LIV from Miami

Live from the Hard Rock in Miami, it’s Sunday Night. Super Bowl LIV. Andy Reid and his Mahomies persisted on the field. Kansas City’s defense made the difference. The Chiefs seemed to be more hungry to win it. Prediction prevailed. Better to be right than happy? No way.

Sorry SF & handsome Jimmy G. Your D didn’t get it done this year.

The ads. Meh. The half-time show all about the butts.

49er Vortex

Not saying it’s about me. But. We moved to San Francisco in 1982. That was the first time the Niners & Joe Montana went to the Big Game. Again in 1985 when we went to the game at Stanford in Palo Alto. So foggy couldn’t see the ball, and they beat the Dolphins. Then in 1989, six months before mAd Ben was born. Jerry v. Cincinnati. In 1990 they annihilated the Broncos 55-10.

In 1995 just as we left the City by the Bay, Steve Young trounced the San Diego Chargers in Miami, same field as tomorrow. Yay. They haven’t been at the SB since then. Downhill after we moved away.

Don’t look at my predictions from December.  Just my predilections.  And remember. It’s not about me.  Go Niners!!!!

Dogs Are the New Kids

It’s official. Dogs are the new kids. In San Francisco they literally outnumber children according to this article.  Overrunning everything including the workplace. On the Upper West Side, it’s getting close to the tipping point, too. Lots of strollers. Some have little people in them. More often, pet pups.

Don’t even think about giving someone’s “fur-baby” an askance glance in a restaurant or store. You’ll get the evil eye. Like you said their toddler was ugly. So. Yeah. Dander-allergy-sufferers. We’re screwed.

Not wanting to discriminate. What was with the black cat on the field at the Giants-Cowboys game? Wooooooo.

Auld Year

photo-49What does the fox say? I was ring-ling
wa-pow hanging out in Candy’s backyard.

Fantasy football done. Time for gridiron grit. September predictions still in play. Joey3Sticks said Denver over Seattle 27-17. Could be the early pick of the year. I thought Seahawks over Pats, no score. Hoping for another wildcard sneak into SuperBowl. 49ers over Pats. That would be most fun. Let the hashmarks begin.

If we can see them. Blizzard alert.
Happy 2014?!

Color Break

A few brave purple crocuses have emerged. Otherwise sky and earth are blurred into April gray on our Vermont foray. The economy has taken its toll as stalwart sandwich shops in Wilmington and Dover have gone away. Boarded businesses up and down the byways. But, thriving treasures are still to be found.

DunberryHillDesigns was our primary destination for this side trek. Recalling a beloved artwork from Fillamento in San Francisco, I searched for a similar painting to adorn our newly refurbished hardwood. Cameron Howard’s studio is filled with breathtaking color and artistry. Sratton Mountain vistas where vibrant hues live year-round. Can’t wait to create masterpieces for our floors.

Finished MadMen5 marathon. Still say MadEnd. MadMen6 begins. Yay.

Kristmas Eves

Lots of eves. Long Kristmas weekend. Sinatra helps us trim the post-modern plastic tree. Ornaments. Each has a history. Anne’s Santa, Pear, Penguin. Sylvia’s antiques from Surrey, England. Grandma’s aqua MadMen-era. Joe’s Beefeater gin. Bells, angels, crystal icicles. Fillamento SanFrancisco FatherKristmas topper. Joyful art of gift wrap. It’s all about the packaging.

Traditions are comforting. Lobster Newburg. Who does that anymore? Dates back decades. Pats, Niners. Palate cleansers. Cathy’s cannoli and crackers. Paper crowns and Colitti Confetti. They still rhyme in our world.

Forty Niners

Happy Birthday, Joey3Sticks. SideTrek fave blogger. Remember that great NFL team from SanFran? Montana, Rice. Joyful notions. Pats perhaps will deliver a better present next weekend. Still in your forties, so. Enjoy. Love you, Bro.

NYTimes Opinionator column by Simon Critchley, is an in-depth study of Mormonism, dubbing the so-called cultive religion as post-Christian. It’s an elucidating read, lots of stuff few knew. Speaking of 49er’s, Mormons were instrumental in establishing California and Utah wealth during the Gold Rush.

Krystal Ball. It’s the real name of a hot cable news talk-bot. And she’s not on Fox. You’re welcome, Joe. Oh, and 49 days to the election.

Mile Marker

97 degrees today. Reminiscent of hottest June day in Manhattan at PithyV’s 76th Street flat off Park Avenue. 30 year milestone. Dr.Husband may say millstone. Seems like yesterday.

Maybe not. Let’s see. Reagan, Thatcher, Mitterand, Brezhnev, Begin, Trudeau led the world stage. McCartney-Wonder’s Ebony & Ivory. Kingsley’s  Ghandi.

Suite at the Carlyle, before our first SideTrek cross-country. Route 80. I drove on highways, then. With a little help from friends. Stops in Santa Fe for a full lunar eclipse, seedy casino motel in Vegas, ending at 1808 Pacific, SanFran.
A long and happy ride.

Soul Trek

Hey Gary, it’s your birthday! SoulMate. SoulMan. Especially when you wear your J3 downtown shirt. I’ve joined you in the gray brigade, but you are a Silver Fox. Which Prez was elected the day you were born? Happiest Bday to best Dr.Husband, Father on the planet.

Speaking of elections on all souls’ day, we aren’t finished with witches and goblins yet. Have to vote and cover my eyes when the returns come in tonite. I predict dia de los muertos for the democraticos. Say Hey Giants! First World Series win ever in SanFran. Too bad they were not there. Walter sent down dust.

Mad Monday

LastMadCap of the season: Really? Don’s turn of heart shocking. He likes her with his kids more than the mature one who doesn’t like children. Plus mature one wants him to face his past, he’s opting to stay the course into the future. Didn’t see this coming. Betty more evil than ever. Peggy is the true creative genius, Joan’s gambit with pregnancy predictable. Can’t believe we have to wait a year for more. Staying in period costume, I’ll put on my pearls and housedress now to honor June Cleaver RIP.

JoanB introduced us to Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander mysteries as an antidote for Stieg Larsson Salander withdrawal. I’m late to the game, but just discovered Kenneth Branaugh as Wallander rebroadcast from BBC on PBS. Watched one episode and it recalls the grit and mood of Stieg’s Sweden as well as its architecture and culture. Dark, bloody in spots, but good.

JeanJean reports Universal in Orlando no walk on Pebble Beach. Flip flopped back and forth between Giants, Pats. Rooting for one, and against the other as always. Both won, so split the cheer. Branch looked good for the Pats, dang nab it. Exciting games and brewskis galore. Yanks now tied 1-1.

21 years ago yesterday we were rockin and rollin in SanFran, Seth Thomas clock on the shelf still stuck at 5:04 p.m.