And They’re Off

Breaking News. Seriously. Network television just broke into regular programming to announce the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby boy. Yup. That’s journalism today.

The Derby. Notice a familiar theme? 20-odd horses in the field. 20-odd Democrats running for President. How did/will that turn out?

As the troops descend on the Red Keep, arrows fly from the sea. Dany is now down two dragons on GOT. Cersei is up to her familiar evil tricks. Jaime a likely lynchpin. And. Arya and The Hound are together again. To take revenge and position Sansa for the throne?

The Hound’s brother could be the key.

Derby Picks 2019

May 5 Update: Jake coulda won. But. Maximum Security DQ’d. So. Nobody did. Country House not on any list. Closest. Code of Honor placed. mAd Ben had it to win. Tacitus showed. Dr. H had it to place. Another sloppy day and even messier race.

Hey. History was made. Margaritas all around. It’s Cinco de Mayo and Cersei tonight. See ya next year!

Vendredi Potpourri

CNN Democrat Town Halls
Pete Buttigieg     A –
Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders     B +
Kamala Harris     C
Amy Klobuchar      C –

Sleepy Joe Biden on The View.  Halting half thoughts and a string of clichés. Seemed a bit doddering. Meanwhile. Trump will be at a rally in Wisconsin during the White House Correspondents Dinner. Beto out.

Acid Test for any Democrat. Can they fill an arena? How will they look on the debate stage next to Trump?

NFL Draft bumps Jeopardy James. Boo.

Jodie Comer as Villanelle more brilliant on Killing Eve than Sandra Oh. Like NoHo Hank on Barry. They steal the show.

Kristoff St. John’s fitting sendoff. Shemar Moore shining in a brilliantly delivered eulogy. Written for soap brother Neil Winters. Don’t ask.


Trump Abruptly Resigns!

TTSD is over! No more Trump! Sorry. April Fool’s.

What is true is that Mayor Pete raised over $7m in the first quarter. You’re welcome. And. Michigan State really did beat Duke. I Am Not Charlotte Simmons. And. Texas Tech also made it to the Final Four. And. It’s a bright sunny Spring day. So Yay.

Elite & Pete

Mayor Pete on with Bill Maher who threw some blocks. Booda parried pretty well, but it was the first time he was tested. Lazy pundits giggle as they say it’s too hard to pronounce his name. Isn’t that their job? Anyway. He will have to figure out a nickname of sorts it seems.

Hey Joe. Biden. Just say no!

Meanwhile. The Elite Eight. Great games with the exception of North Carolina. They were sloppy, frenzied and poorly coached. Joey3 has 3. Me 2. mAdBen 1. Go Texas Tech & Michigan State!

Pink ‘n Roll

So Tennessee is out. Purdue a better team. But. What is with the yellow culottes with pink shoes on the Michigan squad. Silver tights, too. Red ones with matching shorts on Texas Tech. I thought Jane Fonda workout headbands were dead in the ’90’s. Do these guys look in the mirror? The tatts are just scary. Other than that. They can pass.

1 for 2. UNC & Michigan State next. Bye Bye perfect Bracket. Warren Buffett wins again. And. Chuck Emojis are the only ones I like.

Bracket Madness

The NYPost’s Mueller Madness is hilarious. With overreaching pundits and entertainers competing for fomenting the most Russia collusion hysteria. Rachel Maddow solidly beats Stephen Colbert in the Finals.

In that other bracket. My final four are still in the Sweet Sixteen. Michigan State. Texas Tech. Tennessee. UNC. As are Joey3Sticks’ Duke. Michigan. Virginia. Kentucky. And mAdBen’s. Duke. Michigan. Tennessee. Houston. Although. Duke barely eeked it out.