Boxes Ticked

Woman. Check. Not white. Check. Knew Beau. Check. Younger than 70. Check. Okay. If as Joey3Sticks says. It doesn’t matter more than the crab grass growing on his lawn, then fine.

Kamala Harris. Jamaican father who left when she was a girl. Indian mother who raised her and her sister as a single mom. And yet. It’s historic because she’s the first … ?? Anchors are twisting themselves into pretzels trying to characterize her color without mentioning her Asian heritage. It’s actually kinda funny.

So. Anyway. She ran her campaign into the ground early on. But. Hey. Now she’ll get to run the country. Maybe. Game on.

2 Replies to “Boxes Ticked”

  1. Maya Rudolph is going to be a very busy woman for the next few months. Looking forward to having fun with SNL again. Much needed laughter hopefully coming our way.


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