. & Europe. Most all of the players from both sides of the pond have gone to college together in America and are now neighbors living at the same Florida clubs with their cloned blonde golf wife. The rivalry therefore contrived. This year U.S. Captain is Furyk. He’s a jerk. If he doesn’t pick Tiger for the team, ratings will tank. If he chooses egocentric mechanic DeChambeau, NO! So. Anyway. I’ll definitely be rooting for the most personality and fun. Always Team Euro.

Air Conditioned Questions

Sizzling in the City. Weeks of air conditioned whirring leads to wondering.

How can Catholics continue to go to church? Where are you Francesco? Don’t say you’ll hold those accused or covered it up accountable. Boston’s Cardinal Law just died in the Vatican’s lap of luxury. A generational epidemic with no cure-ate in sight.

Why would Broadway talent & Melania impersonator Laura Benanti take part in the Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Countess Cabaret Show? Sad.

Why do professional women on television continue to dress like they are at the beach or going to a hoochi afterhours club? If men wore muscle shirts would you take them seriously?

Will Tiger ever win another major? Still mourning his runner-up finish at the PGA a week ago. Broken record alert! He needs new blood on the bag. Ditch Joey. And. The driver.

Why is Trump having a Hamptons fundraiser in the middle of the day on a summer Friday? Because he is Trump the ultimate traffic troll. And. For a hot dog.