Good riddance to January. The worst of all months. Schitt’s Creek is back for a much needed belly laugh. Plus. Finally there’s plenty to talk about besides Trump…   Kamala. Lizzie. Kirsten. Sherrod. Buttigieg. And now Cory. Spartacus the cliché king. Can’t wait for that first debate.

And the Super Bowl. Have to say though. Strange that so many liberal people I know love Trump’s team. Go Pats?

Politics Isn’t Beans Bag

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is scaring Democrats. Yay. Maybe they’ll stop drumming up delusional socialist schemes and formulate practical policies. So they can actually beat Trump. A moderate pragmatist is always my choice. Like Mike Bloomberg.

But. For the tax-dodging elitist media couple Mika & Joe to confront Schultz about the cost of Cheerios is rich. A guy who grew up in the projects of Brooklyn and achieved the American dream. Warren & AOC castigating him for being a billionaire. Really? Get a grip.

Like Water for Roma

Roma should have been called Agua. Rain water. Hose water. Drain water. Water dripping from laundry. From awnings. Standing water. Muddy water. Swamp water. Tea water. Sea water. Water breaking. Okay. We get it. Water is the metaphor. For what? Life? Men running through women’s lives and leaving them alone?

The movie did achieve an intimate portrayal. Exquisite filmmaking. Beautiful period art piece. It will probably earn an Oscar for Cuarón.

Air Space

Nancy held her ground. And the FAA made the day. Air traffic controllers the tipping point. Shut show is over. For now. Pelosi wins this round.

A Pablo Neruda stanza shared today evokes the vast air of loss.

Es una casa tan grande la ausencia
que pasarás en ella a través de los muros
y colgarás los cuadros en el aire

Absence is a house so vast that you will pass through it and its walls and hang paintings in the air       – my translation


No air space. Now it’s global.



Chilly Tilt

A tilt in the winter air. Lunar eclipse could be seen by West Siders on a clear night. Yet. Nothing seems right.

Super Bowl teams decided by a bad call and a coin toss. HBO’s excellent Brexit with Benedict Cumberbatch sheds chilling light on what happened both there and here in 2016. The Mercer’s and Cambridge Analytica are responsible for it all. Steve Bannon, too. A must see.

True Detective music.    Season three.