May Ville

photo-29May in New York. Sunny and seventies? No. Friday was beautiful, though. Supper al fresco on Park Avenue South.

Then over to the Lunt Fontanne for Motown. Berry Gordy’s homage to himself. For good reason. He merged music and ethnic cultures. Changed society.  Jesse Nager & Co. entertained with lightning talent and costume changes. All the hits. Dancin’ in the aisles. A really fun show. photo-26

Maysville on 5th & 26th. Bourbon bar? Yes. The food is the real reason to go. After the Derby or the Preakness, this is a Saturday culinary winner. And Dr.Husband did love the whiskey. Atlantic Grill was a Sunday cluster-brunch. But, Betsey’s Tipsy Donuts were born. Powdered sugar. Familial giggles.


Life of Pisces. Best astrological season. Winter waning. Spring nigh. Snirt melt. End of Feb. Happy 88th to Betsey Strahl. Birthday brunch at Anthony Bourdain’s Brasserie Les Halles. Steak frites. Flatiron fun for all.

Remember that Turkish guy who died in Mary’s bed? TV’s new Golden Boy. Theo James. James Dean meets James Franco. Whoa. Another British actor takes America. When I think of Golden Boy, it’s the 60’s Broadway show. Starring Sammy Davis and Lola Falana with Daddy Joe.

SoHo’s finest, Lure Fishbar. Tried and true. Go fishes!

Heir Loom

Happy Birthday bro’ Joe. Personification of loyalty and class. Sports maven with sass. Next rhyme too obvious. Trousers tailor heir. 3 sons’ Dad beyond compare.

On a cool sunny September Sunday, it’s time to make Indian chicken. Not as good as Joey3Sticks’ “Coogan”, maybe better. It’s my twist on an old Burmese recipe using late summer heirloom tomatoes and hot peppers from the farmstand. Check it out at Recipe Detours. Pats at 4.

Ben ran into Jonathan Groff at brunch, then went to see Ethel Merman, I mean Bernadette Peters in Follies. Tickets were free. What is a proprietary eponym?

ETrek Theater, Sightings, Lunch

Liberty Square Review:  NY- “Time Stands Still”, Donald Margulies’ play about an Iraq war-torn couple features Laura Linney and Brian d’Arcy James.  They struggle with the psychological and physical toll of their experiences, as Alicia Silverstone, a “spritely” girlfriend of their friend, steals the show.

Sightings- Joey “Three Sticks” at Via Quadronno on 73rd and Mad, sipping wine with his lovely companion and a high profile criminal attorney during the blizzard Wednesday afternoon… a prominent insurance lawyer from Springfield recently dining at Commerce in the West Village with a lively group… local Judge & real estate exec canoodling on St. John…AND a very happy bday to the “hottest” business magnate in San Francisco

Movies:  Word is that Benicio del “Lobo” will cause nightmares for weeks in the new “Wolfman” remake.

From the frig, Zucchini “Cordon Bleu”: (sort of), for lunch:  See Recipe Detours.

CandyPants(on the Ground)Rant:  Why all these new commercials featuring old people with big bellies in 50’s underwear?  eeeeuuuu