Gotham – Thon

Quite the race. 2 hours 15 minutes. Northampton to West Side Highway. Parking space near the theater. Homemade hash at Gossip on 9th Ave. Climbed to second row mezz for Book of Mormon. Laughed so hard we cried. Genius concept, religulously hilarious, clever, sweet. Off to East Side. Parking space a block from Giraffe. Spots on the street best birthday present Dr.Husband could get.

Gotham B&G, 3 strikes. Out. 23 of 25 years it was best restaurant in Manhattan. Last couple. Not. But, we had fun and the crowd loved us. Staying downtown Sunday crossed back to West End. Space next to Betsey’s place. Walked to Arte Café near Columbus. Friendly, lively brunch. Not a runner in sight. We won! 

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  1. people with out of town license plates get good parking spaces…so glad Dr. H had a good birthday weekend.


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