Pepsi Generation Moms

As PepsiCo’s CEO Indra Nooyi’s tenure comes to a close, business and personal questions collide. Shareholder growth vs. stability. She afforded the latter to the company, yet according to her it suffered at home. Indra said being a mom is a full-time job and she couldn’t do both well. Her daughter as much as told her so. When one of the few women in the Fortune 500’s dwindling list of C-Suite female leads says that, it’s a blow. Even if true. Something’s gotta give.

Drop the Mike, Mike!

This is why I wrote in Mike Bloomberg for President in 2016. Wouldn’t it have been refreshing to have this New York billionaire businessman in the White House? Country before party. Solving problems with intelligence, long term strategic vision, and heart. Loved him as Mayor. But. Americans are probably not ready to be so united and smart.

Mike is giving $80 million and here’s “Why He’s Supporting Democrats in 2018”

Un “Friended”

Un “friended” Mark Zuckerberg today. Deactivated Facebook page. Who knows what that even means? Data is out there. Can’t put private info back in a box. Yes. A purely symbolic gesture. Sure my 10 “friends” will be devastated.

There are so many other platforms where personal data is monetized as well. It’s called business. And now. They’ve become vital for companies to grow. For job recruitment. For charitable and political communities to mobilize. For families and real friends to connect. Unfortunately ISIS and Neo-Nazis use them the same way.

Curb Your Traditions

Sinterklaas Eve. Dutch tradition. December 5th. Putting carrots out for Sint Niklaas so he will fill the wooden shoes with candy for the children. No chimneys involved. Nor toys. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could leave it at that? Done! Kids can get toys & games all year long now anyway. On Amazon. Not only is bricks & mortar retail on its last gasp. So soon is consumer Christmas! Back to families, carols & food. Yay.

Larry David & Lin Manuel Miranda’s Fatwa! the Musical. Please. Broadway!

btw Deutsche Bank isn’t Dutch.

The Upside Down

9 hours of Stranger Things. An allegorical sci-fi thriller with an exorcism thrown in. Kids are good actors. Weekend diversion. Another season assured. Follow the Three Musketeers wrapper to Dustin’s buddy d’Artagnan crashing an upside down Snow Ball dance. Now-memories.

Downside up. As discussed, the #MeToo movement may have unintended consequences. Sheryl Sandberg agrees. Men may eschew women in the workplace. Dating done?

Upside. Claire Underwood lives! House of Cards continues. Frank killed off?!
And. Christiane Amanpour. Replacing Charlie Rose on PBS.

Holiday photo by G. Levine:   Shelburne Centre, Western Massachusetts. 

Morning Low

Baseball. Joe Girardi?! Why. World Series. Cool second game. Homeruns galore. And. More of the same. Gold chains. Chewing. Expectorating. Yeah. Gross. Not as yukky as harassment claims against Mark Halperin of Game Change. The Circus. And. Morning Joe.

As Shark Kevin O’Leary said today to Megyn Kelly, the financial services industry has consequences for these actions, so it is rare in that sector. It wasn’t in my day. Bottom line, if you are someone’s boss, of any gender, don’t hit on them of any gender. It’s a power thing.

Ironic fact: Mark Halperin’s mother is Ina Weinstein.

Dealin’ Don

The Art of the Deal. Taking it to the limits of all decorum and propriety. Scaring the country to distraction with wacky tweets and ridiculous rhetoric. Moving at light speed through Executive Orders with veiled threats. Then. The Don comes out in front of Congress with surprising sanity. Can it be believed? Maybe. Democrats will be so relieved not to have mass deportations or sick people dumped in the streets, they will have no choice but to compromise.

Hope springs… A nice couple from Louisiana gave us Mardi Gras beads in Central Park yesterday. So. As they say. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Where’s the Parade?!

paradeI’m ready for the Macy’s Parade. Where is everybody? Bleachers are empty and waiting for the Balloons on Central Park West. According to the Economistthis could be retail’s last Yuletide stand. Online shopping taking over the UK. Gifts delivered within a day. Soon in the USA.

Greatest Show on Earth?!

This year’s 3-ring Presidential race is out of control. Orange-haired barker ducks as Carnival Cruz hurls swords his way. Rube to the O wears the organ-grinder outfit well. The flying Bushes trapeze overhead, hoping for a wide net. Hillary sharpens her whip for the animal act. Bernie the Clown has stolen the show.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz weighed in. He doesn’t like the tangled acrobatics under the Big Top. Mark Halperin and John Heilemann shine the light on behind the scenes antics in their fantastic Showtime series The Circus.

All About DeBates

Not the treble. Undercard fight. Hardly a debate. Empty Q&A. I’d have been drunk after two minutes of just Bobby Jindal. Good thing I ate dinner instead. Fiorina was the only standout. Precise punches. Articulate policy ideas. Great job. As one who knows the rigors of climbing the corporate ladder as a woman in those days first hand, I admire her. Rising from secretary to the corner office, I get it. But, Carly comes off as a little sour if you ask me. Too bad. VP?

On to the main event. Again, not a debate. But, it did have its brawl moments. Scott Walker and Rand Paul have the icky factor. Bad hair. See. I’m not sexist. Trump stumbled. Kasich solid. Rubio better than usual. Jeb meh. Christie nah.

Provocative questions. No one won. Trump falling. Okay. I’m done.