Poll Dancing

NYT Poll and many others including The Economist metrics show Biden winning over Trump by a huge margin in November. There’s dancing all over my house and in those of many friends and family. Finally something to feel hopeful and happy about!

Stop the music. Hillary’s solid lead in major polls along with lack of enthusiasm kept enough people not bothering to swing off their couches and out to the polls that she lost. Same two factors this time.

Is anti-Trump excitement going to make those sedentary sorts actually do the voting fox-trot? We’ll see.

Veep Auditions

Biden’s latest potential Vice Presidential picks have been auditioning on various television shows. In the current environment many believe he has to choose a Black woman.

Stacey Abrams has a book out, so she’s been on many networks. She is also working to alleviate voter suppression nationally and is intelligent and quick.

Val Demings, current Florida Congresswoman and former police chief, had a very successful interrogation by the shrews on The View. She was confident, smart and seemed sincere and authentic.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta, is in the headlines over police murder of Rayshard Brooks. Her decisive action to fire him and his partner may have stemmed further violent protests. She is pragmatic and also impressive.

Still think Susan Rice fits the bill best to be President right away. Kamala Harris is too canned and phony. She doesn’t go with Joe.

Hidin’ Biden

Have yet to meet a Biden supporter. Voters. Yes. Supporters. No.

And. Why is Biden hidin’ in the bunker? Trump’s trumpeting the re-opening of America. Guess who’ll win? Only the virus knows.

In the meantime, Joe’s advisors seem to be steering him off a cliff. Whose lame-brain idea was it to make Chris Dodd the chair of his committee to choose a WOMAN VP? The poster boy for sexual assault along with his old buddy Teddy. And many other of his cronies back in the day. Dotarded.

Exit Ramp

Tara Reade. Mary Bruce. Hillary. What do these women have in common? Joe’s exit ramp. To jettison the increasingly weak candidate.

Tara. Biden’s accuser. Mary. Respected congressional correspondent for ABC News who covered the Kavanaugh hearings. Bruce is now investigative reporting on Reade’s accusations. And didn’t get a lot of pushback from The View crew. Hillary is perched on her broomstick ready to swoop in when Joe is deemed too toxic to be the nominee.

Clinton-Cuomo? No. He’d never take VP.

Biden Administration

If the world is still in chaos and the economy in turmoil when the election rolls around it’ll likely be a Biden presidency. He’d bascially be the feel-good figure-head. And. Despite whom he picks for Veep, there could be an all hands on deck scenario reinstating an array of the old guard to provide continuity and calm.

Chief of Staff- Barack
Communications Director- Michelle
Secretary of State- Hillary
Treasury Secretary- Steve Rattner
U.N. Ambassador- John Kerry
NSA- Susan Rice
Consumer Affairs- Lizzie Warren
Attorney General- Kamala Harris
HHS- Amy Klobuchar
Veterans Affairs- Pete Buttigieg

Well maybe not exactly. But. You get the idea.

St. Joe

Just in time for St. Joseph’s Day tomorrow. Joe Biden has cemented the Dem nom. Desperation to defeat Trump and the need for an avuncular hug during these scary times have elevated him to saintly status.

Will there be a convention? Will Bernie bro’s go for unity or keep up the fight? It all pales compared to more isolation and bad news.

However, the only thing Joey3Sticks and family are mourning is the loss of Tom Terrific from the Pats to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Oh the pain!

Joey3’s cat Brady is so upset he has taken to hitting the bottle and announced he’s moving to Tampa.  Buh  bye!


Biden won big in the South Carolina primary. As media foments coronavirus panic-demic to trash Trump, it is resonating more than Russia or Ukraine-gate. If markets continue to tank and there’s a recession before the election, this could take him down.

It won’t be Joe and his energy & charisma. He looks pretty sleepy on Sunday shows. Hillary-esque. Bernie at least fills arenas. Even if Mayor Mike does well on Super Tuesday, we’re left with all old white guys. SAD.

mAd prediction. Biden-Klobuchar. Yawn.

(Joe-mentum coined during Joe Leiberman presidential campaign)

Bloomin’ Mess

Last night’s Dem Debate was an unmitigated unmoderated mess.

Nobody knocked Bernie out. He was rattled, but stood tall. Lizzie got her long-awaited revenge against Mayor Mike for backing her rival Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. Mike himself went from an F to a D- .  Bloom is off that rose. The rest of the field cross-talked and yelled a lot. Pundits are saying it was Biden’s best night. If that was a best night, Trump’s got it made in the shade.

Frank Bruni NYTimes Pick.

Fracas in Vegas

Democrat Debate Night again. This time on the Las Vegas strip. NBC moderators. They hate Bernie according to Vanity Fair. So will the questions to him be fair? Can Amy & Lizzie come out swinging? Will Joe rope-a-dope? Will Mayor Pete join Mayor Mike on the box?

Do or die for Bloomberg as he joins the fray. All punches will be going his way. Can he take the incoming with confidence and sharp jabs?

Fingers crossed while swigging a Big Gulp.