It Is Still 2020

Election is over. Nope. Every vote can still swing this one. Counting mail-ins for days. Court cases to come. Polls and the media have been consistently wrong. Broken Record Alert.

The only thing we can be sure of. So Far. Is that it is still definitely the crazy awful year. 2020.

Eventful Mix

Some things still happen this year. We celebrated Dr. Husband’s 72nd. Even though he cooked us a fabulous veal chop with vidalia onion fig sauce, french beans and garlic roasted potatoes dinner.

We did get him a Magnolia Bakery cake. And mAdBen had Tommy Chong personally wish him a Happy Birthday.


But. No Marathon last Sunday. Nor fireworks. Foil capes. Families running over West 74th toward CPW to congratulate.


We still get to vote today. Semi-normal.

Side Stories

Hacks on Tap Podcast. David Axelrod & Mike Murphy. A funny duo who got this couple through the election season. Last night they were talking about Jared Kushner. Murphy recalls a Rickles act.

– Don sees a young couple in the first row. Asks the guy his name. Larry Feinman. Ah, a nice Jewish boy, what do you do? I’m a businessman. Oh. What are you going to do when your father-in-law dies? –

Abbreviated World Series. Asterisk? Dodgers take it in 6. 6 in LA. 1 in Brooklyn. Any team with a player named Mookie had to win.

Lorraine Bracco from Goodfellas & The Sopranos bought a Sicilian dwelling for 1 Euro. New HGTV series- My Big Italian Adventure.

Folly Age

Nothing is as it seems. What’s wrong with this photo? It shows bright Fall Foliage. Not this year. Cars parked along Central Park West. Not this year. It’s now a bike lane. I’m outside. Not this year. The bleachers for the Macy’s Parade. Not this year. No bleachers. No parade.

Trick or Treating. Not this year. Skippy Hallow. For real. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But. Not for this reason. Thanksgiving travel. Not this year. Discouraged today by Mayor De Blasio with Fauci et al.

Faulty election pollsters. Not this year. They are probably right. Right?

So Long Petulant Prez?

September 30, 2015. This blog first lamented the potential of a Petulant Adolescent President. Donald J. Trump. If you listen to the polls and pundits. That reign will end January 20, 2021. Bill Maher still believes they’ll have to carry him out kicking and screaming.

Biden rarely left his home state or his house for the entire campaign. Yet. Not being Trump is all it seems to take. Who will really run the country now? Kamala? Jill? Michelle? We’ll see. I think.

Apple Pie &

Crisp air and pommes-picking season. Time to make Apple Carol.

The New York Times takes on motherhood as its latest silo. Grouping people into labels. Gender, race, economic class, education, DNA.

Amy Coney Barrett has a multi-cultural ménage. Kamala Harris came to step-motherhood late in life. So what?  Each has a unique experience and took different paths to great career success.

Let’s evaluate everyone on their own merits and rejoice in the many factors which they’ve been lucky enough to be born with and/or have had to overcome to get there.

Remotely Speaking

New normal. Zoom business meetings. Face-timing with family. Does this work for everything?

Presidential campaigning needs energy from in-person interaction with voters. Biden allows small groups in safe venues when he ventures out of his underground den. Trump flouts masks and holds huge rallies even after getting Covid.  Risk vs. Reward.

But. C’mon. When you know you’ll be interrogating a Supreme Court nominee in prime time. Do you choose to do it from a remote office with bad lighting and horrible sound? Kamala? Seriously?

Supreme Bore

Amy Coney Barrett is going to be the next Supreme Court Justice. On October 22 the Senate will vote for her along party lines. In the meantime, old codgers will mumble talking points on each side.

Republicans will cite her qualifications and credentials as a legal scholar, mother, and conservative. That she is a woman who revered Scalia.

Democrats will say that she will overturn the Affordable Care Act and Roe v. Wade. It’ll look like a Jerry Lewis telethon parading examples of those who will suffer.

I just hope they don’t dump my soaps for this sham of a hearing for the next week. It’s like the recent impeachment fiasco. Result a foregone conclusion as well. Okay. That was worse.

October !

Don & Melania have tested positive. Must be October. Surprised? No.

Unnamed persons in the immediate vicinity are having a hard time suppressing their gloat. Joe & Mika are struggling to feign concern. As are most media. Karma’s a bitch oozing out of their ears.

All bets are off.

Over & Out

Dem Convention blessedly over. So dark and depressing. And. The bar has never been lower. Hope it’ll be enough to oust the Orange Man.

Don’t think Repubs will be any better next week. Old white people trying to hold on to power for dear life.

Out East. See ya later.