Schwab PGA Tournament storyline coincidentally apt. Harold Varner III in contention. One of few ever Black golfers to win or even play. Without galleries, it’s up to Nick Faldo to give us some good gossip. Like Bryson deChambeau drinking crazy amounts of protein shakes. Thus, the gut. Hasn’t improved his annoying slow rudeness.

Knives Out. Don’t see many movies. But. This got major nominations and awards? For ensemble. Okay, good cast, mostly bad acting. Daniel Craig’s accent was distractingly awful. Original Screenplay. Really? Pretty flimsy. Campy at best. Must have been a bad year for film.

Out of the Bunker

Bob Dylan has emerged Rough & Rowdy. Kinda. Eclectic as always. Live golf is back with the Schwab tournament. But without galleries.

Occupy Seattle, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), resurrected from Occupy Wall Street ten years ago. Will Occupy West Side be next?

Trump rallies again starting in Tulsa. With waivers against Covfefe lawsuits. Biden is doing television inteviews. Softballs and heavy edits. Seems Kamala Harris is the pick for attack dog and darling of donors. So. Hope not.

First Mate for 2020

Susan Rice fits the bill for Biden’s VP running mate. She’s not perfect. But. She does have stellar academic and experiential gravitas. Stanford. Rhodes Scholar. NSA Chief. UN Ambassador. Her bona fides and personality complement Biden’s. Although neither is exciting, they seem compatible. A calming duo for these tumultuous times.

Some will say Rice is not Black enough, with her Jamaican heritage and White husband. Yet. She’s more appealing than Kamala Harris who has a similar pedigree. A clear insider, Rice was born & bred in Washington, D.C. That may be okay for 2020. To have an establishment team as a rudder to navigate the coming rough seas.

Most importantly. She’s the best person to take the helm. If necessary.

Parts Unknown

Traveling through current parts unknown, it is fitting that we remember Anthony Bourdain today. Lamenting the loss of this visionary poet, raconteur, chef as we pass by shuttered bistros and shattered dreams.

Nostalgic for Tony’s New York of debauchery and mystery. What would he do to resurrect the City and its dining scene.

Center Coalition

It’s on. Biden is unwittingly amassing a coalition of centrists. Republican moderates. Bill Kristol. Colin Powell. George Will. Condi Rice. W?

Globalists, Generals. The illuminati has had enough. They are going to back Biden and grab the reins from the Orange Man. Re-join the New World Order. Is that good? We’ll see. But. A coup is definitely on.

Viva Al Fresco

Yay. Al Fresco lives.

Bloomberg News   is reporting that many New York City curbside lanes will be converted for pedestrians so restaurant tables can take over sidewalks and even into part of some streets for social distanced dining in the fresh air. Normal permitting bureaucracy will not be necessary. City Council approved the plan to start in July.

Oxbow Tavern.  Now you can stay!  Please.

Fickle Focus

So. Last week Coronavirus data blinking on every cable news screen. Scoreboard of cases and dead like a countdown clock. Non-stop coverage of crowds in parks not social distancing, shaming officials not wearing masks. Outrage. Disgust. Reporters reprimanding workers who wanted to open businesses to feed their families.

This week. Crowds crammed together in protest, screaming and spewing anger and despair. Many wearing masks. Many not. They sure aren’t gathering in groups of less than ten. Oh. And SoHo looting has left that neighborhood decimated. No stories about that.

Tuesday. Primary elections in swing States. Not one channel talked about them. How quickly the media’s faux concern and focus shifts.

btw It’s systemic racism. Not systematic. Pundits.

Longing for Saffron


Christo is now gone as are his 2005 Saffron Gates in Central Park. Happier times. No Covid hospital tents then or Park cops enforcing social distancing, or putting up barricades to keep out marauding protestors.

Half Mask

The country is in crisis. Peaceful protesters. As well as infiltrating inciters in cities large and small. Car fires as selfie shots. Mobs in close contact. Most with masks below their noses. Many under their chins. The pandemic has become background noise. Who could have ever thought.

Businesses like the Apple Store on the UWS already abandoned because of Covid are now boarded up. A rock thrown through Starbucks window on 81st & Columbus. And. Yes. On a beautiful Sunday, most families came to town to enjoy Central Park. Masks? About half.

Meanwhile, today. Joe Biden is addressing a church group in Delaware with his mask half-covering his mouth and you can’t understand a word he is saying. Where are his people?