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San Francisco Book Club Reunion
At Manhattan literary landmark Elaine’s
March 2001

Eileen  Carol  Lucy  Lydia

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16 Replies to “Book-Treks”

  1. The Postmistress is worse than The Help. But perhaps marginally better than The Little Book. I’m ready to throw it down.

    Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes is just terrific!!


  2. Favorite of the year was truly Wolf Hall, a masterful portrait of human beings. I can’t wait for the sequel.
    Right now I am enjoying The Hare with Amber Eyes, about a European (Russia, Vienna, Paris) Jewish family of bankers and what the events of the mid-twentieth century did to them and the collection of Japanese netsukes belonging to one. This is a true story in the form of a novel and beautiful.
    I must put in a vote for Room, hard to read and impossible to put down.
    Also loved The Immortal Life of Henriett Lacks, The Imperfectionists, The Finkler Question and Brooklyn by Colm Toibin who wrote that beautiful book, The Master.


    1. Thanks for your great article. I will be posting about it soon and have actually submitted an “anxiety” essay to the Times because of your inspiration. Even if it isn’t published, it was cathartic.



      1. That’s great, Carol. I wish you the best of luck with it. I found the editor of that series to be extremely thoughtful in his approach and easy to work with. I haven’t met many people other than myself with the financial/writing transition in life. People seem to think the analytical and creative don’t go together, but I think they do.


  3. Since you’ve supported Roland Merullo’s work in the past, I wanted to let you know that Roland has chosen my firm, PFP / AJAR Contemporaries to publish the sequel to his highly successful book, Breakfast with Buddha. The new novel is entitled Lunch with Buddha and will be released on November 13th. We’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign to support promotional efforts etc. Some additional info can be found here:
    Thank you very much, Peter


  4. I saw on Google that Carol passed. I’m sorry for the family, but I don’t know where she got the idea that I stole the title of her book, THE TABLE’S EDGE. I created this book series starting in 2010. I am not a thief and God has given me all the titles of my books. I hope that someone can find her comment and delete it.
    Thank you.
    Sandra Boykin
    Author, Editor & Publisher


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