Native New Yorker

Dr. Husband. Born in Brooklyn November 2. Raised in Great Neck. Colleged at Columbia. Taught medicine in East Harlem. Lived in the West Village. Left in 1982. Back again.

In a New York state of mind.

Side Posto

Marathon weekend. Dr.Husband’s birthday always overlaps with New York’s longest race. Breaking news. A Kenyan won! High winds almost blew runners and farmers market away. Kevlar and squash prevailed.

Del Posto dining experience surpasses. Freshest food with creativity chiave. Lidia Bastianich matriarch of Gotham’s tavola Italiana. Cacciucco di Livorno. Another version of seafood stew. Sauce sublime. Meaty pasta with lamb neck ragù.

Peyton Manning v. Tom Brady. Stats aligned. Discordant score. Niners out. Tomorrow Stray honored. Giants #92.

Gotham – Thon

Quite the race. 2 hours 15 minutes. Northampton to West Side Highway. Parking space near the theater. Homemade hash at Gossip on 9th Ave. Climbed to second row mezz for Book of Mormon. Laughed so hard we cried. Genius concept, religulously hilarious, clever, sweet. Off to East Side. Parking space a block from Giraffe. Spots on the street best birthday present Dr.Husband could get.

Gotham B&G, 3 strikes. Out. 23 of 25 years it was best restaurant in Manhattan. Last couple. Not. But, we had fun and the crowd loved us. Staying downtown Sunday crossed back to West End. Space next to Betsey’s place. Walked to Arte Café near Columbus. Friendly, lively brunch. Not a runner in sight. We won! 

Weekend Soul

When you get older. Silvery hair. I’d never lock the door. Birthday greetings. Bottle of wine. Sunday SideTreks. Go for a ride. Who could ask for more? I will still need you. I will still feed you. When you’re … Siempre. Mi amor.

Beatles notwithstanding, Billy Joel’s song at concert last night for hurricane Sandy victims. That’s soul. Voice richer than ever. Lyrics perfect. Off to LumberYard in Amherst with Lilly’s abuelitos. Extra hour of sleep.

Soul Man

He’s a soul man. Yeah. Sexy-generian soul mate. Happy Birthday Dr.Husband!

B&B for wayward cold souls. Lucky and grateful to be warm. October’s heavy snow on leafy limbs. Trees down in Western Massachusetts hitting houses, power lines. Many homes won’t get lights, heat back for a week. Old Oak being hauled off in chunks. Squirrels squabbling over remaining acorns. It’s the best birthday gift to have power and be able to watch Morning Joe.

Check out Review- “The Stranger’s Child”, by Alan Hollinghurst- Books page.

Soul Trek

Hey Gary, it’s your birthday! SoulMate. SoulMan. Especially when you wear your J3 downtown shirt. I’ve joined you in the gray brigade, but you are a Silver Fox. Which Prez was elected the day you were born? Happiest Bday to best Dr.Husband, Father on the planet.

Speaking of elections on all souls’ day, we aren’t finished with witches and goblins yet. Have to vote and cover my eyes when the returns come in tonite. I predict dia de los muertos for the democraticos. Say Hey Giants! First World Series win ever in SanFran. Too bad they were not there. Walter sent down dust.