Quaran Quandary

    Risk. Reward. There’s a tension now in many New York City neighborhoods about opening restaurants to outside dining and fear of more virus spread.

Local economies depend on businesses making money to survive.  Boarded up storefronts are becoming the norm. Extended closings will result in more Oxbow Tavern-like desolate corners. Dystopian landscapes.

Covid avoidance avoidance conflict.
Whaddya do?

Poll Dancing

NYT Poll and many others including The Economist metrics show Biden winning over Trump by a huge margin in November. There’s dancing all over my house and in those of many friends and family. Finally something to feel hopeful and happy about!

Stop the music. Hillary’s solid lead in major polls along with lack of enthusiasm kept enough people not bothering to swing off their couches and out to the polls that she lost. Same two factors this time.

Is anti-Trump excitement going to make those sedentary sorts actually do the voting fox-trot? We’ll see.

Heat Beat

It’s too hot to walk around. Impossible with a mask on. So. Beat the heat and stay in the a/c. Tune into tonight’s Obama-Biden fundraiser show. But. You’ll have to donate to watch them sitting in separate spaces with bad audio. Haven’t we had enough basement and living room Zooms?

Or. Watch Dirty John. Amanda Peet and Christian Slater are genius crazy. Totally team Betty. Or. Beecham House on Masterpiece. Lavish soapy stilted romance novel set in India 1795. Or. HBO’s Perry Mason. Don’t expect the Raymond Burr version. Matthew Rhys a rumpled PI Perry before he becomes a lawyer in a noir and gritty 1930’s Los Angeles. Think more Chinatown. As always Lithgow steals the show.

TNN Triggered

Triggered. Don, Jr.’s online talk show. Trump family’s answer to Rupert Murdoch? Definitely the prototype for a future cable network. TNN. Holding Company The Sorcerer’s Apprentices Media Group. Run by Don, Jr., & his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle.

As I’ve said. TNN will be staffed with Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Mike & Sarah Huckabee et al. Why do you think Trump has been bashing FoxNews lately?   They will be his future competition.

The Amy Effect

Amy Klobuchar created several effects with her one statement. She is taking herself out of contention for Biden’s Vice President pick because she thinks Joe should pick a woman of color.

  1. She can’t be told she wasn’t his pick, since she took herself out of the running.
  2. She took rival Elizabeth Warren out of the running.
  3. She boxed Joe into picking a Black woman.
  4. The Black woman will now be seen as an affirmative action choice instead of the best person for the job.
  5. The Black woman will raise the identity politics flag for Repubs.

Well done, Amy.

Veep Auditions

Biden’s latest potential Vice Presidential picks have been auditioning on various television shows. In the current environment many believe he has to choose a Black woman.

Stacey Abrams has a book out, so she’s been on many networks. She is also working to alleviate voter suppression nationally and is intelligent and quick.

Val Demings, current Florida Congresswoman and former police chief, had a very successful interrogation by the shrews on The View. She was confident, smart and seemed sincere and authentic.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta, is in the headlines over police murder of Rayshard Brooks. Her decisive action to fire him and his partner may have stemmed further violent protests. She is pragmatic and also impressive.

Still think Susan Rice fits the bill best to be President right away. Kamala Harris is too canned and phony. She doesn’t go with Joe.


Finally my brand of crazy is trending. FoMo was fear of missing out. Coveting curated gatherings and not being included. Never had FoMo.

In the time of Corona, it’s more typical to have FoGo. Fear of going out. Always my default, now there’s a good excuse. Lots of kindred friends.

Masks are claustrophobic, but being near non-mask wearers even scarier. It’s not necessarily a good thing. But. It’s a bit of a relief not to feel guilty about staying put. Still wish it were a choice.

Tagging Lines

Semantics matter. Defund the Police does not mean Reform the Police.  Once you have to explain you’ve lost the cause.

Black Lives Matter elicited backlash from some who took issue that all lives should matter. It took a long time, but now has become the accepted slogan of racial injustice by law enforcement. CHAZ has been dumped and replaced  in Seattle for some stupid reason.

Make America Great Again. MAGA is immediately recognized as the Trump supporters’ brand. Whereas Hillary’s was I’m With Her. What?

A new ad attacking Biden has the tag So Wrong for So Long. Don’t have to explain it, so it sticks. Does Biden even have a bumper sticker?

C’mon Dems. Tag lines work. Get better at it!