Vote for Beau!

Don’t you mean Joe? No. His candidacy seems to be completely about his son Beau. Who served. Who tragically died of horrible cancer. In tonight’s Dem convention finale we heard Beau’s name even more than Trump’s. Which we heard more than Joe’s.

And for 4 nights. Joe’s empathy. Is this what motivates 18-34 year olds to vote? Don’t think so. The whole Dem show has been a lachrymose lament. Loss. Grief. For Beau. For Covid. For Racism. Yes. This has been an extraordinarily hard time. Fine.

Biden is just plain old. Where is the new generation to lead? And what is their specific agenda for the next chapter.

BBB Bonds

Build Back Better. Not exactly AAA-rated slogan. Night 3. The telethon marathon to combat TTSD. Donate now!

Hillary whining about the electoral college, Russia and misogyny again. From her tony Chappaqua den. Speaker Pelosi pontificated from her Presidio Heights manse. Lizzie at least talked about a child care plan from a school in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The former President charmingly eviscerated the current President even if adopting Trumpian ad hominem attacks. But. Obama is clearly a genuine guy so we believe his endorsement of Joe & Kamala. Democracy is at stake he says. Racism is worse than ever so vote. FOR?

A woman of color for Vice President. Uplifting personal story. Yay! Then back to grieving and loss. Structural racism still upon us. Womp. Womp. So. Why Joe? He’s a great Dad and a decent man. True.

Waiting for an actual positive upbeat agenda for the future.

Dems Are So Sad

Dem Convention Night 2. Americans nominating Joe Biden. Each State’s delegates reporting their votes. Like a real convention. Unfortunately most networks didn’t show it. Anchors and talking heads more important than the real people they purport to care about. Sad.

Bill Clinton has lost his sex appeal along with his voice. Even recent articles about his rides on the Lolita Express seem so limp. Sad.

The rest of the night was devoted to Joe & Jill mostly talking about Beau. Stilted. Maudlin. Poor Hunter. The whole convention so far. Sad.

Un Conventional

Dem Convention kicked off with a rinky dink production replete with bad sound and video. Most of the pre-taped pieces had already been discussed on cable news well before they aired.

Andrew Cuomo’s Covid as metaphor of incompetence recalled his father Mario’s poetry. No matter the NY nursing home debacle.

Michelle Obama’s keynote capper was starkly dark and depressing on Trump’s fomenting chaos and division. From her Martha’s Vineyard library. Her description of Joe Biden was not particularly inspiring either. She didn’t mention Kamala at all. Hmmmm.

Fired up? Hope? Nope. More a somber series of testimonials on the Country’s ills. Hardly uplifting. Mostly unwatchable.

Entrenched Tropes

Here we go again. If you criticize a woman you are sexist. If you question a person of color’s statements, you are racist. Valerie Jarrett says you cannot talk about a woman’s appearance. What?

Hillary’s jellybean-colored suits were silly. Trump’s hair and skin tone are fair game. Of course. Everyone notices what someone looks like. Protecting women and/or persons of color is both sexist and racist.

What if Kamala Harris runs against Nikki Haley in 2024? No one will be allowed to say anything.

Geezer Zoom Palooza

So exciting. National Conventions. Zoom-a-thons. Virtual speeches. Yawn. The lineups filled with old farts.

Dems first. Headed up by Biden. Then the Clintons. Bernie. Lizzie. Bloomberg. Kasich. Kamala & Obamas are the young ‘uns for the Dems. Where are Pete and Andrew Yang? Who is the future of the Party? AOC?

Of course. Next there’s the GOP. Always the darlings of old white guys. Their roster will look like the early bird special at the nursing home.

Boxes Ticked

Woman. Check. Not white. Check. Knew Beau. Check. Younger than 70. Check. Okay. If as Joey3Sticks says. It doesn’t matter more than the crab grass growing on his lawn, then fine.

Kamala Harris. Jamaican father who left when she was a girl. Indian mother who raised her and her sister as a single mom. And yet. It’s historic because she’s the first … ?? Anchors are twisting themselves into pretzels trying to characterize her color without mentioning her Asian heritage. It’s actually kinda funny.

So. Anyway. She ran her campaign into the ground early on. But. Hey. Now she’ll get to run the country. Maybe. Game on.

Biden in a Box

Biden’s boxed in his basement as he dithers with his Veep pick. Literally. Meanwhile, outside forces are further containing his prospects.

Wily Willie Brown, Kamala Harris’ long ago boyfriend has put himself in the spotlight by saying Harris should politely refuse Biden if he asks her to run with him. Thus. Reminding everyone of Kamala’s sketchy background in California politics.

Bret Stephens, NYTimes conservative columnist, today writes a scathing view of Susan Rice’s diplomatic history. Especially in Africa.

And. Male Black leaders say that Biden must pick an African-American woman. That and the definition of African-American will further narrow Biden’s array of suitable candidates.

No matter whom he chooses now will be second-guessed. Whatta mess.

Ms. Veep

Maureen Dowd writes about Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman Vice Presidential nominee with Walter Mondale in 1984. How she was called a bitch and worse. And that Biden’s choice will likely be subjected to similar treatment because she will be a woman.

The truth is that Biden himself has set up whomever he chooses to be called a token pick when he announced that his primary criterion was gender. Rather than saying he’d want the best person to be able to run the country on day one. And then naming a woman.

Of the women on Biden’s “list”,  only Susan Rice has the gravitas to take the lead if necessary. As illustrated in this The Atlantic  piece, as Obama’s NSA, she even anticipated and planned for a global pandemic.

Yet. Rice is saddled with baggage of the Clintons and her experience as a Washington establishment insider. It’s a trade-off, but Biden is too weak to run with anyone else.

Back to NYC

Yes. Back to City reality. The good news is. Restaurants have become more and more creative in setting up barriers and making outside space as appealing as possible for diners. Plants, plexiglass dividers. Hope the weather holds through October so they can recover and stay in business.

So far. 3 favorite Taverns gone. Oxbow. Gramercy. On the Green.

Back to politics. Today Dem Veep candidates having their final auditions. Booked on Sunday news shows. Just hope it’s not Kamala. And. These days don’t think it can be a Karen. It will be a woman. That we know.