49er Vortex

Not saying it’s about me. But. We moved to San Francisco in 1982. That was the first time the Niners & Joe Montana went to the Big Game. Again in 1985 when we went to the game at Stanford in Palo Alto. So foggy couldn’t see the ball, and they beat the Dolphins. Then in 1989, six months before mAd Ben was born. Jerry v. Cincinnati. In 1990 they annihilated the Broncos 55-10.

In 1995 just as we left the City by the Bay, Steve Young trounced the San Diego Chargers in Miami, same field as tomorrow. Yay. They haven’t been at the SB since then. Downhill after we moved away.

Don’t look at my predictions from December.  Just my predilections.  And remember. It’s not about me.  Go Niners!!!!

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