Comey v. Covfefe

Serving ImPeachMint Cocktails at the Dakota Bar.  Carl Bernstein is donning his Watergate Cap on CNN. Gloria Borger and Jeffrey Toobin in cheerleader outfits shaking pom poms. Wolf breathlessly skipping around yelling “bombshell” “bombshell” “breaking news”!!!!

Is it obstruction week or infrastructure week? Trump has his hand on the tweeter. Ten minutes until showtime. Ready for Hype Gate. Let’s go.

Unexpected Presents

Joe Biden walked into a White House room filled with his family and friends. President Obama succeeded in surprising his bro Joe with a tribute capped off with giving him the highest honor a civilian can get. It wasn’t just the Medal of Freedom. It was the Medal of Freedom with Distinction. Which like maybe four people have ever received.

Meanwhile we geezers walked sixty blocks. Round trip to Broadway. To see The Present. An early Chekhov adaptation. Script needed a bit of work. Ben Brantley’s NYT review nailed it. But. Worth the shlep and the price to see the incredible talent of Cate Blanchett. Her range from subtlety to sexy to angry to crazy knocked us out of our sore socks.

Rare unexpected gift. Besides being able to perambulate from home to the theater. Seats in front of ours center row E empty!! Oh. And sixty degrees in January.

Stage & Screen

Saw Richard Greenberg’s The Babylon Line at Lincoln Center. Much to chew on after dinner at Bar Boulud. A play about a writing course, agoraphobia, Sixties suburban ennui. Yes. Familiar. Literally and figuratively. Robotic adults from a cookie-cutter suburb called Levittown take the LIRR to evening class to escape their Leave It To Beaver lives. Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother fame, was excellent as the frustrated author-instructor. Tony winners Frank Wood and Randy Graff were superb surprises in an uneven script.

During intermission a flash on the iPhone screen. Silver Screen Queen Debbie Reynolds dead. The day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died. One word came to mind. Upstage.

Dangerous Ray

Saw “Ray Donovan” on Broadway in Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Liev Schreiber the unlikely Vicomte de Valmont in the incredibly true-to-Laclos’ 1782 French novel. What?! Yes. He is a big lug of a roué. Not sure why he chose this particular role. Read the risqué epistolary work in its original French. Graphic and ribald typical of the day. Très débauché. The play stayed in period all the way. A good thing? Hmmm. It was 3 heures long.

Sultry Engagements

Off-Broadway Uptown Play. Engagements by Lucy Teitler. Three separate engagement parties as backdrop to betrayal and subterfuge in farcical ménage à cinq vignettes. Fast-paced laced with allusions to Victorian literature. Excellent 5-character cast. Michael Stahl-David as Mark will be Bobby Kennedy to Woody Harrelson’s LBJ in Rob Reiner’s new movie. Fun.

Sultry antidote. Watermelon recipes. Refreshing. Recently at Jean-Georges’ Nougatine, had a simple watermelon and goat cheese salad. Superb.