Hidin’ Biden

Have yet to meet a Biden supporter. Voters. Yes. Supporters. No.

And. Why is Biden hidin’ in the bunker? Trump’s trumpeting the re-opening of America. Guess who’ll win? Only the virus knows.

In the meantime, Joe’s advisors seem to be steering him off a cliff. Whose lame-brain idea was it to make Chris Dodd the chair of his committee to choose a WOMAN VP? The poster boy for sexual assault along with his old buddy Teddy. And many other of his cronies back in the day. Dotarded.

Biden His Time

So. It’s over. Biden will be the Dem nominee. My advice. Don’t debate. Why? Bernie’s got nothing to lose. He’s done. It won’t end well. No worries about filling arenas, either. Coronavirus excuse. No. Joe won’t have to do much. Which works in his favor.

Focus needs to be on the Vice Presidential pick who will likely take over sooner than later. Kamala? Amy? Stacey? Who works best with Jill?

Be careful what we wish for.

Sacrificial Joe

Dems have realized that Joe Biden is not the most electable. So decided to throw him under the bus. In order to get rid of Trump.

The Ukraine saga is better than fiction. With such characters as Hunter Biden, John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz, and Whitey Bulger’s nephew. Yeah. Maybe nothing illegal. But. Hey. It’s filled with swamp rats.

So. Biden’s star is tarnished with a Trump & Clinton-esque tale of a family’s personal financial gain from its political ties. Who benefits most? Warren. Or… careful what you’ve set in motion.

Will it ultimately be Trump?

Folksy Joe

Folksy Joe Biden. Maybe a few hundred folks at his low-key kick-off “rally ” in Philadelphia. Every time he said folks, swigged. Sloshed.

Scared folks with TTSD. Just want a safe warm comfortable moth-eaten old sweater. Worn out Joe. Good luck with that.

2020 20

Joe Biden is now officially the 20th Democrat candidate for the 2020 Presidential election. The Battle for the Soul of America.

He’s going after Trump in a general election campaign strategy. Assuming he’ll get the nomination. How did that work out last time? Old white guys lead the pack. Will desperation to overthrow The Donald be enough to get women and minorities out to vote?

We’ll see.