RiRi & BiBi

Exciting weekend in the ‘hood. Global Citizen concert in Central Park. Saturday night our apartment 10 blocks down shook with the bass and drums of Metallica and Kendrick Lamar. Then came the show stopper. Rihanna. RiRi. She didn’t seem to know much about the cause. Nonetheless she performed. Reminiscent of Amy Winehouse R&B. Generous show. mAdBen got to see it up close. Lucky.

Today as we strolled toward home, guys in suits stopped us from going down our street. Walkie talkies into the lapel earpiece thing. Clearly somebody was coming to our neighbor building San Remo. As a rush of men entered the lobby and the sirens abated, we asked , who was that? They gave us hints. A tall man with white hair. Not American. Met with both candidates today to get their support. Got it. BiBi Netanyahu. Woo hoo. As we watched him leave from our bedroom view, he rolled down the window and waved. Then on to Hamilton.

Pivot Points

Media pivoting as predicted by conservative conspiracy theorists. From Morning Joe to NYTimes. Those who have been giving him cover. Turning to Trump-bashing. Now that he’s won the nomination and blown up the Republican party. Full-on Hillary propping up has begun.

Time to speed up Game of Thrones. SNL had it right. Yawn. Fell asleep. C’mon. Dragons! Action! Please. Can’t follow plot from Season One.

Mother’s Day spent with Icelandic glaciers and geysers. Breaded pigs ears in Reykjavik. Vicariously texting with mAdBen. Fun!

2015 Downs & Ups


End of MadMen.
Brute violence. NFL. Goodell.
Tiger’s final demise. Golf as a fun to watch sport.
Girl on the Train. Fates and Furies. Hyped books.
Emojis. Symbols that replace words.
ISIS thugs. Paris. U.S. World. Under Siege.
Guns. Guns. Guns.
Too many good ones gone.


MadMen ending. The real thing.
The Affair. Ray Donovan.
Trump & Renegade Repubs.
Pope Francis charms the U.S.
New York weekends. Ocean Grill. Mermaid Inn.
Travel Treks. Cathy & Krusty. IMG_0658
IMG_1473Van Gogh at the Clark, Williamstown.
Forked around Long Island twice. DSC_0050


Ogilvy Account Director mAdBen. Seattle star.


Pseudo Surprise

Media pundits remain in denial as Donald Trump and Ben Carson continue to top the polls. Remember Sarah Palin? When Kristol and Rove pushed her as Republican’s nominee for Veep, they opened the barn door. Even respected journalist Peggy Noonan says nothing will her surprise her this election season. It’s time to take notice. Both she and Trump are out with new books. His of course politically incorrectly titled Crippled America. Shocker.

IMG_0745Oh no! Mets lose?! Expected or not. Being at the World Series in Citi Field seats was reportedly loads of fun.

Stuff Happens

Kids in schools get killed by addled young men with arsenals in their attics. Every other month. Stuff happens. Right, Jeb!? Hospital gets crushed in the fog of war. Stuff happens. Right, McCain? C’mon. Let’s bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran. Why not Syria, too? Stuff will happen. But, whatever.

Sometimes good stuff happens. Congrats to mAdBen. OgilvyOne New York/ Aetna won an ECHO Award in Boston last night for The 11 InitiativeJimmy Kimmel liked it.