City in Late September

Crisp and chilly air as NYC seems a bit more bustling. School buses and car horns. Better than masked silence. For now.

Golf is officially gone as a fan sport. No one will tune in to see Bryson deChambeau take thirty practice swings before his drive. Then. Check his book twenty times on each shot after he admonishes his caddie for choosing the wrong club. And. Finally line up and mark his putt a minimum of ten times before he hits it.  How can anyone stand to play with him? Nevermind watch?   So. Rant done.

Emmy’s got it mostly right. Kimmel kicked it off and kept it fresh. Schitt’s Creek and Succession best two shows on TV last year. And they won big.

Fork’d for Now

Final forking around for this summer.

Yacht in Greenport harbor

North Ferry to Shelter Island


Sag Harbor in September looked like July


Last lobster stop before we hit the road back to NYC

Swan Song

All good things must come to an end. Summer 2020 Forking Around a godsend. Middle Pond cygnets paid a last visit with their Mama Pen. Won’t see these kids again.


Hopefully we will see a new crop next year. Right, Mrs. Swan?

West Coast Smoke

Hazy sky shrouding clouds. Sun looking more like a gauzy orb. West Coast wildfire smoke has ridden the Jet Stream to the South Fork.

Summer Reading Recap

Stress relieved by reading mostly light non-literary beach books in a serene waterfront setting. So fortunate to be able to escape.

Best to least:

The Glass Hotel,  St. John Mandel
Notes On a Silencing,  Crawford
This Tender Land,  Kent Krueger
Redhead by the Side of the Road,  Tyler
The Guest List,  Foley
The Turn of the Key,  Ware 
The Less Dead,   
28 Summers, 
The Summer House,  Patterson & du Bois
The Summer House,  McKinnon
The Big Summer,  Weiner
Death on the Beach,  Johannsen
All Adults Here,  Straub
You Are Not Alone,  Hendricks & Pekkanen
Home Before Dark,  Sager
Mexican Gothic,  Moreno-García

Reviews on Book-Treks

Charred Chops

Last barbecue of the summer. And. It was delish. mAdBen joined for a conflagration of lamb chops, skewered veggies and roasted potatoes.

Dr. Husband the awesome grill man. Eat your heart out Joey3Sticks.



Speaking of which. Miley Cyrus’ rendition of Maneater sizzles.

Beach Ball

On a warm muggy day at the beach. Watching football. Go TB! No. Not Tampa Bay. Nor Tom Brady. Teddy Bridgewater. Go Panthers. Wouldn’t mind seeing Cam Newton prevail. Or. JG.

And. Hey. Next week the real U.S. Open from Winged Foot.

Just Play!

Professional Sports. Culture v. Business. Let’s face it. For the fans it’s all about kindred community. For the owners it’s about making money.

Either way. Preachy, pedantic, political announcers and demonstrations do little to enhance either. At least half of the audience will disagree with whatever the trendy topic of the day may be. Which also means losing lots of dough as ratings plummet.

So. Talk about the team & the game. And. Just play!

Retro Beach Trek

Had a hankering for calamari. Headed out East to The Lobster Roll aka Lunch on the Montauk Highway. 30 people on line for take-out. Outside seating closed on a rainy day. So. Continued to The Clam Bar in Napeague. No waiting. Ordered fried calamari plus fish & chips. Delish.

Took our lunch to an old haunt. Asparagus Beach in Amagansett. Dr. Husband was a regular back in the 1960’s-70’s when the beautiful young set socialized on the sand standing up. Thus the nickname.

It’s really Atlantic Avenue Beach, but no one ever called it that. Anyway. It was pretty empty. And. There are signs about staying at least six feet apart. Quite the ironic twist.