BBB Bonds

Build Back Better. Not exactly AAA-rated slogan. Night 3. The telethon marathon to combat TTSD. Donate now!

Hillary whining about the electoral college, Russia and misogyny again. From her tony Chappaqua den. Speaker Pelosi pontificated from her Presidio Heights manse. Lizzie at least talked about a child care plan from a school in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The former President charmingly eviscerated the current President even if adopting Trumpian ad hominem attacks. But. Obama is clearly a genuine guy so we believe his endorsement of Joe & Kamala. Democracy is at stake he says. Racism is worse than ever so vote. FOR?

A woman of color for Vice President. Uplifting personal story. Yay! Then back to grieving and loss. Structural racism still upon us. Womp. Womp. So. Why Joe? He’s a great Dad and a decent man. True.

Waiting for an actual positive upbeat agenda for the future.

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