Danger Field

Rodney Dangerfield. The comedian famous for lamenting “I don’t get no respect”.  This may be the constant rant we hear over the next four years. As our new Petulant Adolescent President continues his knee-jerk – emphasis on jerk – reactions to each perceived disrespect. With Theresa May sounding similar in the UK it could be a dangerous world. Cue TTSD.

On the football field. Will I. Am v. Peeper Creeper. The 2 Rodgers v. the Ryan-Shanahan Fighting Irish. Okay. I say. SuperBowl. Atlanta v. Pats. Atlanta wins.

Mar-a-Loco Diplomacy

Waking up to Mika & Joe in pajamas is unnerving enough. Creepy Christmas tidings. Then Sean Spicer, newly named Press Secretary, tries to calm everybody down saying that Trump just wants to modernize our nuclear capability. But. No. Mika in her jammies tells us she spoke to the Donald and he is fine with an arms race with Russia or whoever. There’s a new sheriff in town. John Wayne and his wild west shoot from the hip foreign policy is born.

For all of you pundits looking for a Trump Doctrine. Take refuge in the closest bunker for the next 4 years. It ain’t gonna happen. To top it all off. He golfed today with Tiger. Mar-a-Loco. Merry and Happy!!



Sold 20-year Western Massachusetts home
New apartment in The City
Side Trek . NYC



Petulant Adolescent President- elect
Lumping people into monolithic groups
Elite media bubble & bias
Election’s coarse discourse
TTSD –  Traumatic Trump Stress Disorder

Trump Sandwich

Okay. 40 minutes into the Veep debate. Kaine is just creepy. Moderator is beyond incompetent and biased. Pence seems sincere. Even if he is defending a petulant adolescent for President. So. Here’s something to cheer us up. West Side Rag’s photo of a creative restaurant in the ‘hood. Enjoy.



Unprecedented. Trump’s Campaign. Expectation that he’d pivot for the general election by media stalwarts and Republican establishment. Quashed. He never promised traditional political tactics. Trump continues to savor crowd adulation at his rallies. Watching himself on Fox. Retaliating with late night tweets. Party of Lincoln? Pffft. Party of Trump. He puts his label on everything. Why would a major party be any different? His behavior remains that of a petulant adolescent. Presidential? Never. Consistently UnPrecedential.


BREXIT. NEXIT. Brits are preparing to vote on secession from the EU on June 23rd. Could the Netherlands be next? A whole domino effect may ensue. As migrants return over the summer, countries will hunker down into their respective cultures. Fear will return “Yerp” toward its original borders. Meanwhile, a petulant adolescent who may become President is stoking nationalism back in the U.S.A. Take stock of your 401k!

Petulant Adolescent Presidents

Great NY Times Magazine piece on El Trumpo. Mark Leibovich accompanied Donald on his private jet to various campaign venues. He confirms that between gigs Donald watches himself on every channel and tweets after dark like a frenzied teen. Nevertheless, he entertains crowds and disrupts old political ways.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Vlad swaggers through his gold-gilded doors with similar narcissism and bombast. He will fight ISIS in Syria. So, let him. As Donald says, why not? Do we want to send our kids there to fight? Let Putin do it.