Best 2014

mAdBen & Neil deGrasse Tyson at CannesLions10383719_841943909179198_4846207022091497883_o-2

Television. So much.
House of Cards. Spacey.
Ray Donovan.
True Detective.
Harrelson. McConaughey.
Freeman. Thornton. Tolman.
Parts Unknown.
Bourdain in Massachusetts.
 Bobby Morse’s dancing exit.

Movies. Not much.

Of Mice and Men. O’Dowd.
Realistic Joneses. Letts. Collette. Hall. Tomei.

Restaurant Events. Manhattan.
Sushi Nakazawa
Eleven Madison Park
Del Posto

Rory rising. Stray #92.
Upper West Side. Rediscovered.
Smiarowski Farm Stand. Pioneer Valley.
Bruno Mars. Anywhere.
James Franco. Anytime.

NYTimes Pick. Several times.

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