Mike Smirk v. Kamala Sneer

Susan Page was a formidable and competent moderator of the Veep Debate. Great questions. Well structured. Pence was as advertised. Low-key stingers. Harris had her prosecutorial cadence on display. Each with creepy resting bitch faces. Neither scored big. Okay. Maybe the fly.

Who could be commander-in-chief? It’s a toss-up.

Heartbeat Debate

USA Tdoay’s Susan Page is moderating the most important debate. Kamala Harris or Mike Pence could easily soon be Prez. A heartbeat away is real in this election.

Pence will be earnest and polite with silent but deadly arrows flung at Ka Mah La, which he’ll pronounce just that way. He’ll gaze lovingly at Karen his wife and genuflect every time he says Trump’s name.

Harris will string clichés together like It’s Not Who We Are or We Are Better Than This. Her barbs and zingers against Trump will be canned. Beau must be mentioned at least once. And. She’ll of course giggle.

So yay. Can’t wait. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Rocky Week

Covid clusters continue to grow and more government anti-masked succumb. Could delay if not derail SCOTUS play.

Meanwhile. Chris Rock is everywhere. The first episode of Coen Brothers’ Fargo was gorgeously choreographed theater. Almost felt like we were in our orchestra seats. So far. Great.

SNL returned as irreverent as ever despite the Prez in hospital. Jim Carrey nailed Biden without gushing to debate Baldwin’s less sharp Trump. Mostly funny nonetheless. Chris Rock hosted and was a little nasty but got enough laughs. Megan Thee Stallion. Talent-less.

October !

Don & Melania have tested positive. Must be October. Surprised? No.

Unnamed persons in the immediate vicinity are having a hard time suppressing their gloat. Joe & Mika are struggling to feign concern. As are most media. Karma’s a bitch oozing out of their ears.

All bets are off.

Clear Air

Rain cleaned out the humidity. Fresh breezes.

Comey himself is testifying to the Senate today about the Steele dossier. While Jeff Daniels is on all media promoting the HBO Show. Amy Coney Barrett meeting with only Republicans before her SCOTUS hearing.

Kelly Ripa of all people had the best solution for a coherent debate. She suggested on her show this morning that they should be virtual with the moderator employing the mute button. Don’t rely on her book advice, though. Mexican Gothic was awful.

No surprise. NYTimes columnists said Biden won the debate. Because he wasn’t Trump.

Take Da Bait

Trump was less hot than liberal pundits’ hair on fire. Joe was vertical and completed a few sentences. Both sides claim victory.

Clearly the Biden-Trump debate was all things to all people. Or no one.

Will there be another? We’ll see.

P.S. Who are the fact-checkers? And. Who fact checks them?

Don Ho v. Slow Joe

First debate. Cheesy Hawaiian lounge singer who sang Tiny Bubbles. Sound close? Vs. Sleepy hair-smelling Joe. Whoa. Retro smackdown. Well. Okay. More like the Dirty Old Men Show.

What’s the over-under on one of them melting down beyond repair? Honestly do not know. Cannot predict this one.

Take a swig whenever you hear: C’mon man. No joke. Folks. Hunter. Beau. Fake news. Best ever record in the history of the universe.

Game on. Must-see TV.

Women Supremes

The first woman Supreme Court Justice was nominated by a Republican. Ronald Reagan. Sandra Day O’Connor went to Stanford Law.

Followed by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, nominated by a Democrat. Bill Clinton. She went to Harvard then Columbia Law. Two more women named by Democrat Barack Obama. Elena Kagan went to Harvard Law. Sonia Sotomayor Yale Law.

Now Amy Coney Barrett is appointed by Republican Donald Trump. She went to Notre Dame Law.

SDO and RBG both opened paths for Women Supremes.

Al Fresco All Year

One of the most uplifting scenes in this otherwise dismal year is the creativity of restaurateurs in NYC. Bubbles, plants, umbrellas, lights, dividers to expand dining outdoors onto sidewalks and streets.

Now al fresco spaces can continue all seasons according to a City ruling today.  Heaters. Awnings. Who knows what inventive solutions they’ll come up with. But. Yay! Even Gramercy Tavern has re-opened.

We’ll take it.