Folly Age

Nothing is as it seems. What’s wrong with this photo? It shows bright Fall Foliage. Not this year. Cars parked along Central Park West. Not this year. It’s now a bike lane. I’m outside. Not this year. The bleachers for the Macy’s Parade. Not this year. No bleachers. No parade.

Trick or Treating. Not this year. Skippy Hallow. For real. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But. Not for this reason. Thanksgiving travel. Not this year. Discouraged today by Mayor De Blasio with Fauci et al.

Faulty election pollsters. Not this year. They are probably right. Right?

So Long Petulant Prez?

September 30, 2015. This blog first lamented the potential of a Petulant Adolescent President. Donald J. Trump. If you listen to the polls and pundits. That reign will end January 20, 2021. Bill Maher still believes they’ll have to carry him out kicking and screaming.

Biden rarely left his home state or his house for the entire campaign. Yet. Not being Trump is all it seems to take. Who will really run the country now? Kamala? Jill? Michelle? We’ll see. I think.

End Games

Grading the debate.

Kristen Welker A+
Joe Biden D-
Donald Trump C+

Trump gets points for kind of behaving. He didn’t bring a Hunter poster, but he did bring Bobulinski. Nobody wanted to comment on Biden’s clear senility. Welker was a model moderator.

Now that the last debate is done. What’s left? Still plenty of time for hijinks. Every day seems like a year. If Biden does win, it will be a “dark winter” for the media. What in the hell will they talk about?

Donald’s Last Stand?

Petulant Adolescent President v. Hiden Biden. The final debate in the 2020 Presidential election.

Will Donald shout over the mute button? Complain about Kristen Welker, the moderator’s sanguinity? Bring along props such as life-sized cardboard posters of Hunter & Hillary? Invite Gary Busey and Kanye West to sit in the front row? Superimpose the nodding lady behind his head? Dance to YMCA?

Joe just has to show up and stay awake-ish. And. He wins.

Parallel Universes

Dueling Town Halls. Trump. NBC. Biden. ABC.

Savannah Guthrie was blatantly biased and inept. And. It was not a Town Hall. And. On what planet does a professional media person wear a hot pink jumpsuit with clunky black heels. And. Trump ran roughshod over her attempts to wrangle the mike from antithetical questioners.

George Stephanopoulos ran a Town Hall. He dressed appropriately and pushed back and followed up. Biden insulted young Black voters with his anachronistic platitudes and incoherent mumbles. Joe was Joe at his best at the end of the show when he spoke from the heart.

Two cosmos. No one under 65 watched anyway. So.

October !

Don & Melania have tested positive. Must be October. Surprised? No.

Unnamed persons in the immediate vicinity are having a hard time suppressing their gloat. Joe & Mika are struggling to feign concern. As are most media. Karma’s a bitch oozing out of their ears.

All bets are off.

Bye Bye Biden

Imagine folksy old Joe delivering a stem-winder speech like Trump did at the State of the Union last night. Criminal Justice. Jobs. It was an over the top Oprah-esque reality TV show. You get a scholarship. You get medals. You get a reunion with your military dad.

Pelosi didn’t help matters. She seemed even more petty than our Petulant Adolescent President. Tearing up his speech and such. Plus. The Iowa fiasco showed Biden’s electability to be a myth. So. Bye bye Joe.

Who won the Iowa fiasco?   NYTimes Pick.

Dee Breef

Okay. So. Pats were topped by Titans. Too bad. Ish. Brady on the loose as Kraft takes a back seat to Weinstein.

Trump’s clumsy wag-the-dog Iran strike has changed the subject. The Chaos Doctrine. Mandates a fresh look at the Dem candidates. Who can best take back the reins as a global leader?

Most of Golden Globe winners. Never saw the movies. Nor shows. However. Brad Pitt is more gorgeous than ever. Classy stands out. Some orbs. Others not. Ricky Gervais anti-elite shouts. Well done.

Schitt’s tonite. And. How will Ray Donovan get out of this one?


Opinion columns widely lament the dilution of impeachment. As with all things Trump. Bad behavior has become the norm. By him and as the IG Report showed many others in government. So if everything is bad. Nothing is bad.

Two old white guys steadily lead the Democrat pack. Biden and Bernie. Frank Bruni wonders if Mayor Pete is too young. Mike Bloomberg is too rich. Elizabeth & Amy too female. So. Then. Who?

On the fun side. The Presidents Cup. Golf in Australia on TV last night. U.S. vs. Non-European International players. Despite a certain son saying I’m the only person lame enough to have watched it, seeing Captain Tiger play well was great. So there.

Clueless v. Schiffless

A Petulant Adolescent President who has no clue what is right or wrong. A House Intel Committee Chair who is his own parody. Whew. At least there is one adult in the room. Speaker Pelosi. She rules with an iron gavel and a sound strategic view of the situation.

Then over at The View. Hillary continues to whine as she finds every reason not to take responsibility for her own money-grubbing lazy campaign mistakes. As Chelsea seems to blindly support that delusion.

And. Poor Bernie makes age now a real factor. That would seem to accrue to the youngest of the septuagenarians. Yes. Elizabeth Warren.