Click Bait

Newspapers across the country are united today in hailing freedom and independence of the press. Except the L.A.Times. Rejecting Group Think. And that is the problem. The Press acts in unison to pursue click bait. Instead of covering in-depth domestic and international stories every day, they all publish content that guarantees hits. Shiny objects on every broad sheet and tabloid alike. Trump’s latest utterance or tweet. Hate speak.

Take the road less traveled and truly act as a free and independent source of news! For a change. Especially if they want to effect change. At the top. Even if that’s not their job.

The Omarosa Show

Every day the media starts a story, “Trump sparks outrage by … fill in the blank.” Tweeting insults. Inciting hostilities at campaign rallies. Everything cannot rise to the level of shock and awe. It equivocates confabulations by everyone. Which takes us to Omarosa. The ultimate villain on The Apprentice. A constant and consummate prevaricator. Bringing her into the White House was a joke and a super bad idea. It would never end well. She seeks revenge on everyone. Friend or foe. The only character who could out-con the Orange Man. Though. What’s even more outrageous in this new reality show is the New York Times et al  placing Omarosa stories above the fold. That’s the most destructive societal blow.

TTSD Alert!

Bret Stephens’ column in today’s NYTimes is written as if on the day after the 2020 re-election of Donald Trump. Brilliant and prophetic. Think Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker in 2018. Trump has a field day with that. Mueller’s investigation concludes with scandalous allegations of corruption and financial chicanery, but no crimes of obstruction or collusion. Economy still good. Then in 2020 the Dems run the scintillating ticket of Elizabeth Warren & Sherrod Brown.

Says it all. Four more years of TTSD.

Competing Chyrons

As the Head of the EU and President Trump addressed the White House Press this afternoon, these chyrons appeared on the bottom of each screen:

Trump Makes Surprise Statement as Pompeo Grilled on Russia – CNN
President Trump: The EU will Buy Soybeans and Work toward Zero Tariffs – FOX
Trump Speaks on Trade After Alleged Trump, Cohen Audio Surfaces – MSNBC

That’s the American Media today in a nutshell.

Skewed News

Journahillation. The entire press corps seemed stunned by Trump’s ascension and is now motivated by a guilty conscience. So-called reporters exhibit exasperation. Selectively edit print content. Slip into disdain and disgust while narrating a story line. Use language such as “galling” to describe a congressman’s words. The New York Times was so consumed with navel-gazing it missed the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in its own backyard. Bronx & Queens. The Supreme Court vacancy has thrown anchors into panicky flop-sweat alarmist rants.

It did start with so-called Fox News. True. There are divisions. Hypocrisy. Yes. But. Journalists are not supposed be Opinionators. Hard to find objectivity anywhere. It’s all Skewed News.

If it’s slanted toward limiting guns. Then it’s okay.

Fox & Friends

Emily Jane Fox & Friends. Hawking her new book, Born Trump. Hanging out with Maureen Dowd and other media glitterati and the Vanity Fair crowd at Ludlow House downtown. Ridiculing Ivanka as no longer an elite. That’s rich. Irony notwithstanding. Trashing Trumps is fun for the vain coastal cocktail contingent. But. Beware. In the end deplorable Fox & Friends viewers will outfox the Ivy League punditry again. With votes.

Melania Maelstrom

Melania creates a media cyclone. So easily. It’s funny. Where is she after her surgery? Countdown until she’s seen in public. Has she moved back to New York? Had a nervous breakdown? Facelift? Did she run away with Barron back to Slovenia? The conspiracy theories abound. And. Feminists who hold women’s voices as so valued are saying that she has no brain of her own. She is controlled by Trump. Her staff needs to tell her what to do. Really?

Then she wears a jacket with a cryptic message on the back. The press goes into a tailspin. As expected. Melania is just a terrific troll. Love it.