ETrek Theater, Sightings, Lunch

Liberty Square Review:  NY- “Time Stands Still”, Donald Margulies’ play about an Iraq war-torn couple features Laura Linney and Brian d’Arcy James.  They struggle with the psychological and physical toll of their experiences, as Alicia Silverstone, a “spritely” girlfriend of their friend, steals the show.

Sightings- Joey “Three Sticks” at Via Quadronno on 73rd and Mad, sipping wine with his lovely companion and a high profile criminal attorney during the blizzard Wednesday afternoon… a prominent insurance lawyer from Springfield recently dining at Commerce in the West Village with a lively group… local Judge & real estate exec canoodling on St. John…AND a very happy bday to the “hottest” business magnate in San Francisco

Movies:  Word is that Benicio del “Lobo” will cause nightmares for weeks in the new “Wolfman” remake.

From the frig, Zucchini “Cordon Bleu”: (sort of), for lunch:  See Recipe Detours.

CandyPants(on the Ground)Rant:  Why all these new commercials featuring old people with big bellies in 50’s underwear?  eeeeuuuu

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  1. Hot girls at Commerce. One with hot flashes, one with hot feet (bunions), one carrying a bundle of joy. Guys were just so so.


  2. Damn,,,I said no to a last minute invite to ‘Time Stands Still’ tonight. Worried it would be tooooo long and serious.

    Ahhh yes, the hot girls at Commerce. Guys were well behaved but not so bad themselves.
    xxD aka hot flash


  3. Why do you refer to your pregnant sister in law as your brother’s companion?
    As your criminal defense counsel, I am concerned xo


  4. Alicia Silverstone was the best part of the play. I am a huge Laura Linney fan but I knew most of her lines well before they came out. Perhaps the writing…… A bit disappointed with the play as I was expecting one of those “oh my god” types and it didn’t deliver. Annoying 87 year old man with cell phone ringing every ten minutes
    two seats down from us didn’t help (shouldn’t they be arrested???) It was the “dance of the dead” in the theater that night… offense. Other than that….. We loved it!!


  5. Brian d’Arcy James? Wasn’t he just in Shrek the Musical? Good for him, he’s digging out of that sad disney on broadway attempt by dreamworks.


  6. Also, I find “Wolfman ” intriguing. such a cool idea for a remake! Not that every other movie nowadays is not a remake…


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