New Views

Still can see the Pink Moon rising over The Carlyle from our huddled one bedroom window.


No daytime show in NYC goes uninterrupted any day. Whether soaps or the View. Hour-long pressers with DeBlasio, then Cuomo, and Murphy of New Jersey. Yeah. I know. But. Still. Desperately need a break. Cannot tolerate covfefe talk 24/7.

Bernie out. Kamala Harris rising. She’s on all the networks lecturing in her D.A. way. So. I guess she’s the current front-runner for Biden’s Veep. Too bad.

Masked people walking/running, kids scootering in the middle of our traffic-less street. More birds chirping. People greeting each other from a distance. Some things are good. Market’s above 23,000.

Tiger King not so much. Seedy people with depressing lifestyles. Ozark getting positive reviews. Will give that a try.

First time we’re using the freezer for more than ice and ice cream.

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