Biden Administration

If the world is still in chaos and the economy in turmoil when the election rolls around it’ll likely be a Biden presidency. He’d bascially be the feel-good figure-head. And. Despite whom he picks for Veep, there could be an all hands on deck scenario reinstating an array of the old guard to provide continuity and calm.

Chief of Staff- Barack
Communications Director- Michelle
Secretary of State- Hillary
Treasury Secretary- Steve Rattner
U.N. Ambassador- John Kerry
NSA- Susan Rice
Consumer Affairs- Lizzie Warren
Attorney General- Kamala Harris
HHS- Amy Klobuchar
Veterans Affairs- Pete Buttigieg

Well maybe not exactly. But. You get the idea.

Can’t Cancel Spring

Spring will happen at 11:49. Looking out the window, I spy an empty bus on Central Park West. A group of young people hugging and taking selfiies, oblivious to social distancing. But. They are the only ones on the sidewalk. A random car or cab appears on the vacant street. Kids are crying below as parents work to find a happy activity on our abandoned block. And. We are only in early days. But. Hey. It’s going to be 70 degrees and the blooms are still popping in the Park.

Perfect read for this mindset:
A Gentleman in Moscow, Amor Towles.

Perfect painting. They can’t cancel Spring.   David Hockney:

St. Joe

Just in time for St. Joseph’s Day tomorrow. Joe Biden has cemented the Dem nom. Desperation to defeat Trump and the need for an avuncular hug during these scary times have elevated him to saintly status.

Will there be a convention? Will Bernie bro’s go for unity or keep up the fight? It all pales compared to more isolation and bad news.

However, the only thing Joey3Sticks and family are mourning is the loss of Tom Terrific from the Pats to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Oh the pain!

Joey3’s cat Brady is so upset he has taken to hitting the bottle and announced he’s moving to Tampa.  Buh  bye!

Irish Wake

Happy St. Patrick’s Day? No green beer this year. No parade. Nor corned beef and cabbage. Maybe some pubs will have clandestine revelry behind the frosted glass. Like a private Irish wake.

We had them in my family. Maudlin drunken rollicking passages. NYC and the world are in the throes of one. An epidemic milestone.

So.  Put on your tophat with the shamrock on it. Find a streaming tavern scene and lift a virtual Guinness to get through it. Sláinte.

Or. Make St. Pat’s Soup.

Retro Grade

Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders. Perfect candidates for the Senate. In 1980. They sure can debate the votes they made in those old-timey days. When they were wowed by Teddy Kennedy speech-a-fying on the floor.

In the meantime, we have a horrible global coronavirus health and economic crisis now. Restaurants, Mom & Pop shops outta bizness forever cuz of it. Visionaries for the future? Fergettaboutit.

Oh. Yeah. Joe did say he’s gonna get him “a woman” running mate. Hope with smell-worthy Prell hair.

Grumpo a Grumpo

Still having a debate tonight. It seems. Two grumpy really old white guys filling 2+ hours? I don’t think so. It’ll be something to watch with held breath. Will Joe reassure or scare the heck out of us? Will he know what day it is and where he is? Bernie already gave him the questions. Anyway. It’s the only thing on TV that hasn’t been suspended. Yet.

Speaking of cranky. Bought Bombshell. Charlize Theron was okay as Megyn Kelly, got her voice down. Lithgow as Roger Ailes good. Other acting  bad,  because of the terrible writing. Funny cameos. Paid $3.99 so had to stick it out ’til the end. At least it was on sale.

Coron Avoidance

To avoid panic-demic:

Watching The Players Championship and putting a hex on DeChambeau.  (Update: Or not. Cancelled the whole tournament at 10pm.) Reading Hilary Mantel’s new novel The Mirror & The Light, the last of her Thomas Cromwell trilogy. (They can’t cancel a book. Can they?) Always Soaps. (Update 3/13: Or not. Trump to speak during General Hospital.)

Staying away from Cable News & social media at all costs. Not opening alarmist alert e-mails from family and friends. Starting a rumor that all dogs need to be quarantined.

On the bright side. Trump looks to be trashing his chances for re-election with every speech. Yet. Pelosi is scary as well. Decrepit inept people running the Country. Now Joe. Really?