Dogs Are the New Kids

It’s official. Dogs are the new kids. In San Francisco they literally outnumber children according to this article.  Overrunning everything including the workplace. On the Upper West Side, it’s getting close to the tipping point, too. Lots of strollers. Some have little people in them. More often, pet pups.

Don’t even think about giving someone’s “fur-baby” an askance glance in a restaurant or store. You’ll get the evil eye. Like you said their toddler was ugly. So. Yeah. Dander-allergy-sufferers. We’re screwed.

Not wanting to discriminate. What was with the black cat on the field at the Giants-Cowboys game? Wooooooo.

Winter Lames

No USA! Medals today. Our team is so lame that anchors are Brits. Couldn’t get Americans to cover the luge or ski jump events either. Only snowboarding & Johnny & Tara. Downhill down. On the local front. South Korea has interesting food choices. No comment.

AT&T Pebble Beach much more entertaining. Bill Murray in his screaming highwater bell-bottoms. Josh Duhamel. Tony Romo. On the links or anywhere. mAdBen just up the coast hanging in San Fran at his cousin Jamison’s restaurant Duna. Better to be there.


Katty Kay in for Mika. Can we keep her? Please. Christie entering the clown car. Oops. We’ll need a van. Tim Robbins and Jack Black funny on the Brink. Phippy gamblin’ on golf. Pete Rose gonna be his new caddie.

photo-85mAdBen celebrating 26 in Seattle. Last time bday on the West Coast in San Fran’s Lafayette Park for his 5th. photo-83

Side Lines

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s new book, Off the Sidelines. Navigating life on the political playing field. Her long drive from motherhood to congressional leadership. Can’t do it from the bleachers. On other gridirons, Peyton Manning managed to make history with most touchdown passes. After his SuperBowl pummeling, a better legacy. Even if SanFran handed it to him. Cowboys rise again. Old rivalries recalled as baseball Giants series begins.

Gone Plots. The Affair is a derivative of Gillian Flynn’s he-said, she-said psychological thriller. Alison v. Noah. Amy v. Nick. Love The Affair’s familiar scenes at Lunch, the enduring Lobster Roll diner.  A frequent stop for over 33 years along the Montauk Highway, our favorite byway to Amagansett. cropped-dsc_00991.jpg

On Homeland, Carrie has gone back to employing her basic instincts in edgy espionage and seductive recruiting. Blurry lines.

Dizzy World

A quarter century ago today. mAdBen started life on a natural roller coaster. Big Quake of ’89 bounced him around the nursery at 4-months old in SanFran. That seemed like enough of a ride. After 25 years business finally got mAdBen to Disney World. Bad mamma never took him to Orlando. Or Epcot. What?


Giants back in the World Series. Thursday night football seems silly, but Pats-Jets game was close and despite a Lovely effort New England eked it out. EbolaNews free zone. Bon weekend.


Back to Iraq. We need villains to justify military action. ISIS is a worthy genocidal nemesis. Why can’t we mount an attack to obliterate them? Years of failed wars and occupations. Fear-mongering as pretense after 9/11 has depleted spirit and treasure paralyzing the Pentagon for decades to come.

Happy rewind. We were eating at E’Angelo in San Francisco when mAdBen was a few months old. Robin Williams walked in with a baby girl in his snuggly. She was wearing the same hat as Ben’s. Unique from a Jackson Street boutique. Dr.Husband nodded to baby girl and said, “nice hat”. Robin replied, “nice hat”, nodding at Ben. They traded baby names. Hers Zelda. Ben and Zelda met again as toddlers listening to stories around the blue rug at San Fran’s JCC pre-school. Dad Robin often joined in and animatedly read to them.

Auld Year

photo-49What does the fox say? I was ring-ling
wa-pow hanging out in Candy’s backyard.

Fantasy football done. Time for gridiron grit. September predictions still in play. Joey3Sticks said Denver over Seattle 27-17. Could be the early pick of the year. I thought Seahawks over Pats, no score. Hoping for another wildcard sneak into SuperBowl. 49ers over Pats. That would be most fun. Let the hashmarks begin.

If we can see them. Blizzard alert.
Happy 2014?!