Skippy Hallow 1

The Legend of Skippy Hallow. Hate Halloween. Hate Pumpkins. Even as a kid. Even as the mother of a cute kid who loved spooking up the place. Webs, ghosts, skeletons. Couldn’t wait to take it all down. I do miss driving up Route 5 to pick out pumpkins with Ben. He could carve a scary face. After that squash ’em into the compost bin before they rot and squirrels strew them all over the yard. Yuk.

Ugly plastic black and orange stuff everywhere. OK, kids can dress up. Under 12! Older than that it’s pranky or creepy. Stupid adult costumes, excuse for women to slut it up and men to be boyish. We do that on Wednesdays. Am I cranky on the subject? Maybe it’s because I AM a witch. Oh yeah and the cheap candy sucks too. Don’t get me started on pimping up pets. When the pumpkins come out, I know dark afternoons and mornings are upon us, cold gray days. Leaves gone.

Let’s just skip Halloween and go straight to Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving.

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  1. One good thing about living in Alaska was that when you were finished with the pumpkins, you just threw them over the back fence as an h’ors d’oeuvre for the moose…the ultimate recycling. Also, I’m sorry to report that we will not be doing our annual pet costume photo since we’ll be in Panama. I know you’ll be so disappointed (Cranky Pants!)


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