Mad Men Continued

Imagine what happens to our favorite characters post-MadMen7 in the ’70’s:

Don Draper changes his identity again to hide more bad behavior. He moves to San Francisco and becomes ‘Hal Riney’ where he builds the West Coast network of Ogilvy & Mather. Then, he starts his own eponymous agency and launches “You’ve Only Just Begun” campaign with Paul Williams for Crocker Bank.

Sally stays close to her Dad and moves to L.A. to study acting. She is the youngest winner of an Oscar for Paper Something. Her brothers are much happier with a loving aunt and uncle. Creepy Glen forever goes away. Yay.

Pete is recruited as CEO of Procter & Gamble. He hires Salvatore as his CMO. Peggy ditches Stan and rises to Creative Director at McCann. Roger tires of zou bisou Marie and returns to his original wife, also his real life Talia Balsam. Zou bisou Megan back in New York is the “Irish” ingenue star of Ryan’s Hope.

Joan, the smartest best business person of the bunch, my fave, leverages her success in the new entrepreneurial venture to become Managing Editor of Cosmo Magazine in its heyday. Yeah. I know. I can’t let go.

mAd Times

Congrats to mAdStars! Team mAdBen and OgilvyOne New York. Big get for Aetna’s Consumer Brand biz. Check it out. MediaBistro. AdAge.

Move over Roger. MadMen’s last season will stretch over two years, 7 episodes each. Boo. We need an interim fix. Robin Williams in Crazy Ones is the facsimile of a Chicago advertising mogul. He’s no Don Draper. More like manic Mork.

As the madness manifesto careens out of control in the Capitol.


Springtime weekend. Masters class. Tiger, Sergio, Phil navigating azaleas and pine straw. A fourteen-year old phenom from China. Lindsey Vonn wearing a Megan hat. Speaking of whom, Matt Creamer’s MadMen premiere recap is here. Agree, death is the theme, but not enough emphasis on the juxtaposition of Vietnam doom and gloom against tacky Hawaiian tourist escape. More ad biz, less location shots. And, am I the only person who missed the Sylvia Rosen tryst?

Check out this great Brooklyn via Northampton folk-rock band. The Sun Parade. A musical Girls-esque video. Great strings, production. Beautiful young talent.

Mad Men 6

The return of Don. He’s still with Megan. I want my story. The one where Don does Megan’s betrayed friend. Weiner & Co. are still on vacation in Hawaii. What did that have to do with anything? It’s as if last season didn’t happen. No transitions. Fast-forward to somewhere boring. A disjointed, erratic script.

Megan as  soap actress, wanting more scenes with Victor. Must be Y&R. Joan looked like a bloated clown in her purple outfit. The long sideburns on the men were revolting, if authentic of the day. Peggy has become silly strident. Betty has morphed into her mother-in-law, capped by the black hair. What was with the St. Mark’s Place sojourn and Sandy? Random. Not cleverly so. Don has disappeared into himself. Hope they wake up from their sunburns and next week is better.

No offense, MadMen. It was 2 hours of ads and very little show.

Side Treks

Mon blog. Mes pensées.

AdMen. Congrats to SuperStar SuperVisor, mAdBen. Promoted again.
Keeping the faith and good thoughts for super friend.
Travel trekking to Vermont this weekend.

Supreme View

Boies & Olson. On the same Supreme side. Gay marriage. No matter if they punt the legal decision this year, it’s already settled for society’s next generation. Not even close. Affirmative action. If equality for all races and gender, tipped, too.

Supreme Tiger. Back on top. So to speak. Does winning take care of everything? MadMen5 marathon rewind as we ready for MadMen6 in just a week. Anderson Cooper to replace icky Matt Lauer? Hmmm. What about Willie?

Monday Rewind

Tiger way ahead at TorreyPines. If he can sustain it. Chris Brown assaulting someone. ProBowl unwatched. Silly. SAG Awards, ditto. Another TV father gets blamed. Poor Lord Grantham suffers the wrath of his family for making a caring decision about his daughter’s childbirth doc. Depressing. Mika is annoying.

Season 1 Homeland riveting, well written, brutally acted. MadMen still better, but it doesn’t even start until April. Hard to stay enthused. Sightings… mAdBen and KGB Agent, Keri Russell at the Russian Tea Room Saturday Night. Premier party for new FX series set in the Cold War. The Americans, starts Wednesday.