Warren vs. Warren

In dueling New York Times columns, Bret Stephens outlines how Trump is re-elected in 2020; David Leonhardt’s subsequent rebuttal details how Trump is defeated in 2020. Both choose Elizabeth Warren as the Presidential Candidate of the Democrats. Stephens has Sherrod Brown as her running mate and they lose. Leonhardt puts Eric Holder on the ticket with her and they win. If you ask me, the common denominator is a major flaw in both scenarios. Warren’s nomination would be a disaster for the Dems even if Trump imploded.

Bottom line. Trump abdicates to build a hotel in Tblisi. Pence becomes a nun. Warren still could not beat any Republican candidate in a 2020 run.

TTSD Alert!

Bret Stephens’ column in today’s NYTimes is written as if on the day after the 2020 re-election of Donald Trump. Brilliant and prophetic. Think Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker in 2018. Trump has a field day with that. Mueller’s investigation concludes with scandalous allegations of corruption and financial chicanery, but no crimes of obstruction or collusion. Economy still good. Then in 2020 the Dems run the scintillating ticket of Elizabeth Warren & Sherrod Brown.

Says it all. Four more years of TTSD.

Miller Times

Chug your favorite brew. All day. It’s Miller times. Elizabeth Warren graces the cover of New York magazine this morning with the headline, Front Runner?  Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie are in the heartland preaching free everything. Meanwhile, Tweeter-in-Chief is threatening war with Iran. And Michael Cohen is no Ray Donovan, breakfasting with Al Sharpton at the Regency.

Over in Torino, Italia, la famiglia Molinari, the Millers, are celebrating Francesco’s British Open win. A 35-year old’s solid steady showing. Navigated the gourses between the frat house boys and the geezers to hoist the coveted claret jug. Tiger came close. For a minute.

Rallies Rising

While all you Democrats have been bingeing on burgers and dogs. Swimming. Beaching. Banning Alan Dershowitz from Chilmark General Store. Trump’s been out and about. In Montana. Wisconsin. Indiana. Speaking to crowded arenas. His re-election campaign started a while ago. Those same people who lined up to vote for him are still packing stadiums.

I know. You’ve got a great strategy. Abolish ICE. Scream about the Supreme Court nominee. Even if a she. And what a fabulous list of potential new candidates for 2020! Hillary. Bernie. Joe. Lizzie. Don’t come crying to me when you need more medication for your TTSD.

Queens Rule

Ocasio-Cortez had a positive message. She did not focus on her gender or ethnicity nor did she dwell on hating Trump. But rather gave her attention to girls behind the bars and guys in the garbage trucks. Yup. That will win back working class votes. Well done. Even though. She’s an avowed Socialist. So. A blue county turns bluer. Doesn’t change the congressional landscape and moves the party further left. Works in Queens. Swing districts. Not so much.

Speaking of queens. Stephen Frears of The Queen directs the quirky cheeky A Very English Scandal on Amazon. Homosexuality in the Beatles-era. Based on the story of MP Jeremy Thorpe portrayed brilliantly by Hugh Grant. Excellent ensemble cast.

Bloomin’ Mike!

Michael Bloomberg reportedly putting the band back together for a 2020 run. NY Post today. Has he been reading my blog? Yes! Please run, Mike! A New York billionaire independent-minded businessman. He’s mulling joining the fray as a Democrat. Why not? He’s already investing $80 million to provide a counterbalance to the ineptitude of the Republicans in governing. Admittedly, it’d be hard to get a short Jewish almost-80-year-old elected. But. Biden and Bernie are pondering another plunge. So. Hey. He’s already gotten my vote. In 2016.

Drop the Mike, Mike!

This is why I wrote in Mike Bloomberg for President in 2016. Wouldn’t it have been refreshing to have this New York billionaire businessman in the White House? Country before party. Solving problems with intelligence, long term strategic vision, and heart. Loved him as Mayor. But. Americans are probably not ready to be so united and smart.

Mike is giving $80 million and here’s “Why He’s Supporting Democrats in 2018”