Street Roulette

Alternate side of the street parking. Dr. Husband’s new hobby. There is strategy. Technique. Patience. And luck. Even a red Ferrari owner gambles with an open spot. ferrari

Tracy Morgan  Who’d do that?



mAdBen & Neil deGrasse Tyson at CannesLions10383719_841943909179198_4846207022091497883_o-2

Parts Unknown. Bourdain in Massachusetts.
Bobby Morse’s dancing exit.
Of Mice and Men O’Dowd Franco
Realistic Joneses. Letts Collette Hall Tomei
Sushi Nakazawa
Eleven Madison Park


Rape of the leaves. Construction next door.
Sochi Olympics. Return of Putin.
Crying Wolfowitz. Right-wing and media fear-mongering.

Vernal EquinoT

Spring. Schming. Forty degrees. Snow. Wind. Crocuses can’t conquer obstinate snowbanks. Parkas. Gloves. Another Nor’Easter next week. Doorknobs. Scarves. Too soon? Poor Mick. Theo James. James Franco everywhere. Vogue.

After 12 days, Malaysian Plane Still Missing is not Breaking News. Freeze media anchors’ assets and send them to Siberia. Crimea still Putin on the Ritz. Harvard beats fifth seed Cincy. St. Joe’s almost stuns UConn. College ball is the best. Wisconsin still in. Bon weekend.

Park Folie


Saturday in the Park. PopUp Piano Man. Warm sun.
Pure Joy. Outdoor tables ready and waiting.

Shake Shack opens.
Crowds soon gather.
Can Spring be far behind?


MadisonPark Onze it. Quatorzecourse tasting adventure.
Pricey. Priceless.

Grilled lobster lunch with friends at ABC Kitchen.
Specially good.

Roasted octopus, striped bass downtown at Colicchio and Sons.

Memories of a Mad March Birthday Weekend. Indelible.
Folie en food.


River? Russia needs the port. It’s a done deal. Putin doesn’t care what anyone says or does. He ain’t leaving Crimea. Ukraine can kiss it goodbye. Kerry gets to put on a lot of air miles. That’s about it. In other news…

Trump’s new Doral is getting a soaking as Tiger and Phil have a lackluster start. June Squibb was great as Hannah’s grandmother on Girls. Maggie’s family looks to play a pivotal role in the finale of True Detective. There is no reason to continue to watch American Idol. Worst contestants ever.

Dr.Husband thanks all who donated to Baystate Children’s Hospital. Hoping for warmer weather in the Big A. Bon weekend.

So Long Sochi

Bye bye. Sochi Games. February. Putin. Russia-Ukraine alliance. Won’t miss ya. MauDowd’s brilliant NYTimes column on leadership. Thoughtful Inaction vs. Thoughtless Action. Obama vs. Bush doctrines. Christie as future king.

Is Spring around the corner? Happy and positive prospect. mAdBen captured the sentiment from his mAd office window. Can MadMen7 be far behind?


Auld Year

photo-49What does the fox say? I was ring-ling
wa-pow hanging out in Candy’s backyard.

Fantasy football done. Time for gridiron grit. September predictions still in play. Joey3Sticks said Denver over Seattle 27-17. Could be the early pick of the year. I thought Seahawks over Pats, no score. Hoping for another wildcard sneak into SuperBowl. 49ers over Pats. That would be most fun. Let the hashmarks begin.

If we can see them. Blizzard alert.
Happy 2014?!