MadMen ending. The real thing.
The Affair. Ray Donovan.
Pope Francis charms the U.S.
New York weekends. Ocean Grill. Mermaid Inn.
Forked around Long Island twice. DSC_0050

Ogilvy Account Director mAdBen. Seattle star.


End of MadMen.
Emojis. Symbols that replace words.
ISIS thugs. Paris. U.S. World. Under Siege.
Guns. Guns. Guns,

Jimmy Kimmel 4/21

Yesterday was 4/20. Hashtag hash day. Jimmy Kimmel’s Pot Quiz. Learned new brands. Purple Haze. Blue Dream. Pineapple Kush.

IMG_0049Today is 4/21. Aetna anti-smoking cigarettes day. mAdBen has been hanging with Jimmy’s sidekick Guillermo in the heart of Hollywood to shoot a spot for Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Check it out at 11:35pm ABC




mAdBen & Neil deGrasse Tyson at CannesLions10383719_841943909179198_4846207022091497883_o-2

Parts Unknown. Bourdain in Massachusetts.
Bobby Morse’s dancing exit.
Of Mice and Men O’Dowd Franco
Realistic Joneses. Letts Collette Hall Tomei
Sushi Nakazawa
Eleven Madison Park


Rape of the leaves. Construction next door.
Sochi Olympics. Return of Putin.
Crying Wolfowitz. Right-wing and media fear-mongering.

mAd Story

2007 MadMen Season 1
Northampton High School Grad

2008 MadMen Season 2
NYU Honors Seminar- Ogilvy Exec speech inspires

2011 MadMen Season 5
NYU Grad Highest Honors, Econ
Ogilvy Associate

2014 MadMen Season 7
Cannes Young Lion

Happy 25th Birthday, mAdBen!

mAd Mama

DSC_0296Happy Mother’s Day! To all mama lions and tigers and backyard bears. Proud of mAdBen. My Young Lion. Yes. He Cannes Cannes. Bon weekend.


mAd Times

Congrats to mAdStars! Team mAdBen and OgilvyOne New York. Big get for Aetna’s Consumer Brand biz. Check it out. MediaBistro. AdAge.

Move over Roger. MadMen’s last season will stretch over two years, 7 episodes each. Boo. We need an interim fix. Robin Williams in Crazy Ones is the facsimile of a Chicago advertising mogul. He’s no Don Draper. More like manic Mork.

As the madness manifesto careens out of control in the Capitol.


In the Valley of Debates. IMF warns that global economy is teetering on the brink as the struggling EU gets Nobel Prize for Peace. Fiscal cliff looms here. No debate to date has dealt with either. The world is flat. Remember that.

Ogilvy is one of LinkedIn’s top 20 InDemand global employers. Lucky mAdBen.

Pumpkins popping out of the ground. JeanJean the PromQueen StuffingtonPost. Happy milestone to A-Man. AutumnCandy. RecipeDetours. Bon weekend.