Cruz Control

He’s at it again. Live shot. 21 hours of bloviating. Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas? Sarah Palin with a brain. Self-promotion on steroids. Railing against cloture, then voting for it. He has united Republicans in their hatred for him.

Clintons center stage. Bring Bill back. He’s still the smartest pol on the planet. If it means Hillary takes him to the White House, fine. Chelsea is not a star.

Early SuperBowl predictions are in. JoeyPa(n)ts says Denver over Seattle. 27-17. I say Seahawks over Pats. Not sure of score. My witch powers don’t kick in until Halloween. Bye Bye Yankees, Rivera. Homeland returns this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Cruz Control

  1. as for Super Bowl predictions, from the Farmer’s Almanac
    “Significant snowfalls are forecast for parts of every zone. Over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, we are “red-flagging” the first ten days of February for possible heavy winter weather. More importantly, on February 2, Super Bowl XLVIII will be played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey’s Meadowlands—the very first time a Super Bowl will be played outdoors in a typically cold weather environment. We are forecasting stormy weather for this, the biggest of sporting venues. But even if we are off by a day or two with the timing of copious wind, rain, and snow, we wish to stress that this particular part of the winter season will be particularly volatile and especially turbulent.”


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