Mad End

I’m maddened. MadMen’s Season 5 is over. Word of this season- ‘dirty’. Advertising, dirty business. Dirty dealings. Joan’s pimp-out, Lane’s bookkeeping. Dirty city. Zoobeezoo women, philandering men. Megan’s dirty double-cross.

Megan employed her pouty charm to get Don to marry her, then promote her. Tonight Don said, “You want to be somebody’s discovery, not somebody’s wife.” Yet, she begged. The screen test confirmed her transparent neediness. He lost respect, disappointed that she was not ashamed to use him. Her betrayed friend may have the last laugh. Oh, Matt Weiner. A season so evil. A finale so sweet. Peggy and Joan strong and triumphant in the end.

This photo tableau says it all. ByeBye, ZooBeeZoo. See ya next season.

8 thoughts on “Mad End

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