Carol Colitti Levine


From Western Massachusetts to New York’s Upper West Side. She met Dr. Husband and moved into his West Village loft. They got hitched and headed West to Pacific Heights in San Francisco where Ben was born just before the big quake. Moved back to Western Massachusetts, Northampton.  Now full circle to Central Park West.



Central Park Christmas  – 2016






Carol landed her first job in New York as an assistant to one of the top executives at Edmond Safra’s Republic National Bank which traded in gold and bank notes. She moved to San Francisco where she leveraged her Spanish major at Mount Holyoke into a job in the Latin America Lending Group at Crocker Bank which was later acquired by Wells Fargo. There she became an Assistant Vice President in the Credit Policy Group.

ABN AMRO Netherlands, N.V.  Then Carol embarked on a very long career trek with ABN AMRO, the Global Dutch Bank. First at ABN AMRO San Francisco as Vice President & Relationship Manager. On to becoming one of its first women managing directors as Senior Vice President & Managing Director of ABN AMRO Boston.

– ABN AMRO private event for area CEO’s   
at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum





Finally in New York as a Regional Managing Director for ABN AMRO North America.



After retiring from international banking, Carol published a book, wrote a featured travel column, created several opinion and food blogs, and has a consulting side biz.



Stories and Favorite Recipes of the People Who Created
a Dining Paradise in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts

Copyright 2005. Hard cover. Illustrated.  Amazon.

Carol originated this format. Half history. Half cookbook.  She wrote, designed, published and marketed the book, selling over 5,000 copies.


THE SIDE TREK  Magazine Column

2006 – 2010

Featured quarterly column in Valley Living, a New England magazine.

Carol’s concept emanated from her aversion to driving on highways, steering readers to explore hidden gems along the byways.



2010 – 2016

The column morphed into a blog. Daily posts blazed new trails as a caravan of Carol’s quirky take on politics, current culture & books. “Back Roads Thoughts”.


Since 2016

Blog moved to New York City. “Cross Town Thoughts”.  Side streets to same quirky takes.


Since 2012

A blog that celebrates the art of cooking rather than the science. Carol’s non-traditionally written recipes as paths to create your own cuisine.


Since 2014

Dining out. New York City, Pioneer Valley & beyond. Table’s Edge book page.



Since 2012

Blog content, branding and marketing.



New York Times Picks

Michael Ian Black, The Boys Are Not All Right
Gail Collins. Sexism. Deconstructing Donald
Maureen Dowd. Hillary Hawk v. Trump Dove
Ross Douthat. Goodbye Bushism= Rubio
Politics. Moms & Daughters Debate Gender Issue
Hillary Clinton’s Op-Ed. How I’d Rein In Wall Street
News Story. San Bernardino Terrorist Mass Shooting
Frank Bruni. How Isis Defeats Us
Roger Cohen. Call to War Against ISIS
Frank Bruni. Hillary’s Debate Magic
Frank Bruni. Scary Ted Cruz
David Brooks. Marco Rubio-Carly Fiorina Option
Michael Buckley. Damming Tibet’s Rivers
Maureen Dowd.  Cheney’s Revisionist History
Timothy Egan. The Commencement Bigots


CNN’S Cafferty File

“Fans of CNN news commentator Jack Cafferty and his on air blog, the Cafferty File, have likely heard him share the comments of a local woman, introducing them by saying: ‘Carol in Northampton, Massachusetts, writes.’ The Carol he refers to is Carol Colitti Levine, who frequently weighs in…

Levine also has a blog of her own. Along the way, Levine shares her perspectives on business, books and cooking, serving up a range of posts from an exhibition of Edward Hopper’s work at the Whitney, Cyber Monday, Tiger Woods. Skippy Hallow is about how she hates Halloween, and Stuffington Posts describe her family’s Thanksgiving celebrations.”
~ Daily Hampshire Gazette

3 thoughts on “Carol Colitti Levine

  1. I’m looking forward to your entries. I really enjoyed your book and column and expect this new format to be equally stimulating and informative.


  2. It is amazing how you navigated different avenues from banking to being an author of a book on food. I joined the bank in Amsterdam after you retired but if you ever come and visit this part of the world again, give me a shout. 😉


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