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The funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, the Obama-Dylan show. Best quote, George Will calling Trump a ‘bloviating ignoramus’. Best restaurant continues to be ABC Kitchen. MichelleO just had dinner there. Meryl was a cool sighting. For all who are bored with MadMen discussion, have heart. RHONY starts next week.

A final ‘mad’ note. I’ve had lively interactions with wise and wonderful women over the past days who think my perspective on Joan’s decision was askew.  When she took charge of the negotiation with Pete for a NON-silent partnership, that changed the landscape. She took control of her destiny. If she had done it for the money, she’d still have been considered a secretary slut at work. This deal put her in a different arena, using her leverage for a once in a lifetime game changer. It gave her equal status with the boys. Look at their behavior. ‘Whore’ is in the eye of the beholder. I make no distinctions for gender. Only 2 more episodes.

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  1. Talk about a mad note. KLG asked Martin Short how his wife is, how wonderful his marriage is, blah blah blah. To his credit, he had the class not to tell her on the air that his wife died a year and a half ago. Oy!

    Note to producers: Google!


  2. Matt Weiner was interviewed after the MadMen finale. He said he was surprised that anyone was shocked by Joan’s decision given her past choices. He also said no one would question it if she were a man.


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