Soul Trek

Hey Gary, it’s your birthday! SoulMate. SoulMan. Especially when you wear your J3 downtown shirt. I’ve joined you in the gray brigade, but you are a Silver Fox. Which Prez was elected the day you were born? Happiest Bday to best Dr.Husband, Father on the planet.

Speaking of elections on all souls’ day, we aren’t finished with witches and goblins yet. Have to vote and cover my eyes when the returns come in tonite. I predict dia de los muertos for the democraticos. Say Hey Giants! First World Series win ever in SanFran. Too bad they were not there. Walter sent down dust.

12 Replies to “Soul Trek”

  1. I’ve used it at every wedding I’ve been to so why not throw it out to a birthday boy just to change it up a bit.


  2. Happy Birthday Dr L
    I remember meeting you at your 40th in SF– what about 10 years ago 🙂 ?
    all the best ,
    your NYC fans
    GemQueen and AMan


  3. Thanks, all, for the love. It feels very, very good and is much appreciated.

    Love right back at you!

    The birthday boy


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