Veep Auditions

Biden’s latest potential Vice Presidential picks have been auditioning on various television shows. In the current environment many believe he has to choose a Black woman.

Stacey Abrams has a book out, so she’s been on many networks. She is also working to alleviate voter suppression nationally and is intelligent and quick.

Val Demings, current Florida Congresswoman and former police chief, had a very successful interrogation by the shrews on The View. She was confident, smart and seemed sincere and authentic.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta, is in the headlines over police murder of Rayshard Brooks. Her decisive action to fire him and his partner may have stemmed further violent protests. She is pragmatic and also impressive.

Still think Susan Rice fits the bill best to be President right away. Kamala Harris is too canned and phony. She doesn’t go with Joe.

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