Biden in a Box

Biden’s boxed in his basement as he dithers with his Veep pick. Literally. Meanwhile, outside forces are further containing his prospects.

Wily Willie Brown, Kamala Harris’ long ago boyfriend has put himself in the spotlight by saying Harris should politely refuse Biden if he asks her to run with him. Thus. Reminding everyone of Kamala’s sketchy background in California politics.

Bret Stephens, NYTimes conservative columnist, today writes a scathing view of Susan Rice’s diplomatic history. Especially in Africa.

And. Male Black leaders say that Biden must pick an African-American woman. That and the definition of African-American will further narrow Biden’s array of suitable candidates.

No matter whom he chooses now will be second-guessed. Whatta mess.

3 Replies to “Biden in a Box”

  1. There was a time when I thought this VP pick would be the most important in our country’s history, but after reading many articles about how meaningful the VP pick has been in the past, I’ve changed my thoughts. He could select the crab grass growing in our back yard and it wouldn’t make a difference. This election is going to be the clusterfuck that everyone is expecting and a meaningless VP pick will have absolutely no bearing on the result.


    1. It is important this time because Biden is such a weak candidate and will possibly not finish his term. But. Even if you are right and crab grass grows in the clusterfuck, I’m bored so need something to speculate about…


  2. Dana Perino just asked Biden’s campaign chair Garcetti if she should walk her dog Jasper in the next couple of hours. Garcetti said only if it’s right outside. So. Sounds like she got the scoop. It’ll be soon today.


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