Jake Trik

Boo you, Aunt CrankyPants. I like Halloween even though I can’t eat cheap candy yet. My father clearly doesn’t see that I’m about to burn my finger, how can I make my stock trades? My brother Chris shot a 77 yesterday, 18 holes. That would be your average for 9. Hope kids come to your door in droves dragging pimped out pets. At least Uncle G will give them a KitKat. Happy Halloween. Love, Jake

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  1. Hey cranky pants! You’re going to get your house TP’ed and egged if Uncle Dr. G doesn’t pony up the candy! You can’t get the full effect of my Charlie Brown costume ’cause I am not standing! Today I may try out another out fit.

    Ugh Sarah Palin is on my TV I just threw up in my mouth….Must go change the channel.


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