Lost Boys

No. Not the denizens of Neverland. Well. Maybe. Lack of hope. Futility. Jobless. Poor. Addicted. Whether from the rural towns of J.D. Vance’s Appalachia, Chicago’s South Side, or a boarded up small city in Ohio. Youth lost in a neverland of their own. Who do they become? Domestic terrorists mowing down protesters in the street. MS-13 Gang members. Recruits of ISIS. Any of these paths is possible for the desperate.

As Pope Francis said. The biggest threat to World Peace is young men without jobs.

Creepa & Joke

Morning Joe hosts. Mika “know your value” can’t read a quote without mangling it in an Ambien slurred haze. Still frothy from getting proposed to by Joe. Schmo who writes lame love songs at 50-something pretending to be a rocker at NBC-sycophantic gigs on the West Side. Together they courted Trump and propped him up until it didn’t suit their audience anymore. Then. They slay him now everyday. On Colbert Scarborough ditches the Republican party. Always for ratings. Hypocrites from hell. Tacky selfie-sicks buying mansions on Nantucket. YUK.

For Your Eyes Only

Today’s Washington Post story reads like an Ian Fleming spy novel. Replete with secret dossiers, clandestine situation room confabs, CIA envelopes for Obama’s eyes only. It’s a fascinating tale which if true makes the former President seem feckless in the face of an international incident perpetrated by Putin himself. Barack actually admitted telling Vlad to “Just stop that!” Wow. Sure that caused quakes in Blofeld’s mountaintop lair.

The bottom line remains. Actions and more importantly inactions were the result of underestimating Trump’s chances to win the election. And. Way overestimating Hillary’s certain landslide victory. A cascade of decisions fell from those miscalculations by the Obama White House, Clinton’s campaign, and a complicit press.