New Views

No daytime show in NYC goes uninterrupted any day. Whether soaps or the View. DeBlasio, Cuomo, Murphy of New Jersey. Yeah. I know. But. Still. Need our distractions. Cannot tolerate covfefe 24/7.

Bernie out. Kamala Harris rising. She’s on all the networks lecturing in her D.A. way. So. I guess she’s the current front-runner for Biden’s Veep. Too bad.

Masked people walking/running, kids scootering  in the middle of our traffic-less street. More birds chirping. People greeting each other from a distance. Some things are good. Market’s above 23,000.

Tiger King not so much. Seedy people with depressing lifestyles. Ozark getting good reviews. Will give it a try.

First time we’re using the freezer for more than ice and ice cream.

Dueling Cabinets

I still say Andrew should replace Joe as Dem nominee.

Anyway. In today’s NYT Tom Friedman has his own take for a Biden cabinet vs. my own from March 20. I think Tom’s had more time to consider so his is better. Not sure about vitally important VP:

VP- Gov. Whitmer, Donna Shalala or Gov. Raimondo
Treasury- Mike Bloomberg
HHS- Bill Gates
Emergency $$ Oversight- Elizabeth Warren
AG- Merrick Garland
Homeland Security- Andrew Cuomo
Secretary of State – Mitt Romney
Defense – Michèle Flournoy
Labor – Ro Khanna

Class vs. Crass

Queens Boys.

Andrew Cuomo, NY Gov, grew up in Queens. A street guy with a law degree. But. No Harvard he. Local NY education. Fordham. Albany. A strong presence welcome in these times. His daily pressers on Coronavirus pandemic must-see TV on all national networks. Calming yet assaulting the invisible enemy in the City & State.

Trump also grew up in Queens. A narcissistic bully who got a kick then head-start from daddy. Unlike Andrew’s poetic pol of a dad, Fred was a ruthless developer. Donald’s education at Wharton didn’t afford him a finishing school persona. The bulldozer caricature has never wavered.

Both from Queens. Class vs. Crass. Run Andrew Run!

St. Joe

Just in time for St. Joseph’s Day tomorrow. Joe Biden has cemented the Dem nom. Desperation to defeat Trump and the need for an avuncular hug during these scary times have elevated him to saintly status.

Will there be a convention? Will Bernie bro’s go for unity or keep up the fight? It all pales compared to more isolation and bad news.

However, the only thing Joey3Sticks and family are mourning is the loss of Tom Terrific from the Pats to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Oh the pain!

Joey3’s cat Brady is so upset he has taken to hitting the bottle and announced he’s moving to Tampa.  Buh  bye!

Retro Grade

Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders. Perfect candidates for the Senate. In 1980. They sure can debate the votes they made in those old-timey days. When they were wowed by Teddy Kennedy speech-a-fying on the floor.

In the meantime, we have a horrible global coronavirus health and economic crisis now. Restaurants, Mom & Pop shops outta bizness forever cuz of it. Visionaries for the future? Fergettaboutit.

Oh. Yeah. Joe did say he’s gonna get him “a woman” running mate. Hope with smell-worthy Prell hair.

Grumpo a Grumpo

Still having a debate tonight. It seems. Two grumpy really old white guys filling 2+ hours? I don’t think so. It’ll be something to watch with held breath. Will Joe reassure or scare the heck out of us? Will he know what day it is and where he is? Bernie already gave him the questions. Anyway. It’s the only thing on TV that hasn’t been suspended. Yet.

Speaking of cranky. Bought Bombshell. Charlize Theron was okay as Megyn Kelly, got her voice down. Lithgow as Roger Ailes good. Other acting  bad,  because of the terrible writing. Funny cameos. Paid $3.99 so had to stick it out ’til the end. At least it was on sale.

Biden His Time

So. It’s over. Biden will be the Dem nominee. My advice. Don’t debate. Why? Bernie’s got nothing to lose. He’s done. It won’t end well. No worries about filling arenas, either. Coronavirus excuse. No. Joe won’t have to do much. Which works in his favor.

Focus needs to be on the Vice Presidential pick who will likely take over sooner than later. Kamala? Amy? Stacey? Who works best with Jill?

Be careful what we wish for.