Last Laugh

Jokes galore at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner. Seth Meyers & Barack piled on the Donald. Belittled him mercilessly. Not that he didn’t deserve it. But, he really didn’t like it. So much so that it was the catalyst for his running for President. Last night no one showed up at the White House Correspondents dinner while 10,000 rallied around him in Harrisburg, Pa. As President of the United States. Who’s laughing now?

Global Pragmatism

Trump Doctrine? Global Pragmatism. Make deals. With Russia to help combat terrorism in return for a softer ouster of the House of Assad. Also allowing Putin to push boundaries in his own backyard. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson leverages Exxon-Mobil relationships to get key players around the table. Was strident Syria stand-off a ploy to divert attention from potential election collusion? To pave the way for a nouveau détente. Probably. And with China. Financial and trade deals in exchange for help with Syria and North Korea.

Of course. Trump could derail his own doctrine in a minute. In reaction to a perceived slight. With an errant press conference remark. Or a tweet.

War Drums

When John McCain and Lindsey Graham are holding hands and skipping around the Senate floor, you know we are in for war. Joint Chiefs meet. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Iran? No. Syria. North Korea. Okay. Maybe Iran. Too. Nikki Haley was adamant at the U.N. Even milquetoast Secretary of State Tillerson seemed to growl. What ever happened to that Nationalist Trump candidate? There are drum beats emanating from Mar-a-Loco. Oh. No.

Weekend Off

Trump does not take the weekend off. So buck up. Congress. Media. Saturday night protesters overtake airports as a poorly executed presidential order brought chaos to incoming immigrants. Where was the live coverage. CNN and Fox had taped pieces. MSNBC’s D-List anchors were giving false hope to fearful people as a result of incompetent information to local reporters. House and Senate were out of touch. They were golfing and such when they could have convened to right the serious wrong wrought by Bannon & Co. It’s a new world. Weekends off wreak havoc when Trump is always on.

Good News Bad News

Good News. Trump is emphasizing economic growth and jobs across racial and gender lines. Bad News. He’s still obsessed with conspiracy fraud in the election results and crowd size. TTSD continues.

Good News. Left-wing activist groups will raise bizillions of dollars railing against Trump’s agenda and social policies. Bad News. Identity politics won’t win general elections.

Good News. My picks made it to the Super Bowl. Bad News. Pats may win. Again.

Good News. Tiger returns to Torrey Pines. Bad News. If he doesn’t make the cut it’ll suck.

Inauguration Report Card

Trump’s Speech. F
Entertainment talent. D-
Lincoln Memorial Anthem. This Heart of Stone. What?!
Graciousness. F
Crowds. C-
Hillary’s Magnanimity. A
Press. In denial. D
Melania fashion. Suit. Gown. A+
Kellyanne Conway taste. Sargeant Pepper. Off the shoulder. D
Ivanka though cool can’t hold a candle to Melania. B+
Weather. Only rained on Trump’s speech. B

Danger Field

Rodney Dangerfield. The comedian famous for lamenting “I don’t get no respect”.  This may be the constant rant we hear over the next four years. As our new Petulant Adolescent President continues his knee-jerk – emphasis on jerk – reactions to each perceived disrespect. With Theresa May sounding similar in the UK it could be a dangerous world. Cue TTSD.

On the football field. Will I. Am v. Peeper Creeper. The 2 Rodgers v. the Ryan-Shanahan Fighting Irish. Okay. I say. SuperBowl. Atlanta v. Pats. Atlanta wins.