Welcome to the IRL

Injured Reserve List (IRL) has replaced the NFL. Washington Redskins’ QB Alex Smith. Another on the long bench of fractured players. Fox Sunday’s Jay Glazer devotes an entire segment to the gory banged-up details of who can’t start each week. It’s longer than Rob Riggle’s comedic picks.

Condoleezza Rice is up to coach the Cleveland Browns. She should be Commish. For a new equation. Less Mass X Speed = Fewer Broken Bodies.

Something’s gotta give. Besides ligaments and bones.

Beaming Beantown

Not a Red Sox fan. But. Price was persistent. Despite his obvious nervousness. He pitched his heart out. Pearce got the big hits and the MVP title. Cora set the tone. The BoSox won’t be back to play in Fenway. They will go home to Beantown as 2018 World Series Champions. And. Anything that brings so much joy to so many in the family is a very good thing.

Pats play at Buffalo tonight. Too much winning in the Hub!!

Late Night Relief

As Red Sox and Dodgers managers deplete their bullpens, World Series games go late into the night. Made it through 12 innings of Game 3. Almost 1am. It took 18. Game 4 tuned in during the 7th inning stretch. Looked like an easy win for Los Angeles with a 4 – 0 lead. No way! Bad pitching decisions gave Boston an opening. And they took it.

Nonetheless. Nocturnal relief from the hatred and horrors of the past days.

Cold Pitch

Baseball in New England. Late October. Cold. Shivering fans. Stiff pitchers. Layered players. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. David Price threw enough good ones to warm up his BoSox. With the help of balletic catches and spidey relief. Los Angeles will afford some heat. If not talent. Boston looking like easy Champs. Probably won’t make it back to the Green Monster.

Anyway. Games are a good long respite from mid-term mud-slinging and would be mail bombs.

Monday Medley

Sports. World Series. First time Boston and (former) Brooklyn Dodgers meet since 1916, when they were called the Robins and Babe Ruth pitched for the BoSox.

Books. Read 2. Both had cats but liked them anyway. French Exit by Patrick deWitt. Amusant. Author of The Sisters Brothers. Red River by Amy Lloyd. Capote-worthy psycho character.

Television. Well Amazon. 2 more Romanoffs. Very different. Loved each. Modern marriage gone bad. Sweet revenge. And. Christina Hendricks with Isabelle Huppert. Diabolique.

Politics. Liberal cable viewers. On a good day 2 million. Trump Twitter followers 53 million. Oops.

New on the Scene

Inès Melab and an excellent cast in The Romanoff’s first episode, The Violet Hour. With Marthe Keller and Aaron Eckhart an unexpectedly sweet fairy tale. From Mad Men’s Matt Weiner.

Showtime. Patrick Mahomes. Baby-faced phenom Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback. Almost pulled off a win against the Patriots in Foxboro. Brady, Gronk, Hightower all gave respect.

Meghan & Harry expecting in the Spring.

Sports Squall

An ugly tornado hit the women’s U.S. Open final. Men and women should be equally penalized for bad behavior. But. Berating officials is not tolerated in any other sport. Red cards, ejections. Why is it allowed at all in tennis? That said. Serena could have been more gracious to Naomi Osaka who played better. Williams should have taken her rant off the court.

Injuries continue to rain on the NFL and its ratings. More new QB’s. Who are they? Tiger had an early storm surge, but Keegan eeked out a win over Rosie at the BMW on a blustery Monday. Finau the right Ryder Cup team pick.