Sports Squall

An ugly tornado hit the women’s U.S. Open final. Men and women should be equally penalized for bad behavior. But. Berating officials is not tolerated in any other sport. Red cards, ejections. Why is it allowed at all in tennis? That said. Serena could have been more gracious to Naomi Osaka who played better. Williams should have taken her rant off the court.

Injuries continue to rain on the NFL and its ratings. More new QB’s. Who are they? Tiger had an early storm surge, but Keegan eeked out a win over Rosie at the BMW on a blustery Monday. Finau the right Ryder Cup team pick.

Trolling Truth

Pope Francis finally addressed the Catholic Church’s truth in a letter to his global flock. Admitting that there was institutional abandonment of its vulnerable children. Too little too late for decades of victims. But. A good start. Still. How many priests are in jail for committing obvious sexual predator crimes?

WSJ’s great sports columnist, Jason Gay poses a question. If you owned an NFL team today would you sell it or hold on to the investment? Given injuries, political controversies, player misconduct, lagging attendance, tv ratings. What would you do?

Melania Trump sporting a pussy bow as she headlines a cyber bullying conference. First First Lady Troller-in-Chief.

France v. The Vitches

Rakatich to Kovasich to Brozovich to Modrich to Mandukich. Score! Eat a sandavitch while you watch the Sunday Finalavitch. Croatia is a scrappy team with lots of heartavitch. France is a polished corps of stars. What say the Witch? Maybe The Frogs will get Croaked.

World Cup Final 2018. Either way. It has been fun!

All EU Final

World Cup Semi-Finals. All EU-members. France. Belgium. England. Croatia. Jingoistic fans reflect the return to nationalism in Euroland. France’s team of individual stars has come together as a cohesive force and looks to be the strongest of the four. Only victory was 1998.

The last time England took home the Cup was also the last time the world watched on black-and-white TV’s. They beat West Germany. Yes. Still a Wall. And. A Soviet Union.

It was 1966. I was staying with a friend of my uncle’s in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire when the earth shook. I looked at Hazel as her black great dane Pip jumped.  What’s that?  She laughed and said England must have won!  Won what?  Wembley Stadium’s roars could be felt far and wide. Then hell broke loose. Pandemonium spilled out to London and every country lane. That day into the next. There was crazy serious joy in all the land.

World Cup Conversion

Spent these past hot humid days having football fun. Despite the histrionics and bad acting. Still don’t get how the refs arbitrarily tack on extra minutes and then blow the whistle at some random point after that. How they let players saunter off the field hugging everyone while the clock ticks and substitute waits on the sidelines. Or jump into the stands in the middle of the game. But. Hey. When a goal is rarely kicked, it’s exciting. And. The shootouts are even better. Plus the guys are still cute. If soccer is the choice over General Hospital, it’s gotta be good.

Will Trump take Barron to the finals when he meets up with Putin next week?!

World Cup UnPacked

World Cup in Russia. For a month. Groups A-H. Mexico is leading F. How are groups formed? Standings show many teams tied at the moment. Games. Lots of running. Ronaldo of Portugal and Lukaku of Belgium scored the current tournament high of 4 goals each. Yeah. Not many balls go into the net. At the end of two 45-minute halves, the referees tack on more minutes. Sometimes 3. Sometimes 7. Who knows? Then they still keep playing until the whistle blows. Why? Refs can rig the outcome. FIFA anyone?

Anyway. Most of the guys are gorgeous. So.

NBA Today

Celtics fan back in the day. Road trips with Dad to Boston in the old Garden. Russell, Cousy, K.C. & Sam Jones tore up the parkay. Finesse, passing, team play. Red Auerbach lit up his cee-gar when the game was in the bag. Those were the days.

Today’s NBA an individual game. Shoot and score. More of an entertainment enterprise, not a sport. Neighbor Rich Kleiman reps Kevin Durant and Roc Nation Sports with Jay-Z.

As you heard it here first. Dennis Rodman, of the NBA and Celebrity Apprentice will be at the upcoming Singapore Summit with his pals Donny T and Kimmy Jong. Cannot make it up.