Mar-a-Loco Diplomacy

Waking up to Mika & Joe in pajamas is unnerving enough. Creepy Christmas tidings. Then Sean Spicer, newly named Press Secretary, tries to calm everybody down saying that Trump just wants to modernize our nuclear capability. But. No. Mika in her jammies tells us she spoke to the Donald and he is fine with an arms race with Russia or whoever. There’s a new sheriff in town. John Wayne and his wild west shoot from the hip foreign policy is born.

For all of you pundits looking for a Trump Doctrine. Take refuge in the closest bunker for the next 4 years. It ain’t gonna happen. To top it all off. He golfed today with Tiger. Mar-a-Loco. Merry and Happy!!

2 Replies to “Mar-a-Loco Diplomacy”

  1. Agree in them in their pj’s

    Wonder why Mika’s father only wants her around for a day or two?

    Hope you have a good holiday

    Taking the kids to the boathouse in CP for lunch today



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