So Long Petulant Prez?

September 30, 2015. This blog first lamented the potential of a Petulant Adolescent President. Donald J. Trump. If you listen to the polls and pundits. That reign will end January 20, 2021. Bill Maher still believes they’ll have to carry him out kicking and screaming.

Biden rarely left his home state or his house for the entire campaign. Yet. Not being Trump is all it seems to take. Who will really run the country now? Kamala? Jill? Michelle? We’ll see. I think.

End Games

Grading the debate.

Kristen Welker A+
Joe Biden D-
Donald Trump C+

Trump gets points for kind of behaving. He didn’t bring a Hunter poster, but he did bring Bobulinski. Nobody wanted to comment on Biden’s clear senility. Welker was a model moderator.

Now that the last debate is done. What’s left? Still plenty of time for hijinks. Every day seems like a year. If Biden does win, it will be a “dark winter” for the media. What in the hell will they talk about?

Donald’s Last Stand?

Petulant Adolescent President v. Hiden Biden. The final debate in the 2020 Presidential election.

Will Donald shout over the mute button? Complain about Kristen Welker, the moderator’s sanguinity? Bring along props such as life-sized cardboard posters of Hunter & Hillary? Invite Gary Busey and Kanye West to sit in the front row? Superimpose the nodding lady behind his head? Dance to YMCA?

Joe just has to show up and stay awake-ish. And. He wins.

Biden in a Box

Biden’s boxed in his basement as he dithers with his Veep pick. Literally. Meanwhile, outside forces are further containing his prospects.

Wily Willie Brown, Kamala Harris’ long ago boyfriend has put himself in the spotlight by saying Harris should politely refuse Biden if he asks her to run with him. Thus. Reminding everyone of Kamala’s sketchy background in California politics.

Bret Stephens, NYTimes conservative columnist, today writes a scathing view of Susan Rice’s diplomatic history. Especially in Africa.

And. Male Black leaders say that Biden must pick an African-American woman. That and the definition of African-American will further narrow Biden’s array of suitable candidates.

No matter whom he chooses now will be second-guessed. Whatta mess.