Queens Rule

Queens ruled at the Oscars of 2019. Bohemian Rhapsody. Rami Malek walked like an Egyptian. Olivia Coleman in The Favourite. Adam Lambert my favorite of all Queens. Mad World. Lady Gaga reigned supreme.

Angela Bassett wins best everything in her stunning pink gown. Stupidest dress Kacey Musgraves’ pink mess. So yes. Another year. Another show.

Like Water for Roma

Roma should have been called Agua. Rain water. Hose water. Drain water. Water dripping from laundry. From awnings. Standing water. Muddy water. Swamp water. Tea water. Sea water. Water breaking. Okay. We get it. Water is the metaphor. For what? Life? Men running through women’s lives and leaving them alone?

The movie did achieve an intimate portrayal. Exquisite filmmaking. Beautiful period art piece. It will probably earn an Oscar for Cuarón.

Cuomo v. Nixon

A couple years ago, on that very fateful election day, November 8, 2016, Cynthia Nixon was on our block shooting a movie with Callum Turner. The Only Living Boy in New York.

Tonight she’ll be debating Andrew Cuomo as a candidate for Governor of New York.


Photo: G. Levine

Psychic Picnic

Memorial Day Weekend is traditionally the gateway to summer. Picnics, cookouts, barbecues. In search of a psychic picnic, Amazon’s mini-series The Picnic at Hanging Rock kept us up late and bleary-eyed. Based on a 50-year old book by Joan Lindsay, it’s set in a remote Australian mansion turned girls’ boarding school with a sociopath headmistress played by GOT’s Margery aka Natalie Dormer. On Valentine’s Day 1900 the girls go on a picnic to Hanging Rock. Clocks stop. Never sure why. Stray plot strands abound.

The picnic ends up with 2 girls and a teacher disappearing into thin air. Never found. Through a pink cloud? What this wasn’t was a rich story. More a titillating soft-porn Victorian lesbian-like but not thing. Need a real picnic in the fresh air to dispel this stale still-life.

And the Winner Is …

for taste, class, fashion… Eiza González
for poise and acuity at 93… Eva Marie Saint
for stellar longevity… Rita Moreno
for calm under pressure… Ryan Seacrest
for graciousness and talent… Allison Janney
for my favorite absentee… James Franco
for tenor and tone… Guillermo del Toro
for immortal beauty… Jane Fonda
for redemption… Warren & Faye
for younger choices next year…

Silly Season

Gridiron Dinner. Old white guys in formal white tie as they stroll through the lobby of a tacky D.C. hotel. Short stubby geezers dragging their tails on the floor. Navigating luggage racks and tourists from Ohio. Silly. And. The elderly women with flabby arms and necks. Haven’t you heard me yet? If you are over a certain age. Long sleeves and collars please! Taking the escalator down to the basement conference room for skits and hilarity. High school prom-y.

Later on SNL. Alec Baldwin had some great lines. But. From what I read. Trump had good joke writers himself. “Who will be the next to leave? Miller or Melania?”

Then tonight. The Oscars. #MeToo replete with plunging skin and slits. Twirling for the cameras. Ridiculous. Who will snub Ryan first?

Clown Alert!

The new horror movie IT is tapping into people’s deepest fears. With all-clown screenings being planned. Terrifying. Chilling. Creepy. Dangerous. Sinister.

Since Trump. Coulrophobia has become rampant.