Mad Men Continued

Imagine what happens to our favorite characters post-MadMen7 in the ’70’s:

Don Draper changes his identity again to hide more bad behavior. He moves to San Francisco and becomes ‘Hal Riney’ where he builds the West Coast network of Ogilvy & Mather. Then, he starts his own eponymous agency and launches “You’ve Only Just Begun” campaign with Paul Williams for Crocker Bank.

Sally stays close to her Dad and moves to L.A. to study acting. She is the youngest winner of an Oscar for Paper Something. Her brothers are much happier with a loving aunt and uncle. Creepy Glen forever goes away. Yay.

Pete is recruited as CEO of Procter & Gamble. He hires Salvatore as his CMO. Peggy ditches Stan and rises to Creative Director at McCann. Roger tires of zou bisou Marie and returns to his original wife, also his real life Talia Balsam. Zou bisou Megan back in New York is the “Irish” ingenue star of Ryan’s Hope.

Joan, the smartest best business person of the bunch, my fave, leverages her success in the new entrepreneurial venture to become Managing Editor of Cosmo Magazine in its heyday. Yeah. I know. I can’t let go.

mAd Fine

Thank you, Matthew Weiner. For the fitting finale. And best television show of our era. Person to Person. Call from Don to Peggy where she reminds him how much he is missed and puts the Coke account in his head. Call from Don to Betty where they make their poignant peace. And the right plan for the kids.

Pete’s life looks ideal as he boards a LearJet with his original family. Joan stays true to character and chooses financial and career independence. Roger is a standup guy assuring their son’s future. How long will his new zou bisou wife last? Who cares? It’s Roger. Peggy continues her career at McCann. Albeit with a bit of a schmaltzy twist. That was the only unlikely and unsatisfying storyline.

Sally stays strong and will hopefully have many adventures. And then there’s Don. Just as his struggle with Dick is about to hit bottom again, he is resurrected from the ashes. Yoga. Connections. Revelations. Survival. Take him back to McCann with the biggest campaign in its history. Of course, Don creates the iconic Coke ad, hippies on a mountain singing about love and harmony.

It’s the Real Thing?!  It’s the Draper thing for sure.  Well done.

Zou Bisou Adieu

MadMen7. Know when to fold ’em. Don got zoo bisou’d up the wazoo. Au revoir Québeciennes, Maman et Megan. They took him to the blanchisserie. Funny. Should have ended le mariage in L.A.  And. What was with the waitress Diana off-ramp? No contextual sense. Yet. Mommy flashback? Another dead child in his past? If not, yuk. Icky couple in the elevator. Did we have to see matronly neighbor again? Hope Matt Weiner recovers his taste for the last five episodes.
Game of Thrones needs a boost, too. Sometimes it’s better to say adieu plus tôt.

Tom Brady wearing Joltin’ Joe’s #5 at Fenway couldn’t pass a baseball.

Weekend Treks

Off to Paris, New York, or Hampshire CountyThe Other Side of Massachusetts this weekend? Check out the new website. Then revisit TravelTreks for back roads side treks along the Connecticut River Valley and beyond since 2006.

Hot forecast, cool Tiger. Early sputtering at the Memorial. French Open. MadMen6. Seems Megan’s t-shirt with the red star wasn’t an anachronistic Macy’s logo. No, it was an allusion to Sharon Tate’s famous 1967 photo. Uh oh.

Middling Monday

MadMen6. Finally back to AdMen. More advertising biz. Good. Joan acting like a partner again, focusing on increasing share price. Excellent. Then Don goes rogue and fires Jaguar. Joan has a hissy fit. Bad. Ted & Don talk merger. Of course. Ted kisses Peggy. Really? So much for the last bastion of moral rectitude. She should have demanded to be a partner of the new agency. Instead she lets Ted tell her how lucky she is to be its top copywriter. Marie & Megan zoobeezoo. Funny together. Hope Sylvia is moving out of the building. Bye. Pete, daughters trump wives. Silly. Better episode since only Weiner wrote it. Lots of nuggets.

Middlesteins. A skimmable read. Food obsession. Dysfunction. Obesity. Disease. Theme of the week. Mika’s book. Not a subject that captivates my attention.

Guns. Gabby Giffords, Caroline Kennedy. AK-47’s. Counter-insurgency in Springfield, Mass. on 60 Minutes. Something’s gotta give.

Gatsby. Movie mirrors society. Fame without talent. Wealth without success. Glitz without glamor. Maureen Dowd’s column nailed it.

Weekend Balls

First football, of course. Denver, New England, Atlanta, SanFran. Final Four. What say you? Eddie DeBartolo and Michael Strahan Hall of Fame finalists. Yay.

Golden Globes should be fun. Tina & Amy show. Tipsy speeches. Much looser than the Oscars. I’ve only seen Arbitrage, so what do I know on the movie front? Richard Gere was okay. Argo and Affleck, as well as Bigelow are at least on this list. MadMen5, a glaring slight. Hendricks was amazing. Only Hamm was tapped. Homeland and Downton are deserving, but ZooBeeZoo season was better.

Keep all your balls in the air. Bon weekend.

Monday DeBrief

Monday bottom line. NFL has become too brutal. I’m a sports guy. I love a great gridiron display. But, lately have to switch off the game as a favorite player gets carted off the field. Gotta change. I remember Darryl Stingley too vividly. Rory and Tiger both tanked, but shared big bucks anyway. Golf is boring yet menschy.

As for the Emmy’s. Sorry to be right about Christina Hendricks losing to Maggie Smith. Brilliant characterization vs. hackneyed caricature. Oh well, it’s not the Tony’s. It’s TV. Clearly a more sophomoric genre. Jimmy Kimmel withstanding. Stewart did stay, but hey. He’s worthy. MadMen and Hamm were robbed. There is nothing to compare with last year’s season in any medium.

60 Minutes. Romney v. Obama. Gotta say. Mitt came across more confident and resolute than Barack. Wake up call for the debates. Complacency will lose.