Street Roulette

Alternate side of the street parking. Dr. Husband’s new hobby. There is strategy. Technique. Patience. And luck. Even a red Ferrari owner gambles with an open spot. ferrari

Tracy Morgan  Who’d do that?

Sinko de Mayo

The sinking of America. Bushes won’t participate in the election. Their adopted son Bill’s wife is running. Despite the fact that their real son was planning to run against her. Who would they have preferred? Jebra or H-Rod. Wow. Paul Ryan isn’t quite ready to endorse El Trumpo. Until he unifies the party. Despite the fact that he won the latest primaries by landslides. Romney won’t go to the convention. That’ll be a blow to the empty chair.

So. Joe. Who’d you rather. Hillary’s cackle. Or. Donald’s hair. Bon weekend.

Trade Shade

President Obama refers to Senator Elizabeth Warren by her first name. That’s sexist? How simplistic can you get. Oh yes. Warren’s trade agreement dissent. Her throwaway clichés rarely have heft. This one is a doozy. It’s a global economy, Senator W. That ship has sailed. American workers will never make widgets again. Labor costs (thanks unions) are too high here. If we don’t want a military industrial complex which survives only by waging wars, then we need trading partners to retain leverage for alliances with countries in the Pacific Rim. That way we can afford to spend our money on infrastructure. Roads. Bridges. RAILROADS. Instead of tanks and bombs. Now, that’s simple, Lizzie.

Winter Shade

Fiery crashes. Tragic. Tiger’s demise. Sad. Public lies. You don’t conflate a life-changing event. You remember it in great detail. Taking sniper hits on the tarmac in Somalia. Inventing Vietnam war service and still voted to the Senate. Consequences no longer apply.

Can’t watch television “news”.  Listened to Obama’s whole speech at the Prayer Breakfast. He was funny, spiritual, balanced. Wondered if Foxbots were covering this. Nope, another story criticizing the Prez for something or other. Then, later talking points revolved around the prayer speech saying that a moral equivalence had been made with ancient Christianity and modern evil Islamist extremists. Nothing is further from the truth. Try taking in the entirety of what someone says before slanting. Lazy. Vacuous. Not journalism.

Downton has devolved into “As the Manor Turns”.  Too cold for side trekking. Escape to books this weekend.



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Eleven Madison Park


Rape of the leaves. Construction next door.
Sochi Olympics. Return of Putin.
Crying Wolfowitz. Right-wing and media fear-mongering.